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 When you spend some time on your own, it is hoped you 'look within' and find some serenity. 

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South facing, bright and sunny room with full ensuite shower room with toilet etc. .
Perfect for those who like their own company or if you snore.  Z Z Z  

 This is our only private single room and books up quickly.




DORM ROOM- sleeps 4  

  When you have more than one person sharing, you need to have harmony.


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Our  Dorm Room sleeps 4 sharing custom made Bunk Beds and are really quite comfortable and not what you might remember from childhood at all, although you might find yourself acting like a big kid again in here...
Full shower room en suite with toilet etc. and there is a further toilet right outside the room, and a further full shower room with toilet etc. on the main landing, so however busy the dorm is, there's always somewhere to take a pee and have a shower.  

Bright east facing outlook. Plenty of cupboards, cozy lighting, fluffy cushions and not at all what you would expect from a dorm. Most people are really taken by surprise. Completely redecorated etc. in 2011.   You might start out sharing with strangers and being a bit shy at first, but soon end up as friends. The laughter we hear coming from this room always makes us smile.  

Before choosing the Dorm Room -

please read our ROOM SHARING OPTIONS by clicking >>>


e mail from a customer:

As a man in my middle 50's I thought I was going to hate the dorm room at Hamilton Hall and while excited to be visiting your venue, was aprehensive about sharing the room. How wrong was I. Absolutely stunning John, I had the very best time and made instant friends and we laughed and played and acted like kids at camp and had a superb time sharing.  The rooms facuilities are brilliant and for the money I wonder how you can do it.  Next time I come and stay it will be the dorm again, every time.  Rob.



Tel between 10am - 8pm - +44 (0) 1202 399227

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How about a nice long lay in - and instead of having to get up early - pop down and get a cuppa and take it back to bed and just stay there all warm and cosy.  Maybe if you are with a friend / lover - it is nice to snuggle up and keep warm together - and on those cold winter nights when the wind is blowing and the rain or maybe the snow is falling heavy outside and you can hear it beating against the window - it's lovely and cosy to be in bed, nice and warm and safe.
BED - it's the one place we go to when we feel unwell, when we are tired and want to sleep and when we want to keep warm and cuddle. Bed is often the place we go to when we want to have sex or as some people call it, making love,   and some to watch TV or to read a book.  
BED is the place many of us are born in and many will die in;-  and in between birth and death - we will hopefully spend thousands of nights in bed.

Every night when I get into bed and snuggle down,  I give thanks for my bed.  For the warmth, for the pillows and the quilts ( one below me and one on top ) and for the luxury of clean sheets, a warm dry bedroom and for the safety my bed offers.  With so many people on this planet not afforded the luxury of a bed - and with so many living in poverty - cold, hungry and many even homeless and sleeping on the streets, under the pier,  on a park bench and sheltering from the rain and the cold,  those of us with a bed in a warm dry room need to take a moment and give thanks.  Thanks for my bed.  Thanks for the warmth. Thanks for the safety and security offered and for a good nights sleep, where I shall awaken unharmed and unthreatened.  I say a little prayer for those less fortunate,  to soon find the peace that I find when I get into bed and pray that they find safety and warmth.