Sunday August 30 , 2015

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  A Comment from John



PLEASE do not take me seriously when I call myself a Sex Guru... a Master...  as EVERYONE is a Guru, a master,  and NO ONE should EVER set themselves up as some proclaimed expert with all the answers and all the expertise, as that is their ego running out of control and saying they are better than you.


Any 'Guru' will only have a few answers and never the whole package and as soon as you follow a guru,  you are limiting your journey to only the truths that s/he shares.

We are all exactly the same, we are all searching, we are all trying to do our best and we are all on the same journey called life.  So relax and enjoy your life and never - ever - accept that anyone, anywhere is special - or a guru - or anything else,  for you are just as special - just as unique and just as Devine.


  • If you want to learn from a nun or a virgin - you know - someone with little experience of life, love and the universe, then go to any of the other workshops available... BUT if you want to learn from someone who has ten - a hundred or even a thousand times more sexual experience than anyone else you are ever likely to meet,  and who has learned his stuff through experience, then I am that man - these are the workshop training, this is the place and I am that  man, that teacher, the one who shares,-  for you.


Laughter s the best healer and best way to release stress and lighten up the soul ( as well as good sex...) and I like to laugh, and I personally enjoy these weekends.  Not only do we share a lot of valuable information in a somewhat unusual and naked manner, but we also have fun.  There is no pressure.  No exam.  No demands made of anyone.  Just an easy and relaxed weekend, in order to laugh and learn together.


And as I have always said -


John Bellamy

Oh and I love these daft pictures and no - I wasn't  on display in some shop window like in Amsterdam... ha ha ... it was just a fun web site I played with one afternoon.  Great huh ?


Hamilton Hall is also the first men only hotel in the UK to be investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and be allowed to continue being a MEN ONLY HOTEL. 
This is ground breaking. Innovative - as always.

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