Friday October 31 , 2014


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take responsibility if you make a mistake - as we all make them...


I had a couple ask through email - through this web site -  how much the May Bank Holiday was for a Double Room and I answered with the price and details about how to make a booking.  They responded that they had seen a special offer and was this not available, to which I responded that as they had not mentioned it in their initial e mail - the full price would only be available to them, and they really didn't like it.  I pointed out that the page they had seen for the Bank Holiday stated 4 times how to get the discounted price and 4 times they decided between them both - to ignore it.  Hardly my responsibility yet I get accused of conning people,  putting special offers which are really not available and how they thought I was nothing more than just a con man.  

I did point out that it states  quite clear and boldly on the page how to get the discount and yet these two guys - neither decided to do the decent thing and accept responsibility for their own mistake, they just kept ragging at me and blaming me.  After that,  there was no way I was going to offer the special offer - and this is not the first time it has happened and I do not need the abuse.  I get blamed because of other peoples mistakes and I really do not know how much clearer and bolder and easy I can make it for people to follow.

With scores of people booking our special offers this winter and summer - I am glad to say it is the minority who seem to get it wrong, and I am glad to say a lot of people have saved themselves a lot of money by pre booking summer weekends and week long periods and we shall certaily look forward to sharing a great time with them.  

If you cannot follow the guidelines for saving money - please take responsibility and do not scream down the phone at me or send abusive e mails as I really do not deserve your anger and frustration because you messed up.  I really do not deserve that and it just shows what frame of mind you are in and how you are living in denial and avoidance.

Hamilton Hall is a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and we offer scores of FREE HOLIDAY periods for those who cannot afford a holiday and tons of special offers throughout the year to help you enjoy a holiday at a reduced price;-  and we only ask one simple - very simple request of you - THAT YOU TELL US IN YOUR INITIAL E MAIL OR PHONE CALL WHICH SPECIAL OFFER YOU HAVE SEEN,  and then we will welcome you here with smiles, a cuppa tea and laughter. If for whatever reason you do not do this and realise too late , thn take responsibility and either pay the full ampunt or go elsewhere.  It really is that simple.  I do not warrant your abuse. 





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