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spok dies

I know he was an old man and had been playing the part of Spok on Star Trek for many decades - yet I will miss him.  He was a part of our cultural heritage that many of us grew up watching and enjoying and he had always been there, ever since I was little, and it saddened me to hear of his death this week, aged I believe 82.

Leonard Nimoy -  you have been and still are - loved by millions; in this universe and many others.


The Bank that likes to say



If my business fiddled its taxes and the Inland Revenue found out, I would be investigated and probably prosecuted for fraud and penalised... NO QUESTIONS ASKED -
I would also face a heavy fine and interest on any payment owed and for the amount of years it has been outstanding.  All my financial dealings would be picked over with a fine tooth comb ( whatever that is ) and every penny would have to be verified and accounted for - and yet when HSBC (bank ) fiddles its taxes and allows its customers to fiddle money out of the country to its Swiss Bank division and break the law in doing so, to the tune of multi millions in lost taxes,  it seems that there MIGHT be an investigation and the tax office are to look into the POSSIBILITY of fraud and prosecution - BUT as this is called HISTORIC and how the bank has Put in place procedures stopping this happening again,  it seems the bank may well get away with it.

The amazing thing is that if I did something like this, regardless of how historic it was, I would be in trouible and might even end up in jail - while the bank - NOTHING - not one person held accountable, not one department fired and prosecuted and not one single person will be forced to repay their massive tax free bonus and not one person attached to the bank will loose out - especially financially.

If the bank gets a fine, it is guarenteed to be less than they made in the fiddle - so the bank will win - even though it broke the law.

I do wonder why the Director of the bank back at the time the fraud was being perpetrated, is not prosecuted and the fact he has retired and is no longer in charge of the bank - is bollocks... HE BROKE THE LAW and there is no time limit on these people being prosecuted for child abuse back in the 1960's - so why are bankers allowed clemency when only a few years have passed.  It is illegal. PERIOD.

This absurdidy - this criminal action,  it disgraceful and the bank MUST be fined heavily and heads MUST roll and bonuses MUST be taken back and maybe given to charity and we  MUST NOT allow these banks to continue getting away with illegal practice.


Same goes for policemen who have broken the law. If they take early retirement then they are not prosecuted for any illegal act done,  which makes absolutely no sense to me at all. They still get their full pension and nothing is done.  When you look at the Hillsborough Disaster and the outragous - horrific things the police did back then;- the cruel lies and things that take youyr breath away in how cruel they were to the innocent families who lost loved ones, the inhumane treatnment at the hands of these policeman, is INSANE that no one is prosecuted and nothing is done.

Two laws:  One for them - and One for us.




Various towns ( Bristol was just on the news with this )  in the UK are introducing SMOKE FREE ZONES in open spaces like parks,   and here in Bournemouth you cannot even smoke in the hospital car park and I have to point out how absolutely stupid this is.
I appreciate smoking is a bad habit with serious health risks and when the argument is raised about the future of our childrens health,  no one bothers to speak accurately and offer truthful input, they just rant and rave about smoking.

So here is some alternative truths to the ones offered. 
CAR - LORRY - BUS FUMES are a great deal more dangerous to all our health than someone standing in an open park 100 yerds away smoking a cigarette.  It is complete madness.
Our environment is full of dangerous particles that affect us all and are breathed in wherever we are - and throat cancer is more likely to be caused by the environment than from smoking ( which is the 3rd reason for throat cancer ) while binge drinking is the second and the biggest cause of throat cancer - THE ENVIRONMENT.

So in open spaces - banning smoking is  ludicrous.  It seems councils and so forth are afraid to actually approach the genuine reasons and ban vehicles from town and city centres and most certainly not about to ban drinking - and the hypocracy is screaming for all to hear.

