Tuesday September 01 , 2015

SPIRITUAL PAGES - DAMANHUR - you have got to see this place.





Click on the name above and take a tour of this amazing place, it's truly breathtaking in its creation, its style and just about everything. I was personally  gobsmacked at what has been achieved and full of admiration. 

The New Life project continues with enthusiasm on our part, and success for those who are interested. New Life, to remind you, is the project that offers the possibility for everyone to become a citizen of Damanhur right away, entering into the communities for three months. After the three months, participants decide whether or not to continue the experience.

We have already welcomed many new citizens with languages, ages and characteristics that are very diverse, and more than one hundred will arrive by next spring! Some of them have known Damanhur for quite a while, while others are coming here for the first time. Some of them have come as visitors and then became impassioned about the project, so they decided to go back home, pack their bags and come back to stay at Damanhur.

The new citizens have been welcomed in our family-communities and have initiated life with us here. Days are intense and include useful activities for the community, social encounters, and cultural and musical evening events. We work together, and little by little, we get to know each other and become friends. For those who do not know Italian yet, with the help of one of the new citizens, we have organized Italian lessons for foreigners that take place every Monday.

The number of interested people grows every day...If you are also ready to quickly move toward a new world, come and play together with us in the game of life. Take advantage of the synchronic occasion of temporary citizenship. The door is open for you!

Bring your friends, as they could be your companions along this exciting voyage, within oneself and within Damanhur!

The moment is now: if you are interessted please contact immediately newlife@damanhur.it or call +39.348 874 93 42 or +39.320 767 79 00






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