Friday March 27 , 2015

Lightworker Retreats



chill out with fellow LightWorkers and share some of the truths as we enter the Aquarian Age.These were going to be weekends just for Lightworkers but as w ehad such limited inout from you concerning these weekends,  they are now to be hosted as just come along, mix with other people who are here and you and I can share in private.  If you are interested in your enlightened journey and wish to discuss where life is going next - or anything else on a spiritual level, come and be with someone who cares enough to try, try and keep trying, to get people motivated enough to actually take control of their own spiritual destiny.

Hamilton Hall offers space and time to share and recharge in this ever changing and forever negative environment for all those who are on a mission - a spiritual mission here in the 3rd dimension and we hope you will join us here at any time. Bringing Positive Attitudes to a world so keen on negativity can be a hard task and keeping the smile - keeping the love - can be a daunting task. Swimming against the tide of forever growing fear and trying to adapt and teach a better way to the masses can set you apart and it can be a lonely journey.  We have chosen this work and do it willingly,  and while many love us, many fear and damn us and we need inner strength, a good connection and a strong support network of understanding people to sustain us through this time.

  • Many do not understand Light Workers and their work.

  • Many do not know what a Light Worker even is - but if you do, then this is aimed at you.

Come and be with understanding friends as we share the journey through support and compassion, as this is not an easy reality to live in and we need all the support and understanding of the energies applied.

Hamilton Hall is an urban oasis of calm in this ever hectic world.

'Come and be with like minded souls - always with love'

There are many theories about what is going to happen at this time in our history - spiritually and physically - as Mother Earth is about to undergo a whole new enery shift herself - and science factually states that the magnetic north and south poles are about to make a huge shift - something that happens avery 150 - 180,000 years - apparantly - and that anything is likely to happen.  With films like '2012'  and ' The Knowing'  showing different threories about what is to happen,  naturally,  many will misunderstand what 'The Mass Awakening'  is all about and see death as a horror - or as 'the end' - when in fact death is not the end at all,  but the opening of the curtains - of awakening to a new age - hence ' the mass awakeninh.'  For it is time for humanity to make that giant leep into the unknown - to have faith - and the new age of enlightenment will begin... the Diamond Age. 






Telephone enquiries and reservations between 10am - 8pm