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Workshop Times & Personal Responsibilities - PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY

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Each workshop, seminar and special event is professionally planned and facilitated and we have provided hundreds of various events at Hamilton Hall.

Your constructive input is welcome and invited throughout as long as you do not interupt a 'special moment.'   If you have an idea for something - please speak to your facilitator during one of the breaks - and if you can suggest a workshop / seminar you think might be a good idea, please speak to john bellamy during a break, and please - keep it real.

Everyone attending has access to various flyers on some of the weekends giving more details of the events planned and if this is not available, please just ask.

No two workshop periods are ever the same and depends entirely on those attending. 
The dynamics of every group is different and we usually always have a great laugh and a fun time, and this is reliant on you as much as it is everyone else.  The host / facilitator is not there to entertain - although he will - but it really is up to you.

Everyone is welcome - all shapes and sizes




We have guidelines in place and if these are breached, we will ask the person to change his ways and if this is not forthcoming, they will be told to leave the venue and no refund will be forthcoming.



If for any reason another guests behaviour is offensive and causing you concern, please speak to John Bellamy or a staff member / facilitator of the workshop / seminar etc.  and they will speak with the person(s) responsible privately and discretely and ask them to please curb their behaviour / attitude.  If this is not forthcoming, then John Bellamy and his staff have the right to ask that person to leave the building and no refund will be forthcoming.  Hamilton Hall has a legal and moral responsibilioty to protect the individual while also being concerned for the group dynamic.

If they can remain in the building and cease their problematic behaviour and offer respect - they are welcome to remain.  

The dynamic of the group is reliant on every member of that group and if one or two individuals choose to cause friction or problems for others, they will find their behaviour unwelcome and could find themselves told to leave the building.

Naked means having no clothes on, it does not mean an excuse for sex.  If you wish to indulge, simply go to your bedroom and enjoy yourself to your hearts content.  The other guests do not need to see or hear as sometimes it is inapropriate.  

Please be mature and grown up in your sexual dealings. 

All our workshops rely on a similar time structure to the one detailed here as we are very aware of blood sugar levels, ciggie breaks, refreshments, lunch, boredom levels and even breaks for the loo. 

If the event has nakedness as part of the course, then please bring something casual and easy to take on and off, for the non naked parts of the event or when going to ,other parts of Hamilton Hall which may not be quite as warm as the  rooms we are working in. It is a big old Victorian house and costs a fortune to heat and your appreciation of this is valued.


If a guest complains about anothers sexual advances and where NO is not adhered to, they may be told to leave.  Nothing is more annoying than a sexually immature grown man who thinks because he has a willy everyone is going to want sex with them.  

Some men need to grow up.

It is also to be understood that who ever you meet here and whatever you share with others, DISCRETION AND PRIVACY must always rule the day.  Do not speak and be indiscrete to others outside of the venue about who did what and to whom.  No names please.




is only available where time and staff are available and only before 5.30pm as we have dinner to cook. 

Taxi's are available at the coach & train stations and it is just a 4 minute drive and costs around £5. tell the cab to take HAMILTON ROAD in BOSCOMBE
and we are up on the right hand side.

If you are late in arriving, we do not offer dinner later as we have a mountain of work to do. If you cannot arrive on time for dinner, please get something on the way or better still take an hour off work so you won't be late. But don't worry, you won't be the first to arive late.

Please do not think that all our customers are porn stars.
We get all shapes and sizes, colours and creeds and it makes life so much more interesting this way.

You'll be amazed how quickly you will relax and have a laugh and it never fails to amaze me how many relationships, good friendships and sex partners have met here and remained friends / lovers for years afterwards. I get hundreds of e mails from all over the world from customers who have enjoyed their stay here.


Please Read:


I am aware that I am responsible for my own well bein g throughout any period spent at Hamilton Hall and will bring to the facilkitatorss / owners attention any medical condition or medication I feel could cause me concern during my period here - so he is aware of my condition.
Likewise any special dietary requirement,  I am responsibile for mentioning this at the time I make my reservation at Hamilton Hall and I am aware that some special diets may require an additional payment per day.  

I take full responsibility for my health, both physically ane emotionally, throughout my stay at Hamilton Hall.  Paying for and attending a Special Event / Workshop / Seminar etc. at Hamilton Hall indicates that I have read and agree to the bTerms and Conditions covering all aspects of th workshop and of staying at Hamilton Hall. These were made clear to me in e mails between us and dispklayed clearly on this web site for evertyone to see.





If you are attending a period where nudity is part of the special event,  then we expect everyone to be naked  and abide by the requirements of the said event.  We do not expect people to remain clothed unless under certain circumstances were it is desperately cold outsiode and we cannot get the house warm enough for total nudity.

Your personal hygiene is of great importance to everyuone.  It is embarrasing for all concerned to have to ask someone to shower because they have BO and we expect our members to be aware of their body odour and not stink the room out.  Blunt - I know - and it has happend and we will always ask someone privately and nicely to wash,  and we ask that you do not force us to have to ask you.



If you wish to miss out one section of a workshop, please quietly speak to your facilitator and this can be arranged. If you miss out two sections of the workshop, you will be expected / asked to miss the rest of the entire workshop, as you will have missed too much to continue. These workshops are well planned and professionally facilitated to teach the course that is advertised.
All the workshops provided at Hamilton Hall rely on the input and energy of those attending. We ask that you ‘give it your best’ in order for the whole group to receive the best that we all have to share during the training. You only get out of life what you put into it, and we ask you to please work with us to achieve the goals offered and hoped for.