Naturally, the 'do gooders' will scream and shout and declare it a wonderful idea while remaining positively ignorant to the truth and if someone ever told me not to smoke in the middle of a field, I would feel inclined to read the riot act at them and try an educate them - but you know how some of these people are - their minds are made up and they will never be changed and it is these people that damn and destroy and not for the good but out of ignorance.    I refuse to be treated as a child by some idiot who thinks they know better when the truth is, they do not.

Oh and not to forget how the government is backing Fracking - searching for more fossil fuels while reducing financial backing for alternative wind turbines that do not pollute the atmosphere.  Aren't we suppose to be reducing our carbon footprint and not adding to it - and all they do is run around banning smoking.

Give Me Strength.

And any husband with a wife like any in the picture about,  taking one look at any of them is enough to drive any poor man to drink.  I bet these women were very dried up and wrinkly...




I have put various signs on our front fence for the passing public to read,  offering help to any elderly person during the winter months if the weather is too bad and the streets too slippery for an elderly person to get to the shops, and we will shop for some
basics for them.  They will pay for what we buy but our service is free and from the heart and it does state,  that we can also help with some of our own stock from Hamilton Hall as I always keep plenty of tinned soups,  beans,   porridge,  long life milk,  bread and other basics in house and willingly share with an elderly person if they are house bound and the social services cannot get around because of the weather.

It may be 45 minutes out of my day - and it may be a cuppa and a chat with someone who is desperately lonely and who has not seen anyone for days, and just think how your heart will feel when they beam a smile at you in gratitude.



Why Ex-Gay Therapy Groups

Should Be Very Nervous Right Now


A New Jersey judge has delivered a blow to ex-gay therapy groups, saying that so-called change therapy amounts to consumer fraud when groups make certain claims about gay people, and also when they claim success rates that they cannot support with facts.

The case involves several people including Plaintiffs Benjamin Unger and Chaim Levin, who are survivors of ex-gay therapy. They are suing the Jersey City-based Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH) under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. It is the first time that ex-gay therapy has been challenged in this way, and based on Hudson County Superior Court Judge Peter Bariso Jr.’s determinations so far, it’s going to be a big problem for ex-gay therapy groups across the country.

The case hasn’t gone to trial yet, but Judge Bariso Jr. has granted a request by plaintiffs for partial summary judgement, which essentially means that the judge looks at the evidence presented in case files and makes a determination on those grounds. Specifically here, the judge was asked whether JONAH has committed fraud under New Jersey’s consumer protection laws when JONAH claims that homosexuality is a “disorder” that can be cured, and when it cites specific success statistics that JONAH cannot substantiate with hard data.

Bariso Jr., having previously told JONAH it cannot use ”expert testimony” or witnesses because there’s no such thing as a scientific expert in ex-gay therapy because conversion therapy isn’t scientifically recognized,
issued the following determination on February 10 (pdf):

It is a misrepresentation in violation of the CFA, in advertising or selling conversion therapy services, to describe homosexuality, not as being a normal variation of human sexuality, but as being a mental illness, disease, disorder, or equivalent thereof.

It is a misrepresentation in violation of the CFA, in advertising or selling conversion therapy services, to include specific “success” statistics when there is no factual basis for calculating such statistics, e.g., when client outcomes are not tracked and no records on client outcomes are maintained.

Judge Bariso Jr. also struck JONAH’s Eighth and Ninth Amendment defenses, noting they were dispatched in oral arguments on February the 5th and were agreed to have no actual bearing on the case.

JONAH’s attorney Charles LiMandri
claims that the court has got this wrong, and that the group’s use of the word “disorder” is not intended to mean a medical disorder but a “religious” one based on JONAH’s interpretation of Jewish law. Essentially, they are attempting a religious defense for the program, but it’s undeniable that they are claiming a psychological change in the people who are subjected to this therapy, so it remains to be seen how much scope they can get out of their religious defense.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which represents plaintiffs, believes that this latest ruling is highly significant not just for New Jersey but for gay people throughout the United States.

