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Comment from John Bellamy. 

Back in the 70's and 80's I joined various groups campaigning for  gay rights and equality and now that we have it,  many take it so for granted and forget about the fight we went through for decades, the harrasment at the hands of the police and any bigoted person living in fear - mostly because of ignorance and uneducation - oh and not to forget what is preached from the pulpits about the evils of gay sex - and the law was impotent at helping us.  Today things have changed and although only fairly recent and although we still face bigotry and ignorance and shall do until education catches up with the law and generations of fear,  we do have human rights on our side these days.
But many countries are not so lenient and in some, like Iran, young gay men are hanged - yes killed by the state in public - for simply being gay, and I applaud Peter Tatchell for his work and I have started to fund his work at the suggested £5 a month - not a lot I know, but something. If more helped in this manner,  it would aid him in his work and send a loud message to others.
I appreciate these are hard times and money is short,  but the pictures of a young gay men standing with a noose around his neck in Iran last year, just before he was murdered by the state for being gay, was horrific and should affect every single one of you who has a feeling heart and a mind that questions.  Sadly, too many on the UK gay scene are all about ME ME ME ME ME and the hedonistic lifestyle of fun 24/7 and this disgraceful lack of thought for others gets the gay community a bad and dreadful reputation.  Back in the 80's when the gay community pulled together to fight off AIDS,  we really were a community - so let's pull together now, for those of other countries that need our help and support and help fund the only person in the UK who seems to be doing anything - for no other reason,  but for helping others, and be thankful we were not born in countries like Iran or any of the more radical Muslim countries. 





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