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'If your house is on fire and the firemen are gay,  

and it offends your religious belief,  

are you going to send them away

and ask for another 'straight'  fire fighting crew ?

Maybe those from the LGBT community are offering a more Christian attitude

than the Christians who are bigoted, rascist and damning of others.


The US state of Indiana has recently enacted a law which allows business to discriminate against those of the LGBT community.

This is all about religious beliefs and that if you find LGBT to be against your religious belief then you should not have to serve them if you feel offended by them, and this is discrimination - which is illegal.  Claiming that business must serve anyone and everyone is correct  if your business is offering a service or product that someone from the LGBT community might wish to purchase from you -  -  you have no right to dictate what someone else 
should do with their life  just because it is against your religious beliefs, which should  actually not come into it.

The guesthouse here in the UK who refused those 2 gay guys  a few years ago certainly realized too late that it was not a good idea and ended up loosing their business and everything.  It seems the people of England are a lot more understanding and sympathetic to those of us from the LGBT community than some church goers assume,  and it seems they are using their belief structure to overcome laws and claim they only answer to God - which sounds really like the words of a paranoid schitzophrenic... hearing voices. 

Vegetarians often shout at meat eaters and my answer to them is to go fuck off and leave me alone.  I was a vegey once - chose to give it up, and will not be dictated to by others how I should live my life,. Be it eating meat, being gay or believing in God.

Nothing - NOTHING gives them the right and DO NOT tell me that someone's religious beliefs should allow this to happen because 


Someone's religious beliefs just  allowed some of their  

followers to ransacked a museum at Mosul in Iraq

of its antiquities and destroyed them.  This was done by members of ISIS

in the name of religion.

These Christians in Indiana are no different to those in ISIS.  

They are religious terrorists damning and destroying a faction of their own community

because of a  displaced religious viewpoint which is as dangerous

and as evil as any terrorist working for ISIS.  They damn and destroy anyone

and anything that does not meet with their bigted and distorted view of Christianity

and we have seen this before in the UK with the jailing of Oscar Wilde

and the dreadful treatment of the  world war hero Alan Turing

and the many who have been beaten to death

by scared men who have heard clap trap on ' what the Bible says'

when the truth is,-  the Bible says no such thing.


If you have such strong opinions, then you should not be in business - as how many LGBT are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan ? How many LGBT pay tax that pays for these Christians children to go school and pays for it - as well as paying for the army etc.  How many LGBT are nurses - doctors - teachers - politicians - builders and anything and everything you may need, and

if your house is on fire and the firemen are gay,  and it offends your religious belief,  

are you going to send them away and ask for another ' straight' fire fighting crew ?  

I think not - so this is obviously going to be as and when it suits the narrow minded,  and if and when  their religious beliefs come before every day stuff like shopping, eating, doing laundry and just about anything where those from the LGBT community might be hiding in plain sight;-  like serving YOU when they are offended by your ugly face - bad hair, dreadful clothes or attitude.  

You see, we LGBT have to suffer the straights and their messed up attitude, noisy kids and all that goes with that - and there is little we can do except be open and accepting to all,  

and maybe, just maybe,

the LGBT is offering a more Christian attitude than the Christians

who are bigoted, rascist and damning of others. 


Says a great deal about what the Christian church of the USA is teaching.



ZAYN MALIK ( 22 - in the red and black shirt pictured  ) is about to leave the pop boy band 'One Direction'  and personally, I think he is by far, the sexiest and most handsome of all of them and he will be missed by millions.  He is handsome and he is in demand,  and these poor girls who have taken to cutting their arms and blood letting themselves because of his departure,  is really quite sad and empty.  With very little in their lives,  little prospect of a decent education ( uni fees are beyond many peoples reach ) and little hope of a job and besides getting pregnant and getting a council flat,  many young people - especially young girls - dream a fantasy life with people like Zayn

Right at the start when is saw them on X Factor - or was it BGT - I thought he was stunning looking and the only one - when he gets a little older, that I would most certainly take to bed as there is that latin / arab look, olive skinned, great bone structure and very sexy lips... ( ha ha  - maybe now even I sound like a love sick teenage girl...)  and none of us can even imagine the stress, the strain, the hard work, living out of a suitcase for most of the year,  cannot go anywhere without being mobbed - and while the money is great - they say each of them is worth at least £13 million each -  it is worthless if you are a prisoner - from the media - from public opinion - to your last music review and to just about anything you may say or do that someone - somewhere - will report, distort, alter and change to suit their story, their own agenda and their sales figures,  and it MUST make you want to scream sometimes.

