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'3 IN A BED'


I only knew after because I started getting e mails from Belgium concerning the programme 

delightful and sweet e mails - 
  and once again, I am very humbled.






An e mail to Channel 4 after the programme and taken off the Channel 4 web site.

Dear Sir/ Madam I not to sure wether you pass on info to people who have appeared on your programs, but myself and my girlfriend felt so strongly about this specific program that we thought we should email you. We both know that there are far more important things going on in the world, but felt that we wished to offer all support to the two gentlemen who ran the Hamilton Lodge in Bournmouth, and wish them all the very best luck for the future and its a shame that there are not more people like them around. This is the first time either of us have felt strongly enough to write in about something like this. I think it is probably something to do with the reaction of the other gentleman on the show, who did not seem to have the same open and altruistic attitude towards life. Yours Culann Smyth and Deborah Miller


Filmed in November 2009 and first shown in an hour long programme in April 2010 and then repeated and re edited into 3 half hour shows in August 2010, it seems it was greatly received by many.

We loved every minute of it as well.   The film crew were great fun and we shared a real laugh with them. Clair and Stuart, the winners of the show are still friends and we e mail often, and although Andrew from Avesbury has barred me from contacting him through e mail,  I did enjoy our interaction and it was just a shame,  for himself,  that he chose to act in such a manner.

We  had around  4,000 e mails from people congratulating us on standing up to bigotry, and of saying the words they felt needed saying - and it seems that many felt I had said what they would like to have said - but couldn't find the words - didn't have the guts or the opportunity,  to speak up in their own lives against those who had / would oppress and bully them, and throughout the programme they cheered me and boooed Andrew,  and it seems I was a bit of a role model.

blush blush

Andrew, bless him - for I could not have done this without him and as much as he made himself look foolish,  was a sweet and kind man who just thought he was being clever and the voice of the people, and he misjudged that hugely,  and the public saw him for what he was.  Since the programme I think he has regretted it dearly - and to his cost. Living in a small village where everyone would have watched the programme - and where everyone will know him and see him around,  probably  has caused great embarrasment  and regret,  and I feel for him if this is the case.  He has also reduced his prices to what I paid him - and for all his  ' I feel I am a wake-up call for you John,' - it seems it was the other way around.

I have been having  a ball, a great time, with hundreds of people coming up to me in shops and  bars - having recognised me of 'the telly' and patting me on the back and saying 'bloody well done' - and I just love it - love talking with people, love meeting strangers and seeing a smile come accross their face when they recognise me and we chat...  

The big difference in our programme compared to others in the series, was that a whole community was watching ours - the gay community - whereas any other venue - only  a few locals and friends would know the people involved and take interest - as I have heard from people from all over the country and even abroad who had heard through friends that a gay venue was in the programme and tuned in to watch,  and then discuss with their friends the next day, and this has been brilliant for the gay community as well as for us.  It brought people together.

Nothing is ever set in stone and nothing is ever final and when we meet others with a different life story and a different journey, talking down to them and treating their truths as ignorant garbage - really shows a huge lack of intelligence and fear.  Fear of alternatives - Fear of compromise - Fear of listening and fear of growing and evolving into being  a better, fuller human being.

The summer of 2010 was our busiest and best summer ever, and while it was good weather and more people were staying in the UK for their holidays, I am sure the programme helped.  After all, with people in Hong Kong seeing it and phoning, as well as Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand and many other places all over,  and with  - it seems - most the gay community of the UK watching it - we are now well known and respected. 

Shame the gay media chose, as they always do, to ignore something good and beautiful - as the gay media is a shameful and often disgraceful example of our gay community and panders to a minority and do not have the guts or the decency to offer their advertisers respect and value - and when our programme went out and we had so much positive response from the general public,  we had  not a single word from the gay media even after we sent out a press release to every single gay publication,  and the lack they offer is disgraceful and shameful.  But then, speak to almost anyone who advertises in the gay media and ask how polite, helpful, friendly and thoughtful they are - speak to anyone who has dealings with the gay media and see how they feel towards them - and you will find it is pretty low. 

