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For those who are on a limited income and really cannot afford it,  we go way beyond anything you are ever likely to find in any hotel, anywhere - gay or straight - in offering friendship, support, counseling, companionship and a  'home from home' feel with a huge difference - for here,  we do not judge you according to your lifestyle.

I also spend hundreds of hours every month with customers, talking, listening,  guiding,  and supporting them through some personal problem or other,  sitting together - often until 2 or 3am -  seeing what I can do to help them in what ever way I can.

I believe sometimes, we all need a shoulder to cry on, a friendly person who will listen and not judge,  a caring soul to point the way or even just to allow a space for you to speak your struff aloud and often hear the answers coming from within yoursel
f - and you do need the space and the caring attitude of someone to honour and respect you enough, to open that space and allow you the courtesy and freedom to speak honestly and open your heart and cry, shout, be angry - to get it off your chest ,-  and with a sympathetic manner,  help see you through to a better - more healing space within,  and as the gay scene can be quite a harsh and dangerous place to survive intact and undamaged,   Hamilton Hall serves many purposes in healing the gay soul. 

Saldly, the one time in my life when I needed help, I turned to two of my best friends and they turned away - one saying 'It is boring John, boring.'  and I was extremly hurt. After around 16 years of supporting them,  the first and only time I was desperate for help in dealing with a relationship that was causing me great distress and  was taking me to hell and back,-   they turned away,   and one has never returned.

It seems - there are the givers and
there are the takers, and even us givers - sometimes - need someone to give to us in return and when these two friends turned away, it hurt more than the relationship pain I was seeking help with,  and it took me some years to get over the loss of these two friends at a time when I thought they would be my family, my guides, my rock, and yet they ran for the hills.

The relationship problem - we sorted and became good dear loving friends... but having two friends  turn away, after 30 years between them of support and friendship from me,  - left me desolate and alone with no one to turn to... and I know how hard it can be to find a way through a trauma, alone -   and for this,  we work long and hard here at Hamilton Hall being there for you in times of need.  I may be a complete stranger and a somewhat odd one at that,  but it is always from my heart and always confidential. 



 He always offered support and friendship and I desperately needed a friend.  I was deeply saddened it was not one of my friends - it was a client - but when the chips were down and when all was said and done,  it was a client who had the heart, the understanding and the compassion to stick with me through the tough times and come through a better friend than ever - and my two friends - well one of them I never see any more and the other, we kept the friendship going and he died on December 29th 2012  and it did upset me,   as I did love him dearly,  and I know he loved and cared for me, but a big cock attached to the other friend and sex with him was more important  - obviously - and I later learned that he was deeply hurt by the big cock not wanting sex with him and more and it seems he got some karma payback'   and he in return was quite hurt by big cock turning his back on him.  Not a happy ending - and a story of loss for all.

I understood exactly what true friendship means, and obviously it was different for the two of them and realizing this was a painful lesson.

Life changes, and I have met new and dear friends through Hamilton Hall who now live locally and help and support wherever they can and for this, I thank them, I thank  my client friend and the Angels and I even thank the Universal Mother who sees all,   hears all,   and understands all.

We also have all the current and up to date Fire, Health & Safety Certificates, Insurance, and all the legal business requirements for your safe keeping, which most of the smaller venues do not have - ie: No fire doors - No alarm systems - No business insurance - No electric safety checks etc. and this puts you at risk. Many of these venues charge just the same as us while taking your cash and not spending it on your safety - as it's just all about making money money money... and to hell with you and your safety.
Hamilton Hall is fully equipped with Fire Doors, Alarms & everything which is religously checked and serviced for your protection -  Plus I live at the top of the building so - kinda - have a vested interest in safety. 














































































































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