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Who is John - JB continued

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John was always a professional and if he was ever going to do anything,  he would do it to the best of his abilities and offer the finest service he could, in a polite, friendly, intimate and professional manner, and his clients appreciated this and his escort business became one of the best in London at the time.  He was always busy.

He also opened and ran '30+ ' - an escort agency for escorts and masseurs over the age of 30, and this also became busy and popular as it was the only one of its kind anywhere.

  • Still studying and still doing courses at various colleges in London, he never stopped learning and growing

  • He was a Bereavement Counsellor as a volunteer with the Lesbian and Gay Bereavement Project for 3 years.

  • Edited the magazine for a group called 'Stretch' as a volunteer

  • Chairman of the London Gay Naturist for over 18 months and helped as a committee member for several more years and hosted scores of events in his home for between 15 and 50 members.

  • In 1997 he created the 'GAY SPIRITUAL GROUP'  from his home in Hammersmith and this soon became a very popular and busy group with over 500 members within the first year. He hosted 2 events a month in his home, often for up to 60 people.

  • He  has written scores of published articles on sexuality and self development.

  • He hosted 2 large seminars - 'CONNECTIONS'  for the gay and lesbian community with around 300 attending.  (In 1998 in conjunction with Kairos, and in 1999 with the Gay Spiritual Group.)  For this he rented the entire University of London Union Building in central London. A HUGE committment.

  • Wrote, Produced and Edited ‘The Pink Path’ newsmagazine for GSG which was posted out to around 300 members each month for over 2 years.

  • Wrote, Produced and Edited ‘The Vine’ magazine with a readership of around 30,000 on spiritual and self development issues for 2 years.  This publication was distributed amongst venues all over the south coast and all were hand delivered by car to shops, retreats and self development centres by John and any friend he could rope in with him.( I went a few times and it was great fun.)

  • Both of these magazines were FREE PUBLICATIONS and both were HUGELY subsidized  financially by John who worked tirelessly to offer these much appreciated publications.  He actually put his money where his mouth was - very different to most on the gay scene where everything is about self gratification and instant profit.

In 1999 another vision showed him a different path and – after much deliberation and worry,  John sold up in London, closed his escort business and quit as a full time escort, and leaving everything behind he had known for more than 15 years, ( he was now 45 ) returned to the town of his childhood which he had left some 30 years earlier.    

Here he bought, converted and remodelled an old peoples home called  Hamilton Hall, and re opened it as a men only space for sexual, spiritual and self development of mind, body and soul, offering wonderful B&B in a retreat style hotel  where people came before profit and it was to be a NOT FOR PROFIT venue, ( the escort business was very good to John and he was able to buy the venue with no mortgage )  for as long as it covered its own costs, John was happy to share the journey with others.

  • In 2001 he attended the Artemis Foundation,  training to become a Breath Worker (Rebirther)  and has gone on to adapt these ancient techniques to meet ,  as he says,  'the needs of the Aquarian Age, of modern man,'  and when practiced in the manner that he uses during these workshops,  it can be quite revolutionary and life changing.  I have seen many peoples lives changed for the better after just one session with John.

  • Because of his experiences as a sex worker where he specialized in the heavier side of sexuality and had an amazing play dungeon,  where he offered his services as a top master - his experiences set him apart from many as they were so many and he learned his craft on many levels, body, mind and spirit and this set him right for offering sexuality workshops.

  • MAN2MAN TANTRA / STRESS FREE MASSAGE / MEDITATION / INTEGRATED BREATHING / DEATH -WHAT COMES NEXT - FAG HAG WEEKENDS - SPIRITUAL VIRGINS - SURVIVING THE SEX INDUSTRY - YOGA FOR PREGNANT WOMEN - REIKI - YOGA FOR MEN -  ASSISTED SUICIDE FOR THE TERMINALLY ILL - As well as some more X Rated stuff like  COCK & BALL WORKSHOP - VACUUM PUMPING and a few more 'off the wall events' - and these are just some of the workshops offered at Hamilton Hall and there can be no better teacher than someone who has learned, through experience, all that is shared.  It's far better than from someone who learned it themselves in a workshop or from a book...

  • Many aspects of Shamanic work, meditation and a great deal more has always come naturally to John and since childhood has undergone scores of spiritual and metaphysical occurrences.  Being an identical twin has given him an empathic ability that has served him well. It is spooky on those occasions when his twin brother comes to the hotel as they are so alike.  It can be hard to tell them apart - and before you wonder - his brother is married with 2  grown up kids.

  • I have found few people who had the guts to offer these workshops and there is currently no other venue in the UK offering such a wide range of events, seminars, workshops and fun things to do, than Hamilton Hall   - especially on such a regular, full time basis.  

  • Likewise, I think he is very brave to invest his life's work and financial savings in opening a retreat specifically for such a venture. But then it takes a special person and someone with the initiative, strength and the power to follow his heart and not his wallet and offer something he truly believes will help, assist and guide many to find enlightenment and joy in this otherwise hard and troubled world.


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