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What or who do you truly care about ?

 e mail and let me know

Had an old man here recently who stated he cared about nothing but himself, not even the environment, and I was appalled at his self centred attitude which I found dreadful.  I know there are many within society who feel the same - and maybe this comes about because they feel disenfranchised from their family, politics, big business, jobs and anything - and this is complately understandable. Society is changing dramatically and the older generations must remember when it was a lot kinder world and people cared and showed an interest in their neighbours and society in general, even if only their local area, THEY CARED - and to state he cared nothing about anything is dreadfully sad - selfish old fart - yet also desperately sad.


John:  I care about so much I have no idea where to start. My cat. My family.  World economics.  I care about Americans not being so aggressive globally.  The environment and keeping nature clean of chemicals. Good food.  Good healthy relationships.  Safe sex.  Not being global bullies.  The list goes on and on John.  Robert ( Muswell Hill )

John- What do I care about.  First: Myself.  Next:  The human race. Third. World Peace.  4th:  That we remember our humanity and care for others as we would expect to be cared for in return.  Malc.  ( Rome )

John: I have met people who do not give a damn for anyone or anything but themselves and these kind of self centred people never get the point and surely must have some kind of mental health problem going on in there - as how else can someone absolutely not give a damn for anything unless there is something else going on with their brain.  If we were all that uncaring then the world would have blown up decades ago.,  It needs people who care to do what needs to be done.  Un caring people are no use to humanity.  Rex:  London

John:  As a man in his 80's I am still as keen and as interested in what goes on around the world as I was decades ago., Just because someone retires does not mean they retire from life. Those OAP's who struggle to fill their days and find meaning and have given up caring - have given up on life and this is a sad thing.  I cannot fathom these people as I find every day exciting and since my wife died 10 years ago and I came out as gay,  it has been a ball.  Randolph.  ( Cardiff )


I received this e mail below - sent through this web site's Contact Us Page and I spent a good 45 minutes responding to find out they had either given an incorrect e mail address of a non existant one and whatever the case, I wasted 45 minutes responding to something that was a waste of my time, and tiume is not on my dside as we are very busy here and my days are really full.   It irritates greatly. You try and offer help. You  try and be a good person. You hear the cries for help and you respond as a decent human being in the best way you know how and then discover it is a con, a waste of time, a fuck up, and it does drive you to despair.  It makes me wonder so much of the time, why the fuck I bother.   If Adam sees this and cares to send a correct e mail address, I might answer again, I might just ignore it.   There was no one at all for me to ask for help - no web sites available to guide me, no person with any answers or worthy of even asking.  I struggled and rose to the surface through damned hard work and making mistakes that cost me.  Besides, Adams request is somewhat naive  and his fantasy and the reality are at complete opposites of the spectrum of reality.

Dear John:  My Name is Adam the one in the glasses in the picture and my partner Daniel are nudist and love the Life style we are both in the entertainment industry and have danced and worked on ships, we now live in London. We are looking into the future to work or manage a nudist resort we have stayed at a few and have always loved them and as we like that life style feel that we would enjoy working at one of these Resorts!! The reason why I am writing is to ask if you could help us on how to get started in this business of Gay Nude Resorts, What are the qualifications you have to have? how did you got started? As we are interested we know that we need to learn about the business and start working at one first and learn the ways of a nude Resort.saying that do you have any Positions available at the moment? Any help you can give us or steer us in the right direction would be Fantastic. any information you can give us would be amazing Thank you in Advanced Adam





Broadway Hotel


You really have to wonder at the stupidity of some people. How often do we read in the news that someone has come up with a crackpot scheme which is a disaster waiting to happen?

In this particular instance I am referring to the Broadway Hotel in Blackpool, which recently decided it would charge customers £100 if they posted a bad review of their stay online. First – and it’s worth pointing this out – there was a precedent that any hotelier worth his salt could have learned from. A similar scheme by a hotel in the US made major mainstream news earlier this year and resulted in the owner having to issue an apology and claim that it was a joke, but not before a lot of reputational damage had already been done. The news travelled all over the world.

