Sunday April 20 , 2014






Dinner is served at 6pm

Dinner is seved at 7pm



'For my sake guys, sit down and stop complaining about the service. I'm sure they're doing their best in the kitchen. 
Can't you  be a little more peaceful like Mary here - and Peter, stop moaning about  your wine being half empty when it is half full -
and Mark, stop kicking me under the table... Luke - stop that, it's dirty and Judas,
you seem a bit flush with money today, - you had a win on the lottery ?  '

Voice from off the side - ' Okay everyone, dinners up, - Who ordered the pork chops  ?'



Special of the Day - £12.50 and this includes a main course and a desert

an example could be any one of the items below

Grilled Pork Chops. Peppered Mashed Potatoes. Fresh veg. Pepper Sauce
Cheesecake & Ice Cream

Turkey Breast Stir Fry with Chinese Noodles and Mixed Veg in Black Bean Sauce
Chocolate Gateaux & Cream

Gammon Steak served with Bubble and Squeek and cheese sauce
Crumble and custard

Chicken Kiev - Mashed Potatoes - Sauteed Cabbage & Carrots - Mushroom Sauce
Peach Melba

Chicken Curry and Basmatti Rice
Apple Pie and custard

See the Specials Board in the Dining Room or just ask




We offer manly portions - fit for us manly men
No tiny portions, no nuvo cusine to feed a sparrow
Fish Bake - £10
Succulent pieces of Wild Alaskan Pollock in a rich creamy sauce topped with mashed potato, tomato and cheddar cheese,
browned under the grill and served with fresh crisp mixed salad and garlic bread.
Poached Salmon Fillet - £14

Served with a Lemon & Basil Sauce, Peas, Savoury Rice,& fresh crisp mixed salad and garlic bread.
Spaghetti Bolognese - £10

with fresh crisp mixed salad and garlic bread
Chilli & Rice - £10

with fresh crisp mixed salad and garlic bread


Beef  or Vegetarian Lasagne - £10

with fresh crisp mixed salad and garlic bread
Cottage Pie -£10

Minced beef cooked with onions and herbs topped with mashed potato, mushrooms and cheddar cheese,
browned under the grill and served with peas and onion gravy.
Grilled Gammon Steak with Egg or Pineapple - £12
Served with peas, grilled tomato and oven chips -
( better for the diet ) I like this one myself... yummy
Mixed Grilled - £14
Same as the Grilled Gammon above but add 2 grilled sausages
and buttered muchrooms
Burger of the Day -£10
2 burgers served in buns with over chips  and salad. A BIG MEAL. 
'a meaty mouthful'
Giant Yorkshire Oudding  - £10
Filled with  veg and 3 succulent sausages
and onion gravy. A very popular dish.
3 Egg Omlette - £9 
Served with oven chips and fresh crisp salad
Choose your fillings
Cheese / Ham / Tomato / Mushroom / Raw Onion / Mixed Herbs
Salads - £8
Ham / Cheese / Corned Beef / Tuna / Salmon / Egg
Our prices have gone up this year for the first time in 4 years
and this is to cover the huge cost of gas and electricity, wages and overheads.
ha ha --- some satisfied guests after dinner....