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Trance Channelling with Simon Rowe

by John Bellamy ( February 2013 ) 



I have returned to attending a spiritual group every Monday evening which I visited many times when I first came to Bournemouth in 1999,  and for some reason I have just been too busy for the last ten years.  Recently, with my neighbour Chris, we decided to attend again and see how it went.

Interesting subjects are shared each week by a different speaker each time, and some years ago I gave a talk on Sex & Spirituality :  and since attending recently we have enjoyed evenings on  THE MAGIC OF ASTROLOGY - with Pam Gregory - THE SILVA METHOD - with Gabriel Ostend - THE HEALING AND EMPOWERING ENERGY OF SOUND - with Sara Barford - and yesterday - 4th February 2012 the subject was detailed in the brochure as - CONNECTING AS ONE - with Simon Rowe - and the brochure information stated :-

Simon Rowe is a Trance Channeller for universal energies. Altheris is a Spirit Energy engaged in assisting mankind make the Shift from the 3rd to the 4th Dimensional way of living. As part of a group of energies coming together calling themselves 'The One', under the title of 'Unification of Spirit',  Altheris talks about overcoming the barriers of race, religion, politics, gender, art, sport or any area that creates conflict and prevents us all from 'Connecting as One.'

I have seen Trance Channelling a few times in the past, some of which were absolute fakery and I was interested to see how this evening went.  I approach everything with an open mind and this evening was no different.  Mind you, I wasn't expecting  to be quite so blown away - gobsmacked, amazed and highly moved.  ( Words actually fail me.. ha ha - for once....) 

Introduced by a women friend ( apologies, I did not get her name ) who explained what would happen,  Simon sat before us and after a few moments of involuntary body movement,  the energies  changed as Simon allowed his consciousness to depart and ' go sit in the corner' - while the energies of Altheris entered his body.   He stood before us,  opened his eyes and looked around the room full of people and welcomed us,  and I could feel,  I could sense,  I knew with all my heart and soul, that this was real, that this was genuine,  and this was someone special talking through Simon, using his body and vocal cords to share such wisdoms, such truths and such beauty that it has left me today, the next day,  a bit tearful with delight and awe.

Few people speak with such clarity and precision of words.  Most stumble are er - um a lot,  and Altheris speaks with the wisdoms of 144 spirit energies which are explained to us as speaking with one voice so as not to confuse - and consequently, the words chosen and shared are precise and accurate,  and these words enter your thoughts and your conciousness with a clarity of truth and opens your mind, body and soul to an awareness, a knowing, that here is something so much more than ever experienced before.

After about a 30 minute dialogue from Altheris - we were asked if we had any questions, and to be honest, I was so humbled I couldn't think of a single thing that a simple  man like myself could ask,  as I felt unworthy.    Questions did come from others in the group and with such clarity the answers flowed - with words so beautiful, with meanings that were clear and easy to understand and with a depth that encompassed everyone in the room,  who were moved with their simplicity yet acknowledgement of how hard the journey can be.   The love that was given with the words - the love that was shared - was wondrous. There was no ego mind - there was no hierarchical attitude - there was just love - words of wisdom and love.

I did ask a question about how he used the word Universe a lot, and asked if this could be related to the word we use - for the sake of a word to describe something - as God;-  and when he turned to look at me directly,  I could feel - deep down - something very special - an energy - a person - a being - a truth - was talking directly to me - and the wave of unconditional love that radiated out from Altheris,  using Simon's body as an instrument of communication,  was gentle and kind, understanding and thoughtful - considerate of my/our limitations and guiding with gentleness.

He spoke for over an hour and several people asked deep and meaningful spiritual questions and when it was drawing to a close I had to publicly thank him - I couldn't just 'let it go' and not say something,  and I thanked Altheris for his energy shared and for speaking with us, as I was dearly moved,  and he put his hands together as if in prayer - up to his face and bowed his head slightly,  acknowledging my comment and then  continued with his closing comments.

I cannot even share with you all here what was said as I think I shall need a few days for it all to sink in,  and basically we need to look at the way we are,  how we thrive in a negative world and the tipping point is downward and needs us to change our view of life and not to be more positive - as extremes either way - very positive and very negative - are not what it is about - it is about balance - a place of neutrality within our daily lives and thoughts, as this will bring about the changes we seek

It is within each and every one of us, to bring about the change we seek,  and it really does start with me, myself and I.  Each of us, to make a difference in how we interact;-  how we react;-   how we go through our daily lives and how we are as spiritual beings.

Simon Rowe offers 1-2-1 sessions and after this experience,  I think it is going to be a must for me.  But not for a while, as I think I need a few days to think about things and even formulate some questions I would like answeres to;-  as when you have a chance to speak with Spirit in this manner;-  When in the presence of something so - Divine -  it is easy to get tongue tied and forget what you want to ask. 

I would deeply love to arrange some kind of evening here at Hamilton Hall and invite Simon to share with a group of us here,   and there comes a time when I think - 'bugger the expense involved'  - and to those who see money and payment as an obstacle,  please be aware that nothing in life is free and if Simon is going to give of his time and body so freely in order to allow others to enjoy and appreciate the wisdoms that flow through him, then naturally he has to be rewarded,  his expenses more than covered and why shouldn't he enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

To those who question about money - maybe it is time you realized that money is just energy,  and energy is always to be shared,  and whether you attend early and help put the chairs out or help with the teas,  everything in life has a price attached,  be it money or an emotional / physical payment.  Often, when you are given something for free,  it is not appreciated, while making payment in some manner encourages concentration of thought and an acceptance of the gift freely shared. 

I found the whole experience to be very moving.  I found it interesting that Altheris found such a handsome  man as Simon to channel through and I think if Simon had been some old fat fart with bad dress sense, it would not have changed the truths being shared and nothing would have been any different,  but having such beautiful words and meanings coming from the mouth of a handsome man, with a wonderful energy of his own,  kinda - made it even more special for me.  

Eventually Altheas said his goodbyes and sat down in the chair and as at the beginning,  after a few involuntary body movements,  Simon opened his eyes - rubbed his face as if he had been asleep,  and reached for a glass of water ( as channelling dehydrates the body )  and looked a little nervously around the room, which really endeared him, it was so sweet.  

During the tea break that followed I briefly talked with Simon and mentioned Hamilton Hall and how I would love him to freely use the venue any time he wished;-   and while we may be a men only venue - specializing in events for gay / bisexual men - my spiritual journey is not limited to all aspects of my being - being gay - it is connected to so much more than just my sexuality - and although it may seem that my spiritual journey has concentrated on the sexual and the gay - in reality it has not,  it has always been open to so much more.  Hamiltion Hall may concentrate on mens spiritual journeys,  but be it gay or straight,    black or while,   young or old,    man or woman,-  a spiritual path is open to us all - at any time and in any form,  and God - Spirit - whatever you wish to call it - makes absolutely no definition - or judgenment -   between  our differences.  

We are all ultimately - One of the same.  Connecting as One.

John Bellamy

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You are welcome to use and transmit and share anything you find on this site, with our love.  I believe that all information should be freely available for everyone and anyone seeking such information,  and while Hamilton Hall is a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE, and while I, John Bellamy, do not get paid a wage and we struggle financially,  you are welcome to share what we offer, freely.  If we find you are 'making a buck out of our material'  then we will ask for some financial input to help us on our journey further.  In all instances - Please give a credit to the author and link back to this web site.





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