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I had harsh words with a local man last week  and got so angry I took away his dinner ( he invited himself to dinner which he has shared with us here many times ) and basically threw him out of the house - and we were both barking at each other all the while.  I have not been so angry in years.

This friend has been HIV Positive for around 20 years after a lifetime ( no other job ever ) of escort work, and although he has been showing an Undetectable Viral Load and a normal T Cell Count for more than 13 years, he has done absolutely nothing in order to move on, start living instead of dying,  find a job or do some courses - something - ANYTHING - to enable him to get on with his life;  and it seems he wants to spend a lifetime on benefits and resents having to be made to go back to work. He keeps going on about death all the time regardless of the fact that he is healthy with an undetectable viral load, and death - death - death is what he claims all the time which is absolute FUCKING BULLSHIT.  He is alive and well and just bullshitting everyone - even himself.

He is using every little thing he can think of NOT to go back to work and to make the government continue paying him his full benefits even though Ma and Pa are filthy rich;-  he owns his flat outright ( thanks Ma nd Pa ) and he screamed at me that I saw things through rose tinted glasses,  and that is when the shit hit the fan.  He screamed at me that I didn't understand the stress he was under and it was actually really very sad as it was so pathetic, so delusional and so self centred it beggars belief. 

Telling  a load of lies to straight people who do not know much about HIV - and to his parents who assume what he says is real - in one thing - he can bullshit them and garner all the sympathy he can get :  but when you try those same bullshit tactics with someone who knows all about HIV and the consequences of the medications etc. and someone who has lived through it all for the last 30 years - and who knows what is being said is absolute crap - then do not be surprised if they will be offended at your words,   considering all the people who have died horribly over the decades and how they would give anything - ANYTHING - to have what he has and to be as healthy as he is and to get on with their lives AND LIVE - and stop pretending to everyone how ill he is and how he is dying all the time and it just makes me madder than hell.  It completely betrays what the gay community went through for decades with people dropping like flies and a community in despair - with funerals every week and groups of friends deminishing around you.

After 30 years working with scores of people with HIV & AIDS,   I have been through it all and have absolutely no time for someone who complains bitterly, and I mean BITTERLY, that he has to take 2 tablets a day and see the doctor every month and how this has affected his life and made it a living hell and how he is now mentally unwell from the stress of taking all those tablets and all those doctors appointments,   and I despair as it is comical that he seems to actually assume we are all going to buy his bullshit,  and maybe for the first time someone - me - told him off and would not allow him to abuse the memory of all those who have come and gone before him and how damned lucky he is.

 I wanted to shake him. I wanted him to wake up.  For I have very little sympathy for him.   THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM, except his attitude which after13 years he should by now have adapted to  LIVING and not DYING - yet he has  ignored the truth and used his 'disability' to his own advantage and ignored the truth and screams bullshit in its place.

He is totally delusional in assuming he is the only one who is ill and when he screams that he cannot cope with taking a few tablets every day, it beggas belief. 

Every single one of us will be on some kind of mediaction and we do not complain all the time and we just get over it. Children with Diabetes do not complain.  Not one person I know with an undetectable viral load complains, they are thankful the meds came around when they did and in time to save their lives,  yet he cannot see that and remains in the ' half empty' space and uses it to garner benefits, sympathy and a lifestyle that suits him - which is being paid for by other people.

I have complete sympathy for people who are ill, but none for those who are well and who then  milk it for what they can get  out of it and use their disability to their own advantage, and ride rough shot on the memories of all those who have died before you and who would be ashamed - ABSOLUTELY ASHAMED at his behaviour.

If he needs to talk and ' come clean' about his fears of going back to work, college or whatever,  I will be completely understanding as I have heard this before, and it is hard after so long not working.  With no proper job experience at 44 years of age this sets him apart - and I will always offer help and assistance if he needs to choose a college course or some re training for future employment,. and I will admire him hugely if he does pick himself up and start making plans for a future off the benefits and working, even if self employed doing something.  It is time he saw life as ' half full' and stopped shouting how it is ' half empty' - as life is beautiful and even if you are ill,  the flowers are still beautiful, the sun is still warm and the rain waters the garden.  For life is for living and all those who have died over the decades and who were too early for the miracle medication that has transformed so many lives in so many ways - would turn in their graves if they saw how a handsome, articulate and bright human being was behaving within his HIV and using it to milk the system, milk his family and friends and bullshit himself.

Shame on him. Shameful behaviour.






This emotional and thought provoking personal article, written by John Bellamy, shares some of the dangers - the highs and lows, of the sex industry.
If you are involved with the sex industry and you feel you are drowning,  or finding it hard to cope, then come and have a chat with John and see if he can offer some useful and supportive advise.  Many get it all wrong and assume they need to offer almost everything, when you do not. 

You must set yourself guidelines and rules and be strict with them, regardless of how much someone offers.  Respect and self worth are vital and NEVER - EVER - let anyone EVER put you down for what you do.  It is vitally important work, more so than most comprehend.



workshop cons

If any tutorial or workshop needs you to sign up to 3 - 4 or more classes,  then it is a con. You should never need to attend over and over and if it cannot be taught in one or two workshops, then it is being strung out to garner more money from you.  Do not sign up to - or agree - with anything that just keeps going indefinately draining you of money.

When a Tantra / Meditation / Spiritual Group offers a DIPLOMA COURSE - know that any diploma is not worth the paper it is written on and it is pure and complete BULLSHIT.  There are no diplomas except what even I could manufacture on my computer to say you have attended and passed an exam and it would be worthless - except for a pretty thing to frame for your wall. It counts for very little.



