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This slow and moody film tears at the heart strings and although a slow and meaningful story that flits between 3 different ages - each is connected through the love and death of a women by Hugh Jackman.
This is the first film I have seen him in where he really acts - and there are some scenes that really made me cry and his acting is superb.( see link below )
A deep and strange story that takes a little following the first time round,  it was well worth seeing a second and a third time as it haunted me the next day and stayed with me until I watched it again and understood it better.
Beautifully filmed and acted,  Rachel Weist is excellent as Jackmans dying wife and the hidden meanings and haunting story was so spiritual, I had no idea.

Bonus for me is the stunningly handsome Hugh Jackson and a lot of facial shots where I simply drooled... God he is sexy,  and his crying scene is the best I have ever seen in any film other than Ewan McGreggor in Moulin Rouge. 

I do not remember this film coming out and I am sure it was not a huge hit as its story line and content is a little too spiritual for many and no car chases or naked scenes ( unfortunately ... )  but very enjoyable and a joy to watch.

Watch another scene HERE and have your tissues ready.
This LINK is also lovely.

 FORK HANDLES - OR IS IT - FOUR CANCLES - This classis Two Ronnies sketch

  MY BLACKBERRY IS NOT WORKING -This take off of the one above, is brilliant











































































































































































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