Second, a hotelier whose response to negative feedback is to try to blackmail guests into silence cannot realistically be described as knowing how to run a hospitality business. If you have put on such a poor show that a guest thinks your hotel is a “filthy, dirty, rotten, stinking hovel“, then surely the first reaction should be one of alarmed introspection, not an automated card-charging exercise?  OIf you check out the Broadway Hotel in Trip Advisor you will see that every report left is damning and dreadful with a very rare compliment amnongst a tirade of complaoints from almost every reviewer.  How hotels like this are permitted to remain open is beyond me. It does no one any good.

But in the case of the Broadway Hotel, the owner or the general manager cannot be a stranger to this kind of reaction from their guests – else why does a barely-legal punitive measure such as this exist in their terms and conditions? What hotel with the remotest shred of respectability would conceive of the idea, let alone codify it in the small print?   With so many really dreadful reviews on Trip Advisor I would suggest this venue earns its income from the fines it places on guests who leave negative responses as at £100 a throw,  and if you check out Trip Advisor alone and see how many bad reports there are - the income raised must be considerable.

I hope to goodness the couple involved have the gumption to take this matter considerably further than a phone call to the local Trading Standards authority (who, incidentally, have now told the hotel in question that it is not allowedquelle surprise). Were I in their shoes, I would be exploring whether the clause was not only unfair, but constituted a form of theft, and I would be taking to every reviews website I could find to explain not only how appalling my hotel stay was, but to tell the world that this odious little policy is written into the rulebook.

Ultimately, the problem I see in this hotel’s behaviour is that that it is the diametric opposite to ‘good faith’, a social more which governs and enables good business. One hopes the authorities see fit to force the Broadway Hotel to refund every customer to which it has meted out this measure.  After all the appalling attention this has now raised for the bRoadway it is hoped the local Tourist Board, Council and whoever gives the venue its license, will think twice and will force this venue to close down - or certainly fire the management who came up with this dreadful scheme and give the venue a make over and either bring it up to basic standards or close it down - period.

This kind of story does no one in the hotel industry and favours.







I am reminded of how Transport For London tried breaking the law - bullying and intimidation to screw me of £175 for something they lied and cheated in stating was illegal when it was not, and after an 8 month written and phone called argument between us,  I WON and they REFUSED to apologise or pay compensation. Today - I would sue them.  They were claiming  money on false charges - breaking the law - claiming the law was on their sides when it was lies lies LIES - and as the mighty power of TFL is enough to make most people pay up - and not fight - they usually win - so they are no better than CRIMINALS BREAKING THE LAWE AND LEGALLY GETTING AWAY WITH IT . They are no better than scum.



Pope Francis Demotes Highest-Ranking

US Cardinal Over LGBT Issues

It's been in the news. Now it has been confirmed. As of this past weekend, Raymond Leo Burke, America's highest-ranking cardinal at the Vatican, was officially removed from the Vatican's Supreme Court, and demoted to chaplain of the Knights of Malta, where he will reign with much less responsibility. The ultra-Conservative and anti-gay cardinal, continuously challenges the jurisdiction of Pope Francis, and the Catholic Church's new receptive stance on homosexuality.

How ironic it is to find the demoted cardinal is from the United States. What does that say about America - that even the Catholic Church and a pope are ahead of so many anti-LGBT lawmakers and extremists in this country.

Weeks after taking office in 2013, Pope Francis asked, 'Who am I to judge?' speaking of the LGBT community. Since then, he has had great support for his progressive views, and of course, great opposition. Raymond Burke is one of the pope's strongest opponents. The 66 year-old Burke believes homosexuality is, 'always and everywhere wrong [and] evil,' and continuously questioned the authority of Pope Francis, now 77. Burke told Buzzfeed in October:




Having watched 'The Hotel Inspector' and having worked in the hospitality industry - in one way or another - for decades - makes me realise how many people assume it is easy work and an easy way to make a ton of money. Watching how so many on TV porogrammes mess it up - is gob smacking and I have an offer for you.

If you are thinking of opening a  B&B of some kind and have little experience of knowledge, then I invite you to come to Hamilton Hall for a 3 day weekend - which you will pay for - and I will put you to work for the whole period and show you exactly how full an average day for us is - and where you might be thinking you would employ staff to do all the work for you - and where I know this is grossly incorrect as there often - quite simply - is NOT the income there to pay out on wages and the only way you will make any money at all is to do most of the work yourself - and I will talk about all the various Health & Safety / Food Hygiene / Music Licences / Busines Rates and Business Garbage collection - and anything that you probably have absolutely no clue about and assume it is something completely different.

