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Russel Brand on gay marriage:- ' Everyone should be allowed the misery of marriage.'



My twin brother celebrated his 35th wedding anniversary recently - not that I remembered until I saw it on his facebook page weeks later - oops - and I wrote this brief piece which did make me laugh to write... See what you think:-

'Actually dead chuffed for you both - it is amazing but then, like buying a new house, it is such a hassle when you can just ' make do' with the old one..... and like an old house - as it ages, it starts to leak occasionally, not look as good as when new, and the bushes need a trim and the 'back yard' kept clean in case of visitors. The roof may start to go and it all looks a little tired and in need of a 'make over' - but it still serves a purpose which decline as your needs decline. But guess what, regardless, you love it - it is safe, it is home, it is where you feel you belong and regardless of newer and brighter and smarter homes that are available, and believe me, regardless of age there is always a new home somewhere that is ideal for you, yet there comes a time when you really look at the old barn and think, 'Why didn't I move decades ago.' as now you simply cannot be bothered. So you tart the old one up, find new ways of doing thing with it, and enjoy the future together as you have the decades that have passed, and there is a real beauty and love knowing that while things may change in the world, it will always be there for you - and you for it - as you were meant to be together.'



Ted Heath

With so much crime on the streets,  - with fighting of wars on several fronts and against ISIS, the fear of terrorism on our very streets and the banking scandal and how hundreds of bankers can screw the rest of us out of billions,  AND NOW WE STAND TO LOOSE £many billion through the incompetant sell off of RBS;-    Here we have 5 different police forces investigating historic accusations against a dead man who has been dead for almost ten years - Ted Heath and the charges are about paedophilia dating back almost 40 years.

The man is dead. What is the point ? If someone is still suffering 40 years later then it really is time to sort themselves out and to move on and stop using something that happened 40 years ago as an excuse for their own lives being shit and maybe - just maybe - it is shit because they never applied themselves and constantly used someone or something else as an excuse for their own failings.  Maybe :  - Or maybe something that happened 40 years ago was so traumatic it did linger and eat away and destroy - and that is what therapy is for.  It is unhealthy to carry bad vibes with us for long spells - especially 40 years, and there is something very odd about these people who come forward after so many decades - and while I feel for them,  I do question their motives.  What is the point ?  Getting even ?  Destroying someone's memory ? Nothing can be proven so it really is one persons word and that is not legally binding - actually - where no defence is offered.

The absurdity of this speaks volumes and the money and manpower used in this useless pursuit - where the outcome is that nothing will happen AS HE IS DEAD - is just a blatant waste of money which could be spent on pensioners, the NHS, Education etc. as we all know that millions will be spent and nothing will be solved. 

Police forces are complaining at cuts made to their budgets and how manpower is being cut and services slashed and even - as in Bournemouth and Poole,  big new police stations are remaining only50% open as they cannot afford to staff and manage the rest of the high tech building so it stays shut - lack of funds - while spending millions chasing up and down a motorway to and from Cliff Richards house - and the financial waste and bad publicity towards someone that has never - as yet - been charged and found guilty yet has suffered at the hands of the money grabbing media out for a story and the police - out for some good PR as they messed it up BIG TIME 40 years ago with Jimmy Saville and scores of others that AT THE TIME the police had reports about - AND DID NOTHING BECAUSE THEY WERE EITHER RICH, POWERFUL AND/OR FAMOUS.  

The police allowed it to happen by their lack of action and only now are they being seen to cross every T and dot every I - as the public is now aware and the police have got to be seen to be taking action, even if only on the easy cases and the 'unable to disprove' cases,  and innocent people are being destroyed along with the guilty.

How can historic charges be brought against a man who cannot speak for himself, and let's not forget that even with Jimmy Saville,  no one has ever given evidence in a court of law and faced the accused face to face with the allegations because, once again, he escaped this torture by dying first.  Saville most certainly was an abuser and there is no arguing against the truth of this as every person at the BBC knew not to leave a child alone on the set with him - everyone knew - and everyone now distancing themselves from any prior knowledge is doing so because no one - NO ONE said or did anything while knowing for decades exactly what was going on,- and only now through guilt,-    is the shit hitting the fan.  Police, diplomats, politicians and even doctors at hospitals where he volunteered, ALL KNEW and did and said NOTHING, FOR DECADES - and THAT is why this mad rampage of abuse by the state towards people whom only some are guilty,  and many others are having their lives destroyed by a dysfunctional media out for blood and a society who cannot see through the smoke screen that the bigger picture - the bigger problems - the much more serious problems we face - globally - are screened from us and we are kept in ignorance while jumping up and down about a dead man and what he may, or may not, have done back when I was a teenager in the 1970's.

