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As I write this we are at £139,000 with 15 days to go. What is most amazing about this figure is that it has been reached with overwhelmingly small donations from people giving what little they can.

As always, it is people who have little making the biggest contribution.

I have met many for whom the entire total that we need to launch at the level that we plan and need would be a round of drinks and they have said to me 'I hear what you say, but what can we do?'

Well, here is what they can do - with myself and Sean taking all the risks and doing all of the work along with a dedicated team waiting to start and make this dream a reality.

I say to those for whom money is abundant and who talk about wanting to make a difference - all you have to do is contribute what you would never even begin to miss and you will answer the question 'what can I do?'

Why should The People not have a voice with the same level of technology and communication potential as the mainstream media which denies The People a voice?

We have a fantastic team of media professionals being assembled who are willing to take this station to air for a fraction of the cost of the mainstream media, but with the same standard and quality and with truth as their goal, not corporate profit or the Establishment song sheet.

All we need is the funds to do that and we estimate this to be £300,000.

I am working for nothing and will continue to work for nothing but we need your support to make this happen on the scale that I envisage and the scale that will make the difference in global public awareness. To compete with the voice of suppression the voice of freedom must have a technological match.

The people with little who have given what they can have got us this far. Now where are those for whom a sizable donation is nothing?

I say to those people - put up or shut up.

This is not a game. Your future and your children's and grandchildren's future is at stake here.

Comparatively little has been donated so far from the United States and yet the US will be be a major focus and location of our output if we can reach our goal


Important Update About The People's Voice Campaign

David Icke explains why The People's Voice needs to continue raising more funds and what the money will be used for

Click here to watch ... 

Remember this is not a London-based station only covering events in the UK, but a GLOBAL station broadcasting to and from every continent and a vehicle that can bring the world together no matter what the colour, creed, culture or religion.

If the world is going to be free of tyranny The People everywhere must come together in peace and with a unity of purpose. If we do, the house of cards must fall and the few will rule the many no more.

New Goals for the non-profit People's Voice so that we can really make a difference: 

£200,000 by Thursday 20th June

 If we reach this goal we will invest in leasing two 'outside broadcast' units, one for London and the other for the U.S., that will enable us to dispatch a reporter and cameraman at a breaking news story and transmit the video back to the studio live in HD quality (using similar units that are often dispatched by the likes of Sky News and other mainstream media outlets).

Think about the recent Boston bombings or the Woolwich incident in London - with this equipment we would have been able to send our team out to these locations to find out what really happened. Interviews with eyewitnesses on the scene wouldn't have gone through the usual media censor before reaching the public.

Please donate and share this far and wide

AT LEAST£300,000 by June 30th

Then it won't be just be a voice, it will be a ROAR.

Come on - we can do this and the chance will almost certainly never come around again. It is time to grasp it while there is still time to grasp it.

We'll do the work, we'll take the risks, but we need your support to make this happen on a scale that will make the difference.





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