Friday September 04 , 2015

Carbon Footprint





Mother Earth is going through some changes and we - humanity - simply do not really know what is going on - Climate Change - Ocean currents changing - Jet Stream messing with our summers - Polar Ice Caps melting - Numerous Earthquakes and several volcanoes in the last few years - We do not know if we are responsible - We do not know what changes our planet is going through on her cycle through space,  We do not know what will happen when the magnetic field around the planet changes course - which it is about to do ( science fact )  and we simply do not know where we stand in the bigger scheme of things and whether there is anything we can do about it - or not.  I do know - that if we do nothing - we deserve all we get.

Our thoughts create our reality, and as we live in a VERY negative reality with - it seems - doom and gloom everywhere  - we are creating a negative field around the Earth and so, on a subliminal level, we ARE responsible, as everything is of our own creation.  We create our reality and we buy into the reality we see around us - rather than changing our view of things - changing our thoughts about something - and so changing the reality - being more positive thinking and so create a more positive reality for ourselves and that of Mother Earth - Gia.

We must all do our
bit to help, and THAT MEANS YOU.

We are trying to do our bit to cut down our Carbon Footprint and this helps Mother Earth.

We have to pay Climate Levy Tax on our gas and electric bills - which then has VAT added to it, and this tax has nothing to do with the climate, it is just another tax. It's suppose to encourage business to cut down on using gas and electricity and so cut down our carbon footprint.

If the government channelled that Climate Levy Tax into loans and grants for business to upgrade our double glazing and insulation, THEN we could cut down on our utilities and so our carbon footprint would drop, but by just taxing us yet again, we have less funds available to upgrade the windows and insulation and this Climate Levy tax is completely contrary to what it is claimed to be for. It does NOT encourage us to use less utilities, it makes us use MORE, as we cannot afford the insulation etc. and need to heat the venue - regardless of higher and higher bills, so our carbon footprint actually goes up and not down.

Once again, the government shows it has little interest in the climate - and more with making money while giving lip service to real an important matters like Climate Change.



We do not service the rooms a
fter you arrive and do not change the bedding or towels daily. If you are staying for more than 7 days, we then change your bedding,- while fresh towels are available throughout. - just ask if you need fresh ones. If you require a fresh towel every single day - then we might charge you a couple of quid each day extra.    Most of our laundry is washed on 40° - in house - and we do not tumble dry our laundry - our boiler room is also our drying room. Our towels might not be as fluffy and soft - - - and if you don't like it, - - - then bring your own, as you are very welcome to do so.

We ask you to please switch lights off in your rooms

when you leave and do not waste power


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