I sold a big hotel in Guernsey many moons ago ( 17 bedrooms and between 50 and 60 guests with a Bar, Restaurant / Tea Room etc ) and it was sold to a man and his wife and her brother ( all in their 40's ) and I stayed on for the first 3 weeks to show them the catering side of things, and on the very first night when they were now in charge of the hotel and my lover ( whose business it was ) had now moved out and was gone - at 5.30pm ( dinner at 6pm ) - they came to the kitchen and told me they were leaving and on asking, they said they were going home for dinner. I pointed out that this was now their hotel and that I was cooking dinner for them, and they stated they wanted to eat at home and would be back AFTER BREAKFAST. I was open mouthed - and asked who was going to sort out the wine selling at dinner and who was going to run the bar before and after dinner as this had been my lovers job and now he was gone ..... it was --- kinda --- their job now. They said that one of the waitresses could do is - surely - and I did point out that

1) It was not their job.
2) They did not have the keys to the wine store or bar.
3) They knew bugger all about wine or bar work.
4) They were going to trust a complete strange waitress they had never met before to work their till and money ???

and when I pointed out that this was now their venue, this was their hotel - and that this was one of their jobs, the husband actually said those magic words to me :-

' A place like this runs itself, doesn't it ?'  

and I pointed out that in fact no it did not and that they would be working between 12 and 18 hours every single day from Easter until late October - and that it was exhausting work, and they sniggered and went home for dinner and I did the bar after dinner for them

After I finnished my 3 week period, within a further week they closed the Tea Room which garnered as much income as the whole hotel did - and within 3 months they were all on the edge of nervous breakdowns, had paid out every penny earned in extra wages employing tons of staff and went bankrupt within a few months - and it was desperately sad to see our much loved and respected business go down the plug hole so damned fast, it was sickening. They simply didn't have a clue. 

Naturally they blamed us for everything but the truth was, they actually thought a very busy venue woulkd actually run itself - and make them a f
ortune - for doing fuck all themselves, and it was quite pitiable.  I felt I wanted to slap them awake and make them see reality and not the dream world - the fantasy - they assumed life would be for them as ' hoteliers.'

They sold up, losing a fortune -to others who didn't have a clue and the venue has sat empty and now derelict ever since - almost 40 years.

These morons - related to the Curry's electrical people - ( so they came from business people )  didn't have a fucking clue and assumed it was just going to be a cash cow and that they would have a good income from doing fuck all, and how damned wrong were they.

So - before you make the mistake and assume it is easy work and well paid - come and see what we do here and how many hours a week we work and then see if you want to actually invest and work so hard for so little.



click above to read all about this dangerous legislation



Nothing to do with Eurovision - but this song HAPPY is well worth watching
and tapping your feet to. You will recognise it. Click on the picture of Pharrell Williams below

If you put HAPPY into youtube it will come up with scores of people from all over the world with their own videos of this song and their own dancing to it,  and there are tons to choose from and many really well done. It seems millions have accepted and love this song and it seems to be the song of 2014 already.



Eighty-eight thousand deaths a year?
One in 10 people in America die from alcohol abuse each year.




US Secretary of State, John Kerry representing a country which makes Genghis Khan look like a wimp when it comes to illegal invasions, still retains the prize for jaw dropper of the decade:

"You just don't, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext", he pontificated on CBS' "Face the Nation." 

It really is enough to take your breath away,- the gall of this idiot.  Does he assume we are all idiots ?





How to Live with No Regrets

Living a life free of regrets involves letting go. It involves letting go of the would-have, should-have, could-have mentality. Dwelling on how you could have lived differently is detrimental to your spirit. Sometimes we do the best we can with the knowledge we have at the time. Frequently the wrong choices bring us to the right places. Make the choice now to forgive yourself, as the world needs the best of you. You cannot give your best when you dwell on past hurts or perceived mistakes…




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'We have all been in abusive relationships, and sometimes we were the one being abused.'

Marianne Williams










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