Monday March 30 , 2015


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Because of the level of abusive e mails and phone calls we have received from a few who  assume we owe them a discounted price
  all  SPECIAL OFFERS and being stopped. 

Any already booked and paid - thankyou for your custom. 

Please know that I am not here to have people scream at me down the phone that I am a crook, a thief, a con man and a liar when our instructions are very clear and precise and - to be honest - I cannot fathom what I can do to make it any more idiot proof. 


If you booked between October 30th 2014 and March 30th 2015

you could have saved 50% on a 4 night stay this summer.








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If you find a mistake on this page - please inform me. 
It takes a long time putting these deals together, working out the figures, finding the right graphics and getting everything level and even on the page and mistakes happen. Everything you see on this web site is done by John Bellamy and not an expert IT guy. It all takes hours and hours and all this, while also cooking and cleaning and sorting and working 15 hours a day - 7 days a week.  Please support your local small venues who work harder than you can ever imagine.


As much as I plan ahead and consider all the pros and cons of everything I do - and I try and always include all the alternatives and criteria involved, there is always someone who finds a problem - a mistake -  something that - to them - does not make sense or that they consider I have done incorrectly but which goes over everyone's head except them,  and once again I have to spend hours correcting something that - by and large - was perfect, but that one person who always likes to find fault, always will,  and the expression THERE IS ALWAYS ONE - is so damned true.



If you have a problem with the fact that we host NAKED WEEKENDS or that we are a CLOTHING OPTIONAL VENUE , then please go elsewhere with our blessing and I hope you hav e a great holiday / break. 

If you think you can run a venue like Hamilton Hall better than we do,  then please invest all your lifes savings and work year after year for no wages and long and hard hours and you are welcome to run your venue any way you choose, that is within the law - up to date with all the Fire - Health and Safety Regulations, local council regulations,  Music Broadcasting licenses and Business Insurance,  Business Rates, Pay Climate Levy Tax, Food Hygiene / Health and Safety Certificates ;-  and all that makes a venue legal and  takes your customers safety and well being into account,  and is well respected and valued, talked about hugely and becomes  internationally accepted as a venue of worth.  

shall offer you a free LINK on  this multi million read web site and even an editorial in the News Letter on this site. If your venue is nice and decent, I shall be very pleased for you and wish you all the very best.

If you wish to offer CONSTRUCTIVE INPUT then I am all ears,   and if all you wish to share is a MOAN - then bugger off... I do not have the time to hear how your glass is half empty.

If you envy, resent or are jealous. Thankyou for the compliment.  Now go out and make your own dreams come true.

If you wish to share your journey through laughter, smiles and fun.  If you wish to offer respect and value for the stories of others.  If you wish to be a part of a global family of which we all do ' our part'  and we help and support each other in whatever way we can,  be it big or small,  and if you try and be a good person, good to yourself, to others, to Mother Nature and to  the universe,  then you are someone I want to meet and be-friend.





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