5 police forces are wasting a great deal of money chasing a dead man.  Absurd. Absolutely absurd.

This is not to deminish the power and pain  that genuine child abuse offers to those who - at the hands of parents, uncles, brothers, sisters,  mothers, baby sitters, next door neighbours  and - usually family members as well as strangers,  were  - or are - abused - sexually, emotionally and physically -  and we forget that the emotional abuse often goes unseen and is in every home in the land - 
as Marianne Williams says - ' We have all been in abusive relationships, and sometimes we were the one being abused.'

We have a local man who was prosecuted decades ago for having sex with 2 boys in a tent. Now, for some reason, he is being prosecuted for ' historic abuse' for the same ' crime ', and because it was unproven at the time if he was involved, he just served time on remand - but has been persecuted through the local media ever since. Now it seems he is being dragged through the courts again - and one has to ask if this would be the case for any other crime - like the bankers stealing and defrauding the country and where not one single banker has been prosecuted.  Why are they chasing someone decades after - unless the police were incompetant at the time and therefore it is the police who should be investigated.  How about Hillsborough where mass death followed police innaction and the lies and hateful bullshit the police spewed up about innocent men, women and children killed,  resulted decades later in an apology from the Prime Minister and yet NOT ONE  POLICEMAN HAS EVER BEEN HELD ACCOUNTABLE while hundreds died and horrid, evil stories told about the dead BY THE POLICE to cover their tracks, and the pain and anguish caused these poor families has lasted decades - AND NOTHING IS DONE. NOT ONE SINGLE PROSECUTION OF THE POLICE RESPONSIBLE, and they all get their full pension while hundreds of peoples lives have been destroyed BECAUSE OF THE POLICE.

Smoke screens come in many styles, and this is just one of them.


I do not support any kind of abuse. 
We seem not to notice or comment on the amount of abuse thrown at us by the utility companies, petrol companies and so forth who screw us with inflated prices long after their product on the world stage has gone down in price and yet we are screwed out of millions so they can make even more profits.

British Business Gas a decade ago threatened to ' break your fucking knees'  because they claimed I owed them money,   when it turned out after an 8 month investigation, numerous court summonses and then this agressive threat to break my knees if I did not pay up - & this is  BRITISH BUSINESS GAS - that I did not, it was their mistake, and they couldn't even apologise.

Transport For London threatened me for 8 mkonths concerning a parking ticket I fount as wrong and it tuned out, EXACTLY AS I THOUGHT ALL ALONG, that TFL were lying through their teeth - bullying me in order to frighten me nto paying up,  when the truth was they were wrong AND KNEW IT but just wanted to scare me into paying and when I won the case and they were found to be in grave error, they actually REFUSED TO APOLOGISE OR OFFER COMPENSATION.

Abuse comes in many forms and when it comes down to it, we scream about a dead man when there is no evidence at all - just the media and some screwed up people - and yet when it hiuts us in the dace with the damned bankers, big corporate abuse and government abuse - we say and do nothing and rant about a dead man.  Smoke Screens people - clear your eyes and see what is REALLY the problem and see how the media and powers that be - use these to hide the truth and the reality that we live in an abusive society where it comes from the very top - GOVERNMENT - BIG BUSINESS - BANKS - THE EU - and we run around worrying about a dead man who unlike Jimmy Saville,  never had those rhumours about him during the decades past.  Only now - 10 years after he is dead,  and when the media needs a new smoke screen, are we being presented with this emotive storyline.

It is all very questionable.








the dumbing down of people

When injustice becomes law,   defiance becomes duty.




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'We have all been in abusive relationships, and sometimes we were the one being abused.'

Marianne Williams