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Hamilton Hall Hotel - HEALTH & SAFETY

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Hamilton hall has  all the legal requirements  

Putting your health and well being first.

Current  fire & safety certificates,  Health and Safety and Insurance Certificates, with all the fire doors and safety equipment,    PAT Tests,  Hard Wiring Tests,  Business Property Tax,  Business Garbage Disposal and  even  a license to play music,  plus all the things that make a business so expensive to run yet safe,  secure  and legal for its customers.
Many smaller venues charge the same - if not more - and do not have the same safety equipment we have as the law states that smaller venues are not businesses and so do not need to spend all the money of such equipment. But - if that is the case - why do they charge the same as us when they have not had to invest tens of thousands of £ on safety ?  Why are their prices not lower - MUCH LOWER - as otherwise it just seems they are screwing the customer.  They are in it for the money and not for the safe and well being of their customers.

One venue that originally comparred itself to Hamilton Hall and claimed to be a retreat,   is an old farm building with absolutely no health and safety stuff,  no indoor plumbing or water - no indoor sanitation, no legal permission to run as a business while having 15 - 30 people staying - has no insurance - no electrical tests for safety and - basically - is a joke.   It may be hosting nice events and the people staying enjpy the 'camping out style' of the place, but please - do not compare such a venue to Hamilton Hall as you are somewhat down the ladder and running an illegal venue that would be closed down so fast if the authorities knew what was going on.


The Conservatory is a delightful area to sit and watch the world go by.  Hamilton Hall is on the corner and in a quiet residential setting.   This use to be the smoking area before the ban,  and was the most popular area - even with the non smokers who would come out and join the smokers for a laugh.  Now few people sit out here even though it is a lovely space.

Our Lounge is rich in colour and relaxing in atmosphere.   South facing, this room is flooded with bright sunshine during the day, and with loads of subtle lighting in the evening, it makes for a perfect peaceful haven.  Big comfy sofas, loads of cushions, huge grandfather clock and with a CD sound system,  this is a relaxation room at any time.

The Community Room - with its 4 speaker sound system and space to host workshops, seminars, small yoga groups and anything where a space for up to a dozen people can party or up to 25 can sit and enjoy a speaker, is south facing and private

The Television Room is also a delightful room with intimate lighting and sound system,  flat screen TV and leads out into the garden area.   I  deliberately do not have TV's in the bedrooms - or kettles with refreshments,   as I have stayed in scores of hotels where you go to your room - and as nice as it is - it is a prison cell.  It may have a TV and refreshments, a fridge and bathroom etc.  and you never - really - need leave your room - and you are alone - unknown - not talking to anyone, not meeting others.  I deliberately took the TV's out of the bedrooms when I first came here and created our TV Room downstairs where people come together to watch a programme,  likewise the refreshments counter in the Dining Room has scores of different teas, coffees and so forth to choose from with loads of biscuits and fruits, cakes and chocolate bars etc.  and here you might meet someone else and talk, share and make new friends or even - just enjoy a 5 minute conversation with a fellow guests.


Some people run a small venue from their home and call it a retreat, or a derelict barn conversion in a field with few facilities - which may well suit some people just fine and jolly good luck to everyone who is trying,   in whatever way,  to reach out  and offer something more soul based.   Absolutely well done on them all.   But if you refuse to compromise on safety, then Hamilton Hall will more than satisfy.

Hamilton Hall is a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE - not attached to any Corporate Body,   Government Department,   Charitable Organisation or Religious Institution.  All monies required to run the venue are raised through the hard work of John Bellamy who is NOT PAID A WAGE and works 15/7/52 as a volunteer at Hamilton Hall. All profits raised are used in maintenance of the property, improving the facilities and in offering at least 25 free vacations periods every year for those with HIV and  elderly men on their own.

You can stay in at any time, not needing to leave the house at all if you don't wish to.  rainy days - no problem, there's plenty to see and do around Ham Hall or do nothing, stay in bed, sit reaing in the lounge, watch a DVD or play some music and if you are feeling a little more energetic,  Yoga in the Community Room and even a long walk with John - your host and his dog Missy through some truly lovely locations in and around Bournemouth. 
This really is HOME FROM HOME and you are welcome to come and go as you please. There is no other hotel in Bournemouth and no other clothing optional venue -24/7 - in the UK offering men so much in safety, privacy, protection and friendship. 






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