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Gay Spirituality

by John Bellamy

I believe strongly in the gay spiritual soul and have tried to live my life according to a spiritual code that links us all. Life can be hard and it is easy to get lost and find yourself in need of guidance, and there have - and will continue to be, on occasions for us all, moments when we feel lost, even abandoned by those we trusted, and alone, and yet for me personally, my spiritual - not religious - faith has always kept me going.

Gay men have carried the banners and been the flag wavers for centuries. Gay men - whether 'out' or not - have been the pioneers and the leaders in many spiritual aspects of our every day lives and many have suffered because of this.
In the modern world where being gay and a part of a community that has fought - hard - for equality in the UK, many take it all so much for granted and forget the battles, the troubles and the problems that many have faced to get to this point on our gay journey. The younger generations 'take it all for granted' and have no idea what the older generations have been though, and this should never be forgotten.

The Universal Energies that we call God - are a part of us all - male and female, gay and straight, regardless of colour, religion or anything, and the gay soul has always been more open, more in touch and more honest in its glorigication of the Divine within and often seen as a threat by the Roman Church - and most religions - who persectued and murdered millions in the quest for religious domination through fear and intimidation, while at the heart of things, we knew the truth.

We are all one with God.

This is an important time - for as we enter this new age, the Aquarian Age, much is happening, much is planned and much will change - not just for gay men, but globally for humanity, and I believe gay men are the teachers, the facilitators and the witnesses - holding the energies and preparing the human soul and psyche for what is to come.

There is also a great deal around about 21st December 2012 and if you click on this date, you can have a read of some of the stuff that is around.

If you wish to come and discuss gay spirituality with me and share, you are very welcome. If you wish to know what is 'going on' at this time and where we are headed, come and share and meditate and - well who knows.

These pages are open for you to send me stuff to upload and share , and if you wish to premote an event you are hosting or involved in, please be my guest - just e mail to


Gay spirituality is an involved and deep subject matter and on these pages I want to tempt you to think outside of the box - to view things through different eyes and to stray from your inner conditioning - the way you 'normally' see and view things, and to step back and see it from a different angle. Whatever your spiritual journey - share it with us through these pages and through Hamilton Hall as - after all - there is bugger all else in the UK offering the kind of events, and with your very own MEN ONLY VENUE - completely legal and with all the fire, health and safety, and business insurance for your own peace of mind and safe keeping - and owned and operated as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE, by - and for - gay and bisexual men.

We specialize in spiritual, sexual and self development of mind, body and soul and we need your input, your energy, your interest and passion and hope we can all share this journey together, united in harmony.

There are a few pieces here for you that I channeled over the years. See what you think.

PLEASE - share with me the gay spiritual soul, with no ego, no hidden agenda, no belittling of others and most importantly, a 'coming together' of like minded souls on a journey of discovery and enlightenment. No arrogance - No hierarchical attitude - just guys together sharing the best they can be - spiritually.

Always With Love

John Bellamy



John. I was not  sure about all this spiritual stuff you went on about while I was staying and lots of it sounded such mumbo jumbo. However. I have to admit that others staying 'bought it' and I think I was a bit 'in your face' about some of your stuff and you went out of your way to explain but I just wasn't getting it at all. You gave me that book 'Conversations With God' and while it was over 8 months ago,  I have now managed to read it and I think I now know where you are coming from as it did - actually - move me. I was an ordained priest for over 25 years before being thrown out for having a gay relationship and I struggled with my faith for a long time and if you remember, this was why you gave me this book,  as I felt lost and confused, angry and in denial of so much of what the church had done, and for what they did to me.  After reading this book,  many of the pieces seemed to fall into place and I have to thank you for that.  I feel a need to return some day to see you again and to speak further and I shall look forward to that day soon.  Malcolm.

Dear John. Since my husband 'came out' a while ago, I had felt so lost and alone and I thankyou for the time you spent explaining so much to me.  It has helped me hugely.  I have to admit I knew nothing about the gay soul and the importance of women and gay men on a spiritual level at this time, and I shall be telling all my friends.  You certainly know your stuff.  I now have a deeper understanding of gay / straight / bi and feel my husband and I can make some changes but continue on as friends,  and not break up as I once feared.  We love each other and I feel I can now accept his gayness and actually have fun with any gay friend he may feel inclined to bring home to meet me.  You were great and while I know not all gay men are as open and honest and sorted as you are,  I do have a broader outlook since we spoke.  Thanks John. You are a life saver.  Jane M.

Hi John:  To intoduce myself, I am married and straight and have a gay son and I had a few difficulties with him ' coming out' to his Mother and me a few years ago, and I felt great sadness for him. That he would not understand the family connection and the love of God who denied homosexuality and said it was a sin. My son gave me your web address and told me to have a look at a linked page about bible abuse aimed at homosexuals and it made for interesting reading. I read your site extensively and admire the work and passion applied by yourself.  I have searched the net further and now have a very different viewpoint on my sons gay lifestyle and what God thinks - or not - about his sexuality,  and I feel my relationship with him has turned a corner and I have you to thank for that.  My conversion from a Christian who believed blindly to one who now has eyes that can see and ears that can hear - the truth - or at least - a more loving Godly truth,  rather than the hate filled bile I now realise I had been force fed by the monks at school;-  and I see life differently.  I also now have a stifled hatred for the church institution that teaches such hatred and their ' Love the sinner - Hate the sin'  is just pure evil dressed up to look loving.  My son and I now have a good relationship and we both thank you for being instrumental in that.
Richard M.  ( Cardiff


I believe the sun should never set  upon an argument
I believe happiness is down to us, and no one else.
I believe that junk food tastes so good  because it's bad for you
I believe your parents did the best job  they knew how to do
I believe that beauty magazines promote  low self esteem
I believe I'm loved when I'm completely  by myself alone
I believe I am the centre of my world

I believe in Karma, what you give  is what you get returned
I believe you can't appreciate real  love until you've been burned
I believe the grass is no more greener  on the other side
I believe you don't know what you've got  until you say goodbye

I believe you can't control or choose  your sexuality
I believe that trust is more  important than monogamy
I believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul
I believe that family and good friends are worth more than money or gold

I believe the struggle for financial freedom is unfair
I believe the only ones who disagree are millionaires

I believe forgiveness is the key to your happiness
I believe that God does not  endorse TV evangelists
I believe in love surviving death into eternity

I don't believe what is said by Politicians
I don't believe the Pope is God's 'man on earth.'
I don't believe big business has our best interests at heart
and I do believe that big business is all about money, and not people.
I believe in Global Warming but not what the experts tell us about it
I do believe my Mother did the best she could with the emotional tools she had available
and that my father loved us - he was just  busy at work most of the time.

I believe that I do my best and that I am a good person

and that while at times I may 'loose the plot' - I am still Divine.

I believe you should never - never - never - give up.





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