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and their answer:

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Dear UKIP:  Can you tell me where UKIP stands on the LGBT community / Gay rights and even gay marriage – as everyone I speak to seems to say different things and with millions reading my web site each year,  and with me promoting your 100 days e mail on my site – the LGBT community is somewhat confused on your stand on LGBT rights.

Thanks  John Bellamy

From:UKIP Head Office [mailto:mail@ukip.org]
Sent: 29 January 2015 15:24
To: hamilton hall
Subject: Re: gay rights

Dear Mr Bellamy,

Thanks for your mail.

UKIP do not have a policy or stance on LGBT rights-this issue is a personal one

and outside the remit of a political party.

Kind Regards
Alan Bigwood
UKIP Head Office

My answer in return:

Dear Alan:

I am confused by your answer as it is vague and naïve in stating how LGBT rights are  outside the remit of a political party. 

It has EVERYTHING to do with a political party as it is politics and politicians that listen to the people when formulating its strategy for the forthcoming election and how the people should vote.  If you are saying you have absolutely no idea – or that your party has no interest in LGBT rights – or that it is a personal issue and outside the remit of YOUR political party,  then you have offered me a step backwards from your party and your answer needs to be exposed to the LGBT community as vague and lacking.  I asked a serious question as many within the LGBT community believe UKIP to be a homophobic and racist party,  which it seems to be trying to show is an inaccurate and untruthful belief structure;-   yet your evasive answer to my serious question evades being honest with me and evades committing yourself to an answer to my question. 

 The point it :-  You have not answered my question and I am wondering who I should speak to next in order not to be fobbed off as you have done, but to offer a serious and educated answer to someone with millions of readers on my web site aimed at those within the LGBT community.

With an election looming and people such as myself showing an interest and asking a serious and topical questions to you about a contentious issue that occurred within the last couple of years – that being Civil Partnerships and Gay Marriage – it would have been accommodating of you to offer where your party stands on these issues and not a one line stating the nonsense you have offered me below.

Shame on you – you have done UKIP no good at all with this type of evasive and plainly ignorant of the facts – answer. 

If you cannot accommodate me with a clear and defined answer – then please let me know who can.

In the meantime, this will be on my web site and millions will now be reading your somewhat lacking response.

John Bellamy

WITHIN A MINUTE of sending my e mail above,  I received this one below:

Dear Mr Bellamy,
I suggest you contact David Coburn MEP- who is a gay man and as a member of our party's National Executive Committee is probably best placed to give you a more informed response.His e-mail address is

(I wonder why he has an anonymous hotmail account rather than an official UKIP address... )

Kind Regards
Alan Bigwood
UKIP Head Office

SO I WROTE to David Coburn and a week or so later have not heard in respeonse. I appreciate he is a busy man - so I phoned and spoke to someone at head ofice who also stated I should e mail David Coburn but that they ( UKIP ) does not at the moment have a policy on  LGBT issues and when the manifesto comes out in late March it should cover all aspects of what UKIP stand for.

Now: That seems a little vague.  I pointed out that my web site gets 7 million hits and she still could not advise me one way or the other and it does seem a little odd that a political party has nothing to say when a journelist with 7 million readers gets absolutely nowhere when asking a simple and straight forward question.

I E MAILED AGAIN TODAY - 27/04/2015:_


Dear UKIP:  I wrote asking some time ago, about where UKIP stood on LGBT rights,  ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans gender ) and Alan Bigwood replied :-

UKIP do not have a policy or stance on LGBT rights-this issue is a personal oneand outside the remit of a political party.

Which clearly was a stupid answer to a serious question.  It beggars belief that he considers it outside of a political remit when it has caused turmoil within politics, the church and billions of people globally,  and is VERY MUCH  a hot potato for any political party and Alan Bigwood shot UKIP straight in the foot.
Alan did suggest I contact David Coburn of UKIP and I have never heard a word in answer to my e mail, not even a covering note thanking me for my e mail,  bugger all…

I have still not heard anything from UKIP concerning where it stands on this issue and as my web sites Blog received just over 7 million hits a year and is read globally,  it is shameful that UKIP has ignored this issue – especially as I donated funds to UKIP a few months ago and liked what I was hearing, but this important issue being ignored has done UKIP no favours for me.  With the election due so soon,  can I get an answer from someone, anyone, even if just the cleaner, as to where UKIP stand on this issue.

Or am I to be given platitudes like Alan Bigwood offered which are truly unbelievably either naïve or plainly DUMB.

Or  am I to assume that UKIP is homophobic and bigoted as the papers are trying to make us believe and that they are correct. With no information forthcoming from anyone at UKIP,  how else am I to know one way or the other.

I hope for an answer – a proper educated answer, soon.

John Bellamy



John. Read your e mails to UKIP and I am like you,  I do not always believe what is stated in the media and always thought a lot of the negative exposure about UKIP might have been coming from the other parties.  Reading your e mails and the evasive response - or no response at all,  shows that they seem to be ignoring your request for information and why would they do that. Maybe because they are avoiding answering until after the election. Maybe because they simply do not know. Maybe because they haven't got a formulated LGBT  structure at UKIP as yet,-  and maybe they are homophobic.  From your unanswered question,  it is hard to tell,  and judging on the election so far,  no single party looks to be going to win and WTF is the  SNP doing thinking it is going to be in a coalition to help run the UK when a few months ago all they wanted was independance from the UK,  and this madness just shows what a mess we are all in.
I was amused to see you had written to UKIP and good for you. Shame on them for ignoring your question and being so evasive.
Wayne -  Coventry



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