Monday August 31 , 2015

Who is John - JB continued - what more ???

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 Many consider John to be nuts, a crazy thing, bubbling over with powerful emotions and strong opinions on many topics and that he talks a lot - ( how true )  often about himself and his journey.   Many find such healing in his words and actions and sharing some truths that help with their journey forward.  Some find him overbearing and hard to handle and some - quite plainly,  do not like his forthright approach and outspoken manner,  and he is aware of this and tries to 'hold back his passions' as it can come across as frightening to some.



Not standing fools lightly and with strong opinions he is unafraid to voice,  he has the guts to stand his ground and say his piece (and to admit and hear new truths from others)  in the hope that others will find their own voice, who they are and take part and lead their own life,  as many seem to just follow others all the time.  I personally have spent many an evening in his flat above Hamilton Hall discussing life, death and the universe and many guests have done likewise,  and it is actually very rewarding and a privilidge to be invited up as I have always considered this 'his space' but even here,  he welcomes guests into his private space to discuss things in depth, to chill with them and to share good conversation, watch a movie or just share a drink.

He will push and cajole - coax and tempt you into thinking - to see things from many different angles and to realize that your conditioning may just be in error and that with a new slant on things life may improve and things may get a lot better.

  • This he does, NOT for the praise or glory and most certainly NOT for the money, as Hamilton Hall is a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and John does not take a wage, but because he believes in YOU - in humanity - in LIFE, and living it to the full.

John is a MASTER OF SEXUALITY who has learned all that he knows  - on the job..



  • There are very few who share his sexual accomplishments and expertise and few whose wisdom's are intuitively attained.

  • There is no one in the UK today offering workshops quite like the ones listed above and no one offering  residential events hosted in an exclusively men only retreat, - not anywhere in Europe.  

As John says -  ' If you don't try, how will you ever know ?'

To this aim he has donated his time, his life's savings and his blood sweat and tears and there is no one more dedicated and passionate - no one as keen - and no one better placed.  He is a mad thing,  full of energy and passions, a contradiction, a difficult and crazy man and one who drives me to despair at times,  but he has a heart of gold and at the end of the day,  there really is no one else quite like him. 

He is celebrating ten years at Hamilton Hall this year ( 2010 ) and to still be in business throughout this dreadful credit crunch is credit to him.  He is a survivor and I am proud to call him a good and loyal friend.

You will to.

Christopher Ferrari

Christopher died of Aids after being nursed by another close and dear friend in Los Angeles and like so many of us ,  we loose those dear to us that help make us who we are, and he will be missed.


----------- personal comment from John -----------



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