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Workshop Times & Personal Responsibilities - IS IT ALL TOO SEXUAL FOR YOU ?

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For those who claim all we ever do is naked hands on sexual stuff, I ask - where are you for the non naked - non hands on non sexual stuff, as we offer an assortment of spiritual self development & healing workshops throughout the year and all too often these get cancelled through lack of support
while the Tantric / Massage and more overtly sensual /sexual stuff gets busy and helps keep us afloat financially.

So before you offer an attitude about us - and before you complain that there is not enough spiritual workshops, and before you have an opinion, please realise

do not stay open with best intentions, good ideas and nice thoughts.   We stay open by those who attend and spend money with us.

We stay open by promoting what generates income for us and if something works, then we will continue with it while if something does not work,  we will not continue and will concentrate on what does,

Please be intelligent in how you view things in life and see all aspects of reality and not a one sided view of things.

Over the years there have been  many events which have been cancelled and this really upsets and disappoints,  as we have such hopes and such desires to share so much more - and even our FREE MEDITATION EVENINGS - after a 9 month period where numbers fell from a dozen to just a couple,  I was forced to cancel as it was just not worth my time.  Many workshops that others suggest are cancelled when even the person who suggested the event does not book, and this exasperates - it is very frustrating.

We have been open since March 2000 and while thousands of small business' have been forced to close due to the credit crunch and where we are all witness to a High Street full of empty shops and the likes of Woolworths - Borders and many large multi national companies going bust -


We still struggle along and we still offer extreme value for money - a great location and a venue that - quite simply - you would not find in the corporate world for the price - as we know what we have here and we know what is available elsewhere - we have done and continue to do our research and know what else is available, and how many other hotels do you know have a GUARANTEE - which to put it simply - THEY DO NOT - as

Hamilton Hall - quite simply - is the only venue of its kind and where many thousands of people return year after year and help keep us afloat during these troubled times.


If you wish to offer an idea for a workshop / retreat weekend - or if you wish to rent the venue and offer the gay community something enlightening, or even put on your own private event for friends
then we will offer a very good price and any assistance needed to get your weekend off the ground.

The choice in how you see things, is yours.

Unenlightened behaviour comes from an unenlightened mind.

John Bellamy




As you can read elsewhere on this site, I was a sex worker for 15 years full time and ran an escort agency as well.  I was well known and very well respected for the manner and attitude offered in running the agency and for how I dealt with clients as if they were human beings - not just another 'punter.'
I had many disabled clients - some in wheel chairs and some with mental issues, and as far as I was concerned, these people deserved even more from me and always got that ' little bit extra' because - why not ?  

Chances are they would not be able to get into some of the bars - not having wheel chair access, and once inside, the attitude from many on the scene towards those who are not hung like a horse, rich or famous, can be blatantly dreadful,  and I see it slightly differently.  I would rather spend an evening with a man in a wheel chair who had something to say - than a cutie with a big dick who was full of arrogant attitude.

I was often asked if disabled people still wanted sex - and I would enlighten these people, as nothing could be more ignorant and stupid than to assume just because someone has ophysical problems that they are not sexual beings, and it may not be as easy - but naturally,  disabled people need sex just like everyone else.

I would often tease and have a laugh and make light of any difficulties experienced and help people realise that if something didn't work, or wasn't as easy as it could be because of the wheel chair,  or maybe I would have to help move them physically as they couldn't do it themselves,  it was no big deal - no reason to get upset - it didn't bother me in the slightest. I would tell these clients that if they ever met anyone who gave them attituide, to tell them to go fuck themselves and that while they may be phyiscally fit - they were assholes with attitude.  Often,  disabled clients would have me see them repeatedly because they felt 'normal' with me and didn't see their disability as a disability - as I most certainly didn'y.

After all,  we are all disabled in some way and we all - every single one of you rading this - has a mental health issue at some time in your life and living in debial of thgat is a mental health issue called denial.

If you are less sexual than others, then bully for you.  If you have a problem with sexuality - then get over it and grow up.  We are all different and as long as it is legit, legal and honest;-  as long as it is mutual, decent and safe -
 then it is no one elses business. If you find yourselkf geting all upset because of what others are getting up to, ask yourself why you concentrate so much on what others are doing ?   You see what you look at and as we are all multi faceted human beings,  if you choose to concentrate on what others do sexually, it really does say a huge amount about you.  





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