Monday August 31 , 2015

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The piece below is all about me - John Bellamy - as many people over the years have asked who it is that has put themselves up in front of others to run such a venue,  and the piece below goes some way in explaining who, what and why.    Written by Christopher Ferrari - a friend for many years - from a series of talks we shared,  I hope it helps those with 'enquiring minds.'

I  LOVE  Marmite;- I fart;-  I get cross with Call Centres and incompetantce:-  I get frustrated when this computer doesn't work as I think it should and get even more annoyed with myself for not knowing more computer skills,:- 

I have a crap memory for some things ( like names ) and I get too little exercise and  often get in my own way and mess things up accidentally.  I have made and continue to make, many mistakes and I try, in whatever way I can, to give the best that I have to offer,  and there are times when I feel that what I offer is not good enough.  I am a work in progress, just like everyone else. 

I am also aware that as soon as you put yourself in front of the public,  you become a target and there are those who will not / do not like me,  and that is because they do not know me ;-  and I am also aware what a dangerous place the 'gay community' can be - how back stabbing, jealous , bitter and envious some people can be and support seems in short supply.  With over 25 years experience dealing with the gay media, I would have to say that this is largely the case with many of them.

I value my friends and would move mountains for them and I try to be a good person, but then, that's for others to evaluate.
I have lived a spiritual life for decades and tried, in whatever way I can, to 'do the right thing' and while there have been times in my life when I have 'lost the plot' - I am a work in progress - just as we all are, and I do the best I can.

I have been loved and I have loved, and have had friends for decades and some who have hurt me more than words can say. I have been left 'high and dry' at the worst times in my life by those I thought better of and those who I  personally,  have always been there for.  I have felt betrayal.  I have also been surrounded by those who appreciate and value what and who I am, and we have bounced through the years with laughter and mutual respect and value.  For I believe life is to short and we must make of it the best we can.


Please do not get bogged down in life,  lighten up, relax, chill out and take a few deep breaths in order to LAUGH.  Life is too short and the world far too negative and we need to laugh and have fun and THAT'S what we do a lot of here... Laugh.  The article below goes some way,-   but barely scratches the surface of what makes a person - a person - and like most things,  says little - really.  So trust your intuition and come along and let's meet and have a laugh.


'I first met John in 1985 and have known him well, on and off, ever since.  He had just returned from living in the USA and compared to who he is today,  he is a different person completely.  He was quiet and shy back then, but now...... ha ha... sometimes you can't shut him up...

John has worked in many areas – leaving school at 15 he went into hotel catering and at 16 met his first lover who was 42, and they lived together in Guernsey running a hotel together for 8 years. Life then took him to America with his next lover and after some years travelling around the US and spending extended periods in Mexico and Hawaii learning various body techniques like Shiatsu, Swedish and various massage techniques, psychology and counselling, interior design and  numerous other aspects that tickled his interest followed  and he returned to England knowing exactly what his life journey was going to be, and it was one he  had seen in a vision from a past life and knew it was to be a part of his spiritual journey. 

He became an escort - a sex worker - in London,   offering various specialized services and soon became one of the best masseur / escorts on the gay scene and well known for his sexual expertise which – for a price – was available, and within just a few years he owned a large house in Hammersmith, West London which I visited often and unusual for sex workers, he even paid tax and took credit cards.  This is when I first met him, for I was originally a client.






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