If could only do one for the rest of your life...
Created on 11/18/2014 177 votes, 12 comments, 459 views
If you could only do one of the following for the rest of your life, which would it be? You can only choose ONE! Just some food for thought here. Explanations are welcome in the comments.
Only masturbating yourself by yourself (never with others)

45% (80 votes)

Masturbating yourself, but only in the presence of one bate buddy (never by yourself or group)

16% (28 votes)

Masturbating yourself, but only in the presence of a group of 3 or more (never by yourself or one-on-one)

19% (34 votes)

Only having others masturbate you (no return favors or masturbating yourself)

7% (12 votes)

Being able to have multiple orgasms and huge loads every single time, but only through sexual intercourse (No masturbating or oral)

13% (24 votes)


'a prediction' by John Bellamy

The USA wants civil unrest. Through police brutality, airport security abuse, local governmnent, corporate abuse major financial abuse through the banks & politicians,  the government is driving the innocent people to stand up for change and to take to the streets and to cause civil unrest because of the unwarranted abuse dished out to them from the authorities and this is exactly what the authorities want. They want to then spin this into terrorism and to put the constitution aside and with martial law, take control of the country and marshall all the trouble makers, - the grannies and children, the ordinary innocent men and women, who are just sick of the abuse of government, into Re Education Centres ( 800 FEMA Camps are already open and ready for business ) and this will allow the governments and Corporate / Banking America to plunder and steal - using us to police ourselves as in the Concentration Camps of WW2.  The government will then sanction mass killing and mass domination of the mind, body and soul of the population with re education.  

It has already started.
The FEMA Camps are there and open
Plans have already had 2 rehearsals by th US Government


The government doesn't give a fuck.
It's about control. power and wealth.









John's comments on whistleblowers

I have huge amounts of respect for these guys and any others who reveal the truth - the awful truth, about what our governments and corporations are doing around the world and the wrong doing and illegal acts, the murder and mayhem caused by their actions, and when exposed, they turn on the whistleblower and use all sorts of spin and lies and misinformation to damn and destroy in the face of the public, the very person who is trying to expose these outragous acts that we - the public - would / are outraged about;-   when it is the government who should be hiding its head in utter and complete shame.

Good for these guys and I sincerely hope Edward Snowden gets away from the US trying to track him down and that Bradley Manning gets his action heard by the masses and gets the correct reward he deserves and not the outragous and disgusting treatment the USA has metred out to him so far.

A democracy - when talking about the United States of America, this is not a word we think of.  This nation of bullies, even of its own people, will kill, murder, destroy and plunder anyone and anything to get exactly what it wants and it thinks NOTHING AT ALL ABOUT MURDERING ITS OWN PEOPLE - INNOCENT PEOPLE and hunt those it claims are guilty of espionage even when the wrong doing is at the hands of the government and NOT the whistleblower who simply told the world what is going on behind their backs.

My door will always be open for them.

John Bellamy





Remember who 'YOU' are©

By Christopher Charles

(One of my neighbours here at Hamilton Hall)

"Have you ever though there might be more to life?
Have you ever thought of the trouble and strife?
Have you ever thought you don't need a wife?
in this system that tells YOU what is right.

Have you ever thought that black could be white
Have you ever wanted dark to be light
Have you ever wished that wrong was right
to stop the arguing and end the fight.

Well yes.....guess what..? You're not alone
cos a mate'o'mine just heard on the phone
that an awakening is happening on this planet...your home.
Its such a good reason to have a moan

So put pen to paper and air your views
make a banner and get on the news,
have regular meetings...invite your crews
for this is the know what to do

For this has been predicted through space and time
that the people will end up...not towing the line
and without the state...we'll be just fine
from the 1% and their hidden crimes.

The banks are corrupt
The leaders out of touch
The BBC is weird
and the planets burning up.

So we vote a change...cos we think it matters
we get a different group of mad hatters
or ask for new laws to cover the doors
of the apparent cause,  to all the flaws
The government will not like us
on the streets with loud hailers and banners
we shout "make some new laws for these cheating scammers"
but we don't realise we are voting for laws that will hit us as a row of angry hammers.

'Cos we all want change...but asking's not right
We must spread our wings if we really want flight
and not get caught up in their two party fight
Make up your own mind...don't believe the hype

You cant stop wars by bombing for peace
That's like trying to fuck for virginity at least
and when we ask for laws on hateful speech
we take away the freedom of each

So stop being offended of what people say
Its only because YOU hear it that way
Sticks and stones and come what may
Support freedom of speech everyday

So how do we make a new world for the better
I'll tell ya....I'll go through it letter for letter

Turn off your tellys and put on your wellies
'cos growing your own food is where its at.

Remove the fluoride from your diet
Its only there to keep you quiet

Get to know your neighbours and others around
and you'll soon find ...they're all quite sound.

Recognise the difference between statute and law
and the word means much more.

For the acts are not real...they come from the sea
they were not meant for you and me.
It's all maritime's corporate rules
and I'm sorry to say ...we have all been fooled.
There are very few laws for women and men
no damage...that's them
It's just a game...the game of life
you count yourself in when you use the dice,
and the dice is your name........
I'm watching you frown
For your names property of the Crown

Remember who you are."

© Hamilton Hall Promotions / Christopher Charles  CT13012013


Withholding information from people should be a crime. We believe is sharing knowledge and wisdoms freely, and if anything on this web site has been used without permission, then our apologies. Please inform us and if you wish, it will be removed.  We do not make money from this web site and is part of a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE of Hamilton Hall.

The poem above was written by Christopher Charles  and you are welcome to re print and re use it and please always give a credit to the author and to this web site.  If we find you are making a profit from it or stealing its content for other financial gain and taking the worthy praise that Christopher Charles  - in my opinion, deserves for this brilliant piece, then we will seek legal action.

John Bellamy





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