We may touch on subjects that could be held close to your heart and we mean no offence in offering a different view point and a different truth than the ones usually accepted and offered – often for a millennia. We believe that only through serious discussion, laughter, taking the piss and ‘lightening up’ can any of us find our own inner truths and stop believing blindly what we have been taught. Blind faith serves no-one, especially God.
We mean no offence in any way and ask that all discussions remain calm and polite. Arguing achieves nothing and indicates fear.
Constructive input is invited throughout the weekend but if all you want to do is bitch and moan then you will be asked to leave, as this is unconstructive and is actually destructive.



If you require a special diet then this must be indicated to Hamilton Hall at the time the reservation is made and/or at least 4 working days prior to arrival, so that we can shop and cater accordingly. If you have not done so, then you may find the meal provided not as good as we would have planned with notice.
Vegetarian. Gluten Free and Vegan meals are available with notice and we charge an extra £25 per day ( B&B and dinner ) but only where your health / diet necessitates. We do not cater according to personal whims and fancies. The extra workload involved in catering specifically for one individual and shopping for very expensive products is beyond our budget and is to be paid for at the time of reservation. Do not expect us to read your mind and have these food items available if you have not given enough prior notice. 


We ask that you believe nothing you hear or read during your stay at Hamilton Hall and that you take this thought into the world when you leave. Believe nothing as everything will be an untruth UNLESS it resonates within your soul as a truth, and then find out for yourself. Do not believe us or anyone else blindly. Get a book or two on the subject matter – check it out on the internet and not just by looking at one page, check a few different sites. Find a truth that works well for you, a truth that resides in your heart as a truth and when achieved, never blindly follow that truth without questioning, questioning and questioning some more. Keep asking questions and find your own journey, your own truth and your own abilities to allow that truth to shape who you are and how you wish to live your life, always in peace, love and harmony withthose who share this planet with you.




Many find Hamilton Hall and the energies used here, to be therapeutic, but we do not offer therapy.
If you have agendas around sexuality, being touched, nakedness, incest or any such item which causes you distress, then some of the workshop training we offer may be unsuitable for you. If you have booked and attended and find it ‘hard going’ please speak to your workshop host and excuse yourself.
If you have mistaken the wording on the web site or in the brochures concerning the contents and manner in which any workshop training is taught, we expect you to take responsibility for your own mistake and own it. Every word written is explicit in its meaning and any error made is not indicative of having a hidden or double connotation.
Mistakes happen and we ask your indulgence if we run over time, miss bits out, forget to add something or other and we invite you to remind us – cajole us and even point errors out to us, as only through you, can we, also learn.


You have paid for a workshop training and if wish to just sit and watch and not join in,- to ignore what the facilitator is asking / saying, and to generally waste your own time and money, once again, you may be asked to leave the workroom and depending on your reaction, the premises altogether. All work undertaken relies on the dynamic of everyone attending and if you cause a disruption to the energies, then you are responsible for spoiling it for everyone else attending, and Hamilton Hall and it’s various facilitators will guard against this.


When we work together in pairs, we do not allow couples to work together and ask that everyone join in and value this.
You do not get to choose who you will be working with – that decision is left to random choice offered in the manner in which we facilitate, and this means no-one ignored. Please be respectful to everyone attending and to whomever you are working with.
During the Massage Trainings, if it is felt that after receiving a good massage from your partner, you are half hearted in giving a massage in return, then your facilitator may ask you to remedy this, and if it is felt that your actions are ungenerous towards your partner and you have not / will not offer the same in return, then you will be asked to leave this section and your facilitator will complete the massage for you. You will be charged £70 (seventy UK pounds ) for his time and expertise. This also applies if after receiving a massage you claim to be too chilled out – too laid back – too tired – or any other excuse not to give as you have received.
We ask that you please shower before and after the workshop and ensure no oil is put either on the bedding or on the walls or carpeting of Hamilton Hall.
Soiled bedding will be charged for.



During the Man-2-Man Sexuality training, we will cover many aspects of sexuality and may talk on sexual subjects you have no knowledge or understanding of. If you do not like a specific subject – or are offended or repulsed - please be aware that this is your own ‘stuff’ and no-one else’s. Sexuality – as we deal with it, is a very deep and complex area and our ‘in house’ expert has decades of experience that no-one else you are ever likely to meet, will have, and there can be no better teacher. He will talk openly, honestly and sometimes shockingly, about this enigmatic subject matter, and no offence is meant. Only through open discussion and where laughter is openly invited and encouraged, can any healing take part.
Most people have issues surrounding sexuality and we strongly believe in the power to heal through these workshops.



This web site is quite clear and precise in its wording and if you mis-read - or assume something that ends up being an incorrect assumption, then this is your responsibility. If you are attending one of our X Rated events, and have entered through this web site and provided the necessary details to gain access through this site, then you take responsibility for whatever you see, read and ultimately, pay to visit and experience, and if you have made a mistake, which can happen, we expect you to take responsibility for this and accept your own error of judgement.  No refund will be offered.

It happens. We all make mistakes. As stated elsewhere on this site, - God gave man a penis and a brain but only enough blood to run one at a time... and when sitting looking at cite naked guys and reading horny details of workshops that are a fantasy to many, it is easy to get carried away. And also stated, I was a sex worker for decades and know the drill - so no problems guys - just be responsible for your own actions and be mature and respectful towards others.

If during one of the more overtly sexual workshops -  your behaviour is considered inapropriate in any way - then once again,  you may be asked to leave if you cannot curb your behaviour and attitude.  Some men are eally emotional cripples and sexuall naivety is understandable, but we ask that you offer a grown up approach, a mature approach, and not that of an adolescent male who has discovered his erection for the first time.  We all have a penis and some will be bigger than yours, so please be responsible and do not cause offense to others.

Hamilton Hall, John Bellamy or any member of staff are to be held  responsible if you misunderstand what Ham,ilton Hall stands for or if you act innapropriately. 
















































































































































































































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