“This ruling is monument
al and devastating to the conversion therapy industry,”said David Dinielli, SPLC deputy legal director. “For the first time, a court has ruled that it is fraudulent as a matter of law for conversion therapists to tell clients that they have a mental disorder that can be cured. This is the principal lie the conversion therapy industry uses throughout the country to peddle its quackery to vulnerable clients. Gay people don’t need to be cured, and we are thrilled that the court has recognized this.”

The SPLC isn’t wrong. This trial is on course to dismantle every one of ex-gay therapy’s key lies. For one thing, the judge not allowing so-called experts to testify ab
out ex-gay therapy’s efficacy because change therapy isn’t science is impressively damaging and rips through the tapestry of misdirection and flat out lies that underpin ex-gay therapy. Furthermore, we see JONAH retreating into a religious defense because if it can not make secular claims about data and psychological disorders, it is left with little else than its religious opinions — that by itself smacks of desperation.

The case, which will go to trial in June, is considered a flag-ship for the battle against ex-gay therapy and it is incredibly important. Unfortunately, the trial does not include determinations around ex-trans therapy, and as we learned from
Leelah Alcorn’s story, religious therapists trying to suppress a young person’s self-determination of their gender can have awful consequences. This is not to detract from this very important lawsuit, but to say that it is one piece of a larger fight.

As such, a campaign, 
the BornPerfect Campaign, has been launched that aims to have every state enact laws that ban all accredited therapists from engaging in or offering ex-LGBT therapy to minors. Such efforts will also be needed to stamp out a practice that has no basis in scientific fact and one that is prejudiced and harmful.

We all know what a screwed up load of wank jobs a lot of therapists are and how mentally unstable a  lot of those who work in mental health are themselves. There are tons of screwey therapists out there doing a great deal more harm than good, in all fields of mental health, just as there are a lot of brilliant and helpful therapists who do good work,  and in this instance, here we have a load of scared religious people - scared of their own homosexuality - and this kind of therapy and therapist is as vile and as dangerous and evil as anything you can imagine... well almost. These sick and twisted souls that deem it necessary to damn and destroy others when they all along are wrong ; - are often gay themselves and living in fear - so they attack and destroy the very thing they fear within themselves the most, and this is really very sickening - but the sad thing is - PEOPLE LISTEN AND ASSUME IT IS FOR REAL when THESE are the sick and twisted ones and not the out gay men.  using Biblical / religious rhetoric is incorrect as most people misquote the teachings and do NOPT knpow what it actually says and how many times it damns straight sex in the Bible - and how many gay / lesbian stories rthere are in the Bible which are not damned or destroyed, just mistranslated, and anyone using Biblical clap trap to damn another is the evil one, the bigot, the devil incarnate as what they are doing is wrong, the Bible DOES NOT SAY homosexuality is wrong EXCEPT in modern mis translated versions put together by scared Catholic and Protestant priests in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Disgusting ... and I hope the courts and the laws show this to be the case and persecute and jail these nasty little men in a prison full of hairy sweaty men who have not had a shag for a very long time and who will enjoy these bible pushing anti gay homophobes with tight little asses,-  all night - every night... for a very long time.

WE in England may now have Equality Laws and we are - to a large degree - protected against some forms of bigotry against us, BUT it will take a couple of generations for the masses to learn and appreciate, grow and evolve an understanding that accepts and does not damn and destroy and we would be fools to assume that now the law is on our side, everyone out there will be different- as a scared man - is a scared man - and just because the law has been changed does not change that fact.  Someone who is a Bible punching racist bigot will always be the same regardless of what the law says - as his mis-reading of Biblical clap trap,  also spouced by a possibly bigoted and fucked up priest - from any church - will not change,  and it will take time.  The sad thing is the fear that the church put out there - that homosexuality ( to name just one thing ) is wrong - is evil - is against God - and we only have to see how many misguided Muslims are murdering in the name of Alah when the Koran simply does not allow for cold blooded murder at all,  and these sick and twisted teachers who are using the holy word to forward their own political and religious agendas - are the dangerous ones who cause so much pain and turmoil within the soul of so many men and women.