I hope, if nothing else, the programme shows that some within the gay community are not all about money - not all about screwing others and offer what they hope is good, honest and decent.  For 


Big thankyou to Studio Lambert and the film crew for approaching us in the first place. I am so proud of the programme and so thankful for the opportunity.  I cannot begin to tell you how moved and touched I am at the end result and how well edited, produced, filmed and everything, it was. 
Thanks guys. Big time.

Hello John. My name is Lisa and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I just had to email you as I have just watched 'Three In A Bed' and I was moved to tears. What you offer to the gay community is so amazing. There should be more people like you in the world. You appear very grounded and a beautiful spiritual person. I love that you are true to yourself and your beliefs. I watch this show every Sunday, love it. But this was the most enjoyable show for me so far. Love & Light from me to you xxx


and OH MY GOD what a load of dreadful B&B owners there are out there...

picky picky picky.

I can guarantee you will find some dust and maybe even the occasional pubic hair in the shower and if you have a hissy fit or burst into tears or say anything like ' it just isn't good enough' be prepared to have me laugh at you;-   for this kind of reaction from a customer - while being incredibly rare - is actually quite sad.  If when you go away you are more concerned with a little dust on top of the door frame or under the bed - or a pubic hair down the toilet - then you are sad - VERY SAD - as since when are you going to be rimming the toilet bowel or licking the top of the door frame and since when would these things ruin your holiday.  If they do, then you will be told it is time you GOT A FUCKING LIFE.

While I appreciate a lot of this is egged on by the Director to make the programme more fun to watch,  worrying about a little dust or the fact - which it seems for many is a major concern, that the decor isn't their taste ( and that's why is isn't their venue )  I am shocked how many of these owners buy into it and get all prissy about what is a stunnin g venue and are just determined to pull it apart and find fault.  Anyone coming into Hamilton Hall who moaned even 1/10th as much as some of these owners would be told where they could shove it.  It doesn't help. Moaning is unsupportive.  If all you wish to do is find fault, then bugger off as I do not need you and neither do my other guests.

I recently found a report on a web site somnewhere that Hamilton Hall served microwaved meals slopped on a plate - which is complete rubbish and how the place was dark, damp and very very dirty, which again is untrue, so you cannot always trust these reports or those who voice them as often, plain jealousy, resentment and bitterness is the order of the day and has little to do with the venue.


A word of advise to these B&B owners:  I have heard of some venues that were forced to close down after the programme as the manner in which they behaved and offered to other B&B owners was so despised by the public,  that it was the death knell for their venue and the public voted with their feet and didn't come.  One venue I know received scores of hate male from the public because of the manner he offered in the show and the opublic absolutely hated him... and took the time to e mail and phone telling him so.  This is not fair, in all honesty,  but we all know that when it comes to dealing with the media, be it the newspapers or the TV,  there is a risk it might well back fire on you and you had better be careful how you behave or it will come back and bite you in the ass.

3 IN A BED was one of the best experiences and very beneficial to myself and Hamilton Hall and here we are almost 3 years later and I am still - occasionally - being greeted in the street and congratulated by complete strangers.

These bad B&B owners had better wake up to the fact that this is make or break time and stop acting for the cameras as we can all see right through them.  After all, who are these people who check above the doorframe for dust - or BEHIND chest of drawers and even under the bed ?  Who on God's Earth takes the shower drain out and checks down the plughole or fnds fault because an old house has some creeky floor boards.  I admit - you WILL sometimes find dust or even cob webs and you will find the occasional missed bit of grime, and so fucking what ?  It you get all snitty about it - and if you are just soooo anal retentive about such things,  then go join Joan Crawford in therapy for microphobia as you will find fault everywhere you go and you REALLY need to get over it.





Andrew - Clair & Stuart - John (me ) and Kristian

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see the other venues we were up against here

Well done to Claire and Stuart at The Roxbro
and I am PROUD that we have become good dear friends



To all those wonderful people who phoned and/or e mailed with such wonderful comments
of support and understanding.