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Hamilton Hall offers scores of FREE VACATIONS to people with HIV and elderly gay / bisexual men who cannot otherwise afford a vacation period but need one.  We donate at least 20 weeks a year for free periods - and as a venue coping with a credit crunch where, like all other businesses - we struggle  financially - we have absolutely no reason or need to offer this.

Hamilton Hall is not a charity ;- We are  not financed through Corporate Funding;- We have no rich benefactor and we are not linked to any other religious or spiritual organisation with pots of money to finance us.  Hamilton Hall relies on guests paying to stay here and on long hard hours worked for no wage by someone who ses things a little different to the normal 'screw you' all the time and where it seems big business would knife you in the back to make some money - just as the banks have been doing for decades as well as the utility companies... to name just a couple. 

Louise Hays says in one of her books that there is a part of society who are quite cruel to gay people, and it IS gay people,  and this is very true.  There can seem to be  a lot of gay men who are not very supportive or nurturing and can often be quite screwed up with jealousy, resentment and envy towards anyone who has something they do not, and then offer a bitter attitude which does nothing but destroy.  Many are in  need of some kind of  therapy - and some just to experience kindness with no strings attached to show that not all people are profit / power driven,    and as Hamilton Hall  wishes to help, support and nurture the gay community and try and offer a bit of soul - to run a business not for profit but for the people - Hamilton Hall and any profit made is offered back to the people to try and put some balance into the scene, and for this, some people love to bitch and damn and throw abuse at us, and this saddens me.  

I believe the world is in the mess it is in PRECISELY because big business cares more about profit than it does people,  I set up Hamilton Hall and  run it with a strong aim at offering our community - a space for healing - to recharge the batteries through a non jugemental and friendly atmosphere of calm and where we keep our prices as low as possible and offer far more than you would ever dream of for the price - and far more than you would ever dream of finding at any other men only venue in the UK today - or any Premier Inn , Best Western or even Hilton. 

We also have a constant maintenance programme on the building, and if and when I sell up from here, this building will be pulled down and replaced with flats, so all monies spent on double glazing etc. is simply for the benefit of my guests and not for any future investment when the building is one day sold.  This is also a very expensive building to maintain, being an old Victorian house in constant need of repair.

Every room is a delight and is maintained, redecorated, items replaced and improved on a constant basis in order to keep it as nice - if not more so - than you would ever expect.  Just this year - 2013 - the whole hotel had brand new beds and bedding and while this is something I am constantly doing,  all the beds were replaced in one go, which costs an absolute fortune as we do NOT buy cheap.


Some people doubt us and question our honesty.
Some assume we make a fortune and take expensive holidays - drive big flashy cars and live a wealthy lifestyle.  
Some assume I do this for the fame and the sex I get from running  a clothing optional venue and some assume I do all sorts of things... which in all honesty, I do not.  Some assume it is a piece of cake running a venue like this and is easy work and some even think I can afford to pay staff to do everything for me and many - quite simply - haven't a clue yet will voice attitude and judgement while knowing absolutely bugger all.  I am almost celibate these days as it is unprofessional to 'bonk and lust after' the guests,  and I have as much sex - per year - as I would have had in ONE MORNING when living in London,  when I was an escort. 

Oh, and I have not claimed a wage since the venue opened in March 2000 - while working between 12 - 18 hours a day - 7 days a week -  and while I get my board and lodgings, I would think so to, considering I have invested a huge amount of money in bringing the gay community such a venue, which is hugely  needed.  Some doubt my honesty and send me hate mail - some throw abuse at me and others offer venimous attitude when speaking about me - but who have never met me or even been here,  and I have invited these people for free weekends to try and see if I can open their eyes, their minds and their awareness - yet not one has had the guts to accept - which I appreciate is a person with a blocked mind and the desire not to change and see things through different eyes.  It has been a painful journey of realisation for myself - and I am now aware I cannot reach every person and some, I have to let go and maybe one day they will ' get it ' from someone else, some place else, and they will grow and evolve at their own pace.  I concentrate on those who are ready and willing, open and honest.


How many other gay venues - or people - do you know -

donate so much time, hard work and monies for so little financial reward ?


Some doubt anyone and everyone who works from the heart and not the wallet, and this says a great deal more about them than they realise.









We do have signs in every bedroom asking guests to switch the lights out when they leave the rooms and yet this seems too hard for some who leave every light on they can find a switch for and this betrays Mother Nature and the environment and us here at hamilton Hall and our huge bills.  So we now have a charge of £25 for those who seem hell bent on deliberately leaving lghts on and deliberately saying ' fuck you' to the environment and future generations who rely on us to try, in whatever small way we can, each and every single one of us, to clean up the mess we are creating and be responsible for the children we leave this planet to.




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