These people who claim to be able to cure homosexuality MUST BE PROSECUTED and if it is because they perpetrate fraud with false claims and false advertising, then good - close them down, send them to jail and do whatever it takes to stop the spread of such fear based clap trap and - to be honest - usually this kind of evil  comes out of the United States of Fear - as this is the most  fucked up country on the planet - masquarading as a country of brilliant minds.  Shame on The United States of America and shame on these scared little boys who cause such turmoil and pain in others.

I do feel for those living in one of the 70 odd countries that have outlawed homosexuality and where we hear of gay men being thrown from tall uildings and if they do not die, they are stoned to death - JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE GAY.
There is a lot of work to be done before we in England can reast and do nothing because we have what we fought for for decades - EQUALITY - when tens of thousands of LGBT people are hounded to death simply because God chose to make them different.




In a recent survey it showed that getting too little sleep on a regular basis is very bad for your health and while we go the gymn and eat wisely;-  we think very little of getting enough sleep, which is more important than exercise.  The survey showed that by taking naps - anything from 30 minutes onwards in the afternoon,  is very beneficial at completely restoring the body chemical functions to normal after a bad nights sleep where these chemicals have been depleted. 

Years ago I felt guilty about taking  a nap in the afternoon and only when a friend told how he regularly took naps,  did I felt less guilty - less lazy - and soon ' got over' the guilt thing and what anyone else thought.

Three years ago here at Hamilton Hall I was aware that I was always tired in the afternoons and because I was short on time - being busy - I did not have the time for a nap, but one day I laid down, closed my eyes and because I was not asleep I would normally lay there looking around the room,  but in this instance I did not open my eyes, I kept them shut and concentrated on counting my in and out breaths, and for the first time ever I managed a ' power nap'  for about 30 minutes and I felt wonderful afterwards.

Now in the afternoons I often set the alarm clock for between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on how much time I have,  and as I lay on the bed in a different posiotion than if I was actually IN bed at night,  I now manage to enjoy a deep and meaningful afternoon nap and wake refreshed knowing where I am and that it is NOT the morning but time to go cook dinner,  and I am revitalised for the rest of the day.

So now most afternoons I take a brief 'power nap' and this helps - hugely - especially during very busy periods like our Christmas break where you are on the go all day and late into the evening,  and an afternoon nap helps.



When injustice becomes law,   defiance becomes duty.



Thanks to Chris who told me this one - and it really works:


  1. Get a metal pot stand.  Put 3 or 4 Tea Lights - lit - in the middle together and have each one a couple of inches from the other
  2. On the top on them lower a terracotta garden pot with its bottom upwards and where the candles heat burns up the inside of the pots and not straight out of the whole at the top. 
  3. The heat of the candles will heat up the pot so you cannot even touch it and the heat from just 3 or 4 small Tea Lights will warm the whole room. 

Be careful with candles and never leave to burn without supervision or where children, the elderly or pets can knock them over;-  and not in a draughty location. 

If using Tea Lights NOT on some kind of metal or glass stand, then ALWAYS put them on a solid surface - NOT PLASTIC - as Tea Lights will melt down through the plastic and set fires.  They become extremly hot - hotter than a lot of people realize. 

Always put them in a safe countainer when alight and always take care with naked flames in the home.

I have been using one for the last couple of weeks and I have noticed I can turn down the heating in my own private lounge as it actually has been getting too hot and is a wonderful way of heating the place without paying a fortune to the gas and electric companies that are so screwing us all. 


click above to read all about this dangerous legislation





Eighty-eight thousand deaths a year?
One in 10 people in America die from alcohol abuse each year.




US Secretary of State, John Kerry representing a country which makes Genghis Khan look like a wimp when it comes to illegal invasions, still retains the prize for jaw dropper of the decade:

"You just don't, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext", he pontificated on CBS' "Face the Nation." 

It really is enough to take your breath away,- the gall of this idiot.  Does he assume we are all idiots ?



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