After I was on the TV programme ' 3 IN A BED' it was, and continues still to this day but a lot less,  great to be recognised in the street, in shops and all over the place by members of the public who saw the programme and recognise me and come and chat - and I have met and talked to so many wonderful and thoughtful people who enjoyed what I did... HOWEVER:-  This would MEGA get right on your tits if it was all the time, everywhere you went,  and to not even be able to go for a quite dinner somewhere or to the cinema, or even a late night walk on the beach without a hoard of paparatzi following your every move...  and it would be exasperating.  Especially so for someone so young and especially when it comes to who you are dating ( shagging ) who you are seen with and your entire private life is played out for all the worlds media to write about, digest, tear apart and diagnose as if it was any of their business...

It must be hard and if he now leaves and never works in show business again ( although I hear he wants a solo career as a singer - and good luck to him )  he is young, handsome, wealthy and can do fuck all for the rest of his life - if he wishes - so I hope the price he paid to get rich has not been too high a price and that he can reclaim his life and his privacy and have a great time.
If he is to release a solo album and it is good,m then i shall buy it,  and I wish him well.

And yes, if he came and asked nicely, I would do him... ha ha ...   but I know I would have to fight through a plethora of young girls first..

So which do you prefer - clean shaven or with a stubble / beard ?  Personally, I love him with a beard and I also love all the body ink ( to the old farts reading, that is what they call tattoo's these days ) and he is certainly a very ' today' young man and one I am sure has the world at his feet, if he can stay sane, competant, with good management and loyal close friends and family who can help him keep his head together in a world crazed his One Direction. 




Here is an e mail from a past client of mine when I was a sex worker. It came 'out of the blue' and not only was a ost pleasant surprise, but I really do have no idea who it is from, but it did make me giggle and I cannot wait to see him and find out who he is / was - from my past. 
I was interviewed for a book on gay prostituition decades ago and out of the hundreds of people interviewed,  years later I met the author who stated quite adamantly that of all the people he interviewed he KNEW I would make a success out of whatever I did in life and how I was the only one he would have remembered face to face - as I had made such an impact on him... He was never a client and we never had sex, we just sat and talked about the sex industry etc. and I remember having a great laugh with him...   and this e mail below is of a similar ilk and a great compliment, but then, I was never a dummy even back in my 20's and 30's... and I was thrilled and went all giggly ( girly ) when I read it and was all blushy...

Hi John.    Hi from a past client :)    It must have been quite a few decades somewhat since we last met in an escort role. I have employed quite a few escorts  and out of all of them,   by far,   you stand out (in more ways than one lol)

Happy birthday John for this month; 60 I believe? You now qualify for you old fogies bus pass lol

I'll have to pop in for coffee one Wednesday to say Hi & for our famous hug.   I bet you don't remember me John.   lol.   I consider you as a major conquest & friend so when we meet maybe you will say "WFM it's you, you old bugger!!" lol tc John.

Stay happy John .  Mike xxx


Spok dies.

Er no - Leonard Nimoy has died.

Spok will live forever in our hearts.

I know he was an old man and had been playing the part of Spok on Star Trek for many decades - yet I will miss him.  He was a part of our cultural heritage that many of us grew up watching and enjoying and he had always been there, ever since I was little, and it saddened me to hear of his death this week, aged I believe 82.

I know he was an actor and that the character he played as Spok was not a real man - or even living in the same century as us - or from the same planet,  but the man he portrayed for so long was taken to our hearts and we loved him.  Half Vulcan and half human, he fought with his own inner demons in the control of his emotions ( Vulcans control their emotions while we humans seem controlled by them ) and he often showed us how to behave, how not to react and how to control our inner anger - the animal within - and Gene Rodenburry who was the producer and creator of Star Trek was a very spiritual man who put a great deal of his spiritual trachings into the stories of Star Trek ( more so with the newer Next Generation onwards ) and Spok was often one of those more spiritual storylines involving self development of the human psyche.

