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by Neale Donald Walsch
Books 1-2 & 3
and all other related writings by the same author.  If there is one book I suggest to more people to read than
any other book, it's book one of this trilogy.   Just imagine if you could have a personal  conversation with God all about your relationships, your finances, your job and all sorts of personal things that - quite honestly - effect every one of us. This is what Neale Donald Walsch did, and it's a life changing read.

This book is simple in its manner but deep in its meaning, and above all else, will turn your head around concerning what is God. Personally, I fell back in love with God and compared to the Christian manner in which we are brought up to 'fear God' - here, we learn that God loves us all unconditionally and does not judge us... ever ... and will never send us to hell... ever... and the beauty and love that shines forth from the printed word will reduce you to tears in its beauty.

* * * * *

'Genesis of the Grail Kings'

by Sir Laurence Gardner's

and all his other related works.
I have always questioned a great deal of the Biblical stories and their originality and here, Lawrence Gardener blows the lid off of many things we have blindly believed, and with cultural, historical and scientific facts, he shows us another side to the Christian stories and how they have been manipulated to say what the church wanted them to say - more than they do the truth.

* * * * *

'The Taliban'

by Ahmed Rashid
I thought that as we enter a period in our history where the Taliban and the Arab nations are playing a much bigger role on the world stage, that I ought to know a little about their culture and political background. This book was an eye opener and made me realize how arrogant we in the west are when it comes to how we view the Arab nations. It makes me ashamed to be English.
 * * *
'What Is Islam'
by Chris Horrie & Peter Chippendale

A vital book for anyone to read as Islam grows and shows us in the west that   what we thought we knew, and what we thought of as a violent and repressive religion, most certainly is not. Christianity is not the fastest growing religion,   but is speedily declining in followers while Islam is growing at a huge speed.
Isn't it time you found out a little about this belief structure and stop believing  all the evil and vile acts that are blamed on Islam. After all, Christianity in  history has proven to be a LOT more bloodthirsty than Islam and in many cases  Islam has proven itself to be more tolerant, more forgiving and more sympathetic  to other belief structures than ever the Church of Rome has been.

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