Saturday August 29 , 2015

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I am often asked by potential customer what happens if they get an erection while here - and I always say the same thing.

If at the time it is inappropriate - and they ignore it and it goes down on its own, then they are a responsible and sexually mature adults.

If however thay want to show it off and play with it and try and get others interested, then again if inappropriate - they are immature little boys playing with their wilies and should know better.

Some think I am rude with this response and this speaks volumes about what kind of an answer they were expecting - and if they cannot handle the answer, then do not ask the question as it is obvious that if this is the case, the answer hit home and made them look at themselves and - maybe - see reality.   Too many men are emotional cripples - babies - sexually immature and I have to admit that if they had a huge 10 inch willy plus, then I would love to see it hard and to see them playing with it,   as a huge fat nicely shaped dick is an absolute thing of beauty and worthy of being shared,  but not in the lounge - or dining room ....


Why does society call something rude to be X Rated ?

People were crucified on a cross that was X shaped and not the cross we know that Jesus was supposedly crucified on.  The X shape - known as the St. Andrews Cross because he was crucified  on an X and was then martyred and his followers started using the X as a symbol of a martyr,  and the authoritiues - the church - didn't want a symbol of a martyr so called it evil and wrong.

X - the shape is made up of Λ and V

Λ = is the symbol of the penis, the masculine.
V + is the symbol of the womb, the female.
So put them together and you get X.

Which is the symbol of masculinre and feminine in equal parts - in balance - and we all know how the church has demonised the female energy throughout almost all religions.    So they uprighted the X like an erect penis. Shortened the female and hung her off the male - relying on the male upright penis for support - and that is how the cross we know of came into being.

It was claimed that the X was of satan, was evil and wrong and throughout history has been used in schools etc. and we have been brain washed with a symbol that is a good one, one of balance and harmony .  However -  to us,  it is one of being in the wrong.  The upright cross of Jesus' fame is one of domination over the female by the male and being out of balance with the natural order of the universe.