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SPIRITUAL PAGES - Bringing You Home



Channeled through John Bellamy / 27th & 28th March 2004

by the Archangel Michael



Today is a new beginning for you.

The energies being transmitted to and from Mother Earth and humanity have changed,
- they have gone up a double octave, and humanity now has the ability to vibrate at a much
higher level than it has ever done before. Your Lightbodies can create a balanced harmony
wave between the physical and the etheric and this links the soul and the physical mind in order
to transmit these frequencies throughout your physical world of matter and the mental
world of thought.

In bygone days when individuals increased their vibrational energy levels and yet
were still living in the lower – more dense environment with their fellow man,
it was hard and many could not accept the life they were forced to continue living.
Some went mad. Some were hunted down by the church and those who feared them
and burned or drowned, and some, quite literally, managed to ascend and leave the
lower levels behind and continue on with their journey unencumbered by those who would
deny them the truth and by their heavy physical bodies.

These energies are used in forming matter from energy in the creation of what you perceive
to be reality, and the higher the level, the purer the thought, the more you manifest Heaven on Earth
and so move into the light. With the coming of the Aquarian Age comes great responsibility for
humanity as s/he struggles and fights against change whilst knowing it is inevitable.
The few, it seems, are ready and are making a huge song and dance for everyone else to witness
and to open their awareness as to what is happening, and although many consider this to be crazy
and inhuman, their eyes will be opened, their minds will expand and they will all become fully
pen and ready to embrace the change that started to take place a long time ago.

These are the final days, my children, these are the exciting times that many of you have
been waiting for, planning and working hard towards, and there is little for you to actually do,
now, but wait, sit back and watch, enjoy and wonder at how easy – how magnificent and how
majestic is the power of the ‘All That Is’ and how you make that power work.

For it is you. The energies you call God, are you, and without you, nothing matters as nothing exists,
not even what you dream of in your wildest imaginings, as nothing is being created without
your matter mind to create it.

God can imagine and create anything – but only in consciousness – and matter does not
reside in consciousness. Matter lives in a deeper, more dense world that inhabits a lower
frequency band, and it is here that humanity has found a home for many millions of years –
and it is here than the conscious mind has become trapped and imprisoned, partly because
of the lower energy but mostly because you, as free will beings, have chosen this level of
understanding and imprisonment as your home, for fear of change. The church and society
has been so well maintained to hide the truth from you concerning the reality of reality, that for you,
the reality is what you see, feel, taste, hear and smell, and you have allowed your 6th sense to
become dormant and little used. There have been those who have stood forward and made
statements through this 6th sense and these people have been persecuted and destroyed in
a bid to keep humankind in its emotional and psychological prison. But the time is at hand when
a jail break has been slowly commencing and more and more people – more and more minds –
have escaped – have grown wise, and have found a journey out of the quagmire of your own
making and have moved into the light.

It is happening more and more each day. To people around you and to those you meet.
Some are aware, while others are not. Some are helping while others resist.
Whatever they choose to do, is their choice and we respect their decisions.
For nothing is ever wrong. It may seem so, but the outcome of every situation –
EVERY SITUATION – is guaranteed and known before the thought that creates the situation
has even been had by the mind that ultimately, in the human form, created it.
It may seem like a jumble of confusion, pain and anguish, love and joy, ups and downs,
but the Divine Plan is in action at all times and in all minds – regardless of how it may seem to you.

Trust and all will be revealed. Believing is seeing.

The time is at hand for all to know the truth and I can only ask that you be who you were born,
this time, to be, and do what is in your heart. Nothing matters. Your ‘job’ as you see it –
is to do your best – and we ask nothing more, in fact, we ask nothing at all.
You are creating your own destiny for yourself, your fellow man and your world and how
you choose to follow that path is and always has been, totally up to you and no-one else.
Many pray to God for help and advise and guidance – and God is always there to help and assist,
and it is your conscious thoughts that create the answers to your prayers and your own physical
matter that creates the answers. Not what you perceive to be God.

Be of the light.
Be aware of the new energies and realize them in your body mind and soul.

They are here to help bring you home.






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