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  • This is 'retreat style' and we do not put people sharing in double beds unless attending together.

  • If you know you snore or are very noisy in the night, then please advise us in advance - like when you make an enquiry -  as this is unfair on others and we will do our best to avoid you sharing a room.  If you advise us after making a booking but prior to arrival - we will offer alternative arrangements and if this is unacceptable to you and you choose to cancel, then our TERMS & CONDITIONS of cancelation apply in all cases.

    If you know you snore and you say nothing and others are disturbed, we will try, where possible - to move you ( and the correct price charged ) or if more convenient we may move the other person to an upgraded room and charge you for the difference in price - and if there are no other rooms available,  you will be asked to sleep on the couch in the lounge, and if you are unhappy with this,  or it is simply inconvenient,  you may be asked to leave and no refund offered.

    Please be thoughtful of others and honest about your snoring or night time noises.

    While we value and respect you have no control over your snoring - be it a health problem, too much alcohol  or whatever the cause, and where other people are involved in a shared room, we have to think of the individual as well as the group setting, -  and if you are disturbing other people,  whatever the causes may be,  we will always try and make some alternative arrangements so the majority are not disturbed.

    We mean no harm, disrespect or discrimination against those with medical problems,  but just imagine what it would be like sharing a room with someone with sleep apnea and who relies of an oxygen pump to breath and where the machine is making a noise all night.  Not their fault, but very disturbing for others and completely thoughtless of them to want to share a room with strangers when they know there is a possibility of disturbing other peoples sleep.

    Be thoughtful and do not choose the cheapest option when you know you may disturb others.


  • If you have any strange - noisy - farty - burpy antics in bed,  please be thoughtful of others who will not be amused at your ideosyncratic oddities and these are best kept to yourself in a private room.

    One guy took a 'take out' curry to his shared twin room one night at 3am and besides spilling it all over the bedside drawers and carpet, stunk out the room with the light full on and didn't even give a single thought of the person he was sharing with who was really not amused but didn't say anything as he didn't want to make a scene at that time of the night.   This kind of attitude is very rare as most people do use their common sense and people like this - I am glad to say,  are few and far between. ( oh - and he was charged for the damage caused and the extra cleaning and asked to leave the next day. ) 

    I tell you guys, some people absolutely take your breath away with their thoughtless attitude and completely seem to have missed the point and I am not shy at bringing them into awareness of this if and when other people bring it to my attention.


  • We rarely get thoughtless people here but some guys - kinda - take your breath away with their selfish behaviour and if we have a complaint and it is justifyable,  you will be brought into awareness of your  thoughtlessness.  If you cannot be more accommodating,  we will upgrade and charge accordingly or ask you to leave with no refund.

  • Sharing a room is left to random choice as we do not know ages etc. of our guests when taking a booking and who you find yourself sharing with is by chance.  Bradd Pitt and Hugh Jackman are not regulars here and expecting a top porn star to be in your room, and then actually interested in you sexually, is living a fantasy and we invite you to 'get real hun'  and stop living in a dream.  If it does actually happen... HOORAH - well done you ...  but do not complain if it does not.

  • I usually have no idea who is coming - and Brad Pitt and George Clooney are not regular customers here - although I think Brad Pitt's brothers,   Cess and Arm ,  come and stay sometimes.

  • Being a CLOTHING OPTIONAL venue can take away some of the embarrasment and  usually - I hear peals of laughter coming from the dorm room as it's a bit like being a kid again - back at camp - and the guys do share a laugh and a fun time.

  • Also, as a CLOTHING OPTIONAL venue, we expect you to be clean and not leave marks and stains on the bedding, couches etc. If this happens, we will charge you an extra tariff for the cleaning and may even ask you to leave if it becomes clear to us that you are not bothering to clean yourself up. ( You'd me amazed ... although in 13 years, it is rare.)

  • No staring at others while they sleep or making a sexual nuisance of yourself - especially when it has been made obvious they are not interested.  Nothing creepy guys.  You may be asked to curb your behavour or even asked to leave.

  • DO NOT LEAVE LIGHTS ON while you sleep as this disturbs others

  • USING BOTH BEDS FOR ONE PERSON.  If you have a Twin Bedded Room or you are in the Dorm Room by yourself and you use / make a mess of another  bed besides your own,  and we have to change it after you leave - then we will charge you one night cost for the extra bedding and staff time.  If you have a spare bed in your room and you make a mess of it,  this is to be paid for.  Please keep your baggage etc. off the beds.  
    We will witness the extra bed with all staff available and discuss if we feel an extra charge should be made.  There will be at least two witnesses to this.  We will charge your credit / charge card and e mail and inform you of our charge. We  will also offer a Link to this page so you can check our guidelines for yourself.

    Please be thoughtful and if staff go out of their way to offer help and assistance,  please show your sppreciation by tipping. We are a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE and ' every little helps.'







A man in his late 70's tottered into Hamilton Hall this afternoon ( November 2011) on his walking stick complaining he had walked here from the station - which was not my concern as he was not even a guest here and we were right in the middle of laying insulation in the roof and did not appreciate being disturbed.
He asked to look around as he was thinking of staying for a period here. I told him all we had was a shared twin room and he turned his nose up saying - ' Oh but I don't want to share with some old disabled man'- and I laughed and said ' Well you won't be sharing with Brad Pitt or George Clooney and besides, you are the old disabled man .'  - and he looked daggers at me..  I laughed and went on -
' Well you are - you are the old disabled man yet you don't like the idea of sharing with someone like yourse;lf - well how do you think they would feel sharing with you ?'
He was quite taken back by my direct manner - yet even David and Nick  who heard from the Dining Room were open mouthed at his comment.  I made sure he knew I was mucking about and laughing with him over this and he phoned the next day and booked himself in - and I asked him how old he was, and when he said he was 68,  I had to comment that he had come across as a much older man than  that,  and we laughed together. 

I do find that some elderly people need younger people around them and a bit of madness and they soon 'pick up' - and I shall endeavour to share a laugh with this man and see if we can  take off ten years for him and he can become a young man of only 68 and not an old man of 68. 

Same goes for some men who - because we are gay, assume we all want to sit around and admire their cock - and yet why is it these are always the guys who would be the last man on Earth you would want to touch and have sex with and yet they - wrongly - assume that they are God's Gift.

I truly believe that every body is a thing of wonder and beauty but that does not mean a grossly overweight man with BO and a small dribbly willy is going to do it for me, and when he starts lunging at guests and then complains - yes - COMPLAINS  to me that no one is interested,  I really do have to stiffle a laugh.

I am very aware that as I get older, those guys that 25 years ago would have enjoyed me sexually - now simply do not,  and I can live with that.  I do not expect them to want me - I do not assume I am still the cute 35 year old I was back in the early 90's - and I am very aware of my limitations,  yet some men are not.  They are blind to the fact that we all have our type - and that sometimes we are not someone elses type - for whatever reason is irrelevant,  and making inapropriate advances when a NO has already been forthcoming,  is  adolescent behaviour and not tollerated if a complaint is forwarded.



















































































































































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