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The energy of a negative person can make your own mood fall and clouds hide the sunshine of your morning.  You cannot avoid negative people all the time, even though you might want to. Family, friends, people at work, your boss;-   we simply have to make daily contact with people who give off negative energy.  

John offers a few ideas to help.


The first step toward dealing with such a person is to identify them as being negative. Some vital clues:

Negative people always see the glass as half empty.

They  often expect the worst in any situation and use words like - 'I can't' -   instead of I CAN. 

They criticize and find fault in other people most of the time.

They are quick to suspect other people of being jealous, ill-meaning, and selfish.  Often traits true about themselves. 

They themselves are selfish and cold, warming up only to those from whom they can benefit in some way.  They use friends for what they can do for them and not for the right reasons of friendship.

They leave you feeling unhappy and exhausted each time you are around them.

Here are some tips that I have tried and found useful.

Stop feeling like a martyr or keeping your head firmly buried in the sand. Acknowledge the effect that a negative person is having on you, and resolve to deal with it.

The negative person feeds on your reaction. Don’t let on that you have felt hurt, upset or angry by their words or actions.

Keep your interactions and conversation limited to as much as is necessary. Sometimes, positive and sensitive people cannot help being nice and open toward the negative person. Mistake! Keep your distance, and stay sunny. They can be like an 'Energy Vampire' and can suck you dry.

Listen to beautiful soothing music whenever you can. Music truly heals and cleanses.

Take lots of deep slow breaths;- exhailing slowly.  Fill your lungs and imagine white soothing light with each In Breeath,  and allow it to fill your very being throughout.

Project positivity! Go out and do something good for somebody. Lend a helping hand. Give a smile. Share a laugh.

Remember, the viciousness and cruel words that come from a negative person are an expression of their own unhappiness and frustration. They do not and should not reflect negativity about you.  It says a great deal of their own inner fear and pain.

And finally, learn to brush the cobwebs of negativity aside and move into clear air. “Toxic people will pollute everything around them. 

Don’t hesitate. Fumigate.





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