Bless him for always keeping Spok alive and loved.  Bless him for being a part of so many peoples lives and for sharing the journey.

Leonard Nimoy -  you have been and still are - loved by millions; in this universe and many others.






Thay wrote to me today looking for funding and I have to admit
to not knowing them at all.   Having run variuous gay businesses for over 30 years it astounds me how easy it is for any business to promote itself to all gay venues through the internet - and yet most seem to miss that golden opportunity  and so most venues will never know about so many things that are going on as we do not read all the gay publications but we do read our e mails.
Click on the Broken Rainbow UK picture to be taken to its own web site.





Various towns ( Bristol was just on the news with this )  in the UK are introducing SMOKE FREE ZONES in open spaces like parks,   and here in Bournemouth you cannot even smoke in the hospital car park and I have to point out how absolutely stupid this is.
I appreciate smoking is a bad habit with serious health risks and when the argument is raised about the future of our childrens health,  no one bothers to speak accurately and offer truthful input, they just rant and rave about smoking.

So here is some alternative truths to the ones offered. 
CAR - LORRY - BUS FUMES are a great deal more dangerous to all our health than someone standing in an open park 100 yerds away smoking a cigarette.  It is complete madness.
Our environment is full of dangerous particles that affect us all and are breathed in wherever we are - and throat cancer is more likely to be caused by the environment than from smoking ( which is the 3rd reason for throat cancer ) while binge drinking is the second and the biggest cause of throat cancer - THE ENVIRONMENT.

So in open spaces - banning smoking is  ludicrous.  It seems councils and so forth are afraid to actually approach the genuine reasons and ban vehicles from town and city centres and most certainly not about to ban drinking - and the hypocracy is screaming for all to hear.

Naturally, the 'do gooders' will scream and shout and

declare it a wonderful idea while remaining positively ignorant to the truth

and if someone ever told me not to smoke in the middle of a field, I would feel inclined to read the riot act at them and try an educate them - but you know how some of these people are - their minds are made up and they will never be changed and it is these people that damn and destroy and not for the good but out of ignorance.   

I refuse to be treated as a child by some idiot who thinks they know better when the truth is, they do not.

Oh and not to forget how the government is backing Fracking - searching for more fossil fuels while reducing financial backing for alternative wind turbines that do not pollute the atmosphere.  Aren't we suppose to be reducing our carbon footprint and not adding to it - and all they do is run around banning smoking.

Give Me Strength.

And any husband with a wife like any in the picture about,  taking one look at any of them is enough to drive any poor man to drink.  I bet these women were very dried up and wrinkly...


When injustice becomes law,   defiance becomes duty.



Thanks to Chris who told me this one - and it really works:


  1. Get a metal pot stand.  Put 3 or 4 Tea Lights - lit - in the middle together and have each one a couple of inches from the other
  2. On the top on them lower a terracotta garden pot with its bottom upwards and where the candles heat burns up the inside of the pots and not straight out of the whole at the top. 
  3. The heat of the candles will heat up the pot so you cannot even touch it and the heat from just 3 or 4 small Tea Lights will warm the whole room. 

Be careful with candles and never leave to burn without supervision or where children, the elderly or pets can knock them over;-  and not in a draughty location. 

If using Tea Lights NOT on some kind of metal or glass stand, then ALWAYS put them on a solid surface - NOT PLASTIC - as Tea Lights will melt down through the plastic and set fires.  They become extremly hot - hotter than a lot of people realize. 

Always put them in a safe countainer when alight and always take care with naked flames in the home.

I have been using one for the last couple of weeks and I have noticed I can turn down the heating in my own private lounge as it actually has been getting too hot and is a wonderful way of heating the place without paying a fortune to the gas and electric companies that are so screwing us all. 


click above to read all about this dangerous legislation





Eighty-eight thousand deaths a year?
One in 10 people in America die from alcohol abuse each year.




US Secretary of State, John Kerry representing a country which makes Genghis Khan look like a wimp when it comes to illegal invasions, still retains the prize for jaw dropper of the decade:

"You just don't, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext", he pontificated on CBS' "Face the Nation." 

It really is enough to take your breath away,- the gall of this idiot.  Does he assume we are all idiots ?



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'We have all been in abusive relationships, and sometimes we were the one being abused.'

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