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body language


  1. Lean in. This is one you might do naturally if you’re interested in someone. If the person isn’t taking a hint, lean in a little closer, especially when you don’t have to. If you’re doing the bar scene, most are so loud and you have to do this anyway, so smile and gently lean in to your potential companion when listening to him. If there’s an awkward head bump, that’s OK. It’s little moments like these where people connect and realize that even with awkward moments, there may be something worth exploring.

  2. Cross your legs towards the person. Crossed legs isn’t an automatic no-no, as long as your body is turned in and your legs are crossed towards the person you’re trying to connect with. Think of it as creating a safe space for you and your companion. Leaning and slanting your body so you’re enveloping the person in your conversation can work, as long as it isn’t overbearing. You never want to invade a person’s space, but if you’re picking up on vibes that say he is interested in you, that should be the green light to cross your legs inwards and create a confident persona that you’re here to get to know the person.

  3. Smile. Who doesn’t look better when they smile? Put on your best smile when you’re out and about. This creates an inviting look that will make anyone who’s fancying you possibly approach you. You don’t want to go out with a frigid look on your face or that you’re too good to be there. If you go out with the intention of attracting someone or just meeting new people, it helps to smile. If you’re too tired to go out, skip out and wait until you’re in the mood to put your best foot forward and give a warm smile to those around you.

  4. Lock eyes. If you spot a guy you’re attracted to, don’t be afraid to catch his or her eye and lock eyes with them for a few seconds. Anything beyond four seconds can come off as a bit creepy, so just give the person a glance and lock eyes. Don’t do this over and over again. One or two times should be all it takes for the person to make a connection that you’re interested. Don’t expect this locking of the eyes to garner a date invitation from your potential companion. You still may be the one who has to walk over and strike up a conversation, but at least with the locked eyes move under your belt, the person will know what’s coming.

  5. Let your hand linger. If you put your hand on someone you’re interested in, let it stay there for an extra second or two. If you put your hand on a guy’s arm or leg, let it sit there for a bit to give him the message that you’re interested and you’re confident, or if a guy is passing in front of you and you help him get through the crowd, let your hand linger on him for an extra second. This won’t come off as invading someone’s personal space unless your hand is in an off-limits spot. The shoulders, arms, upper legs, and the back are all a-OK.

  6. Stand up straight. If you stand up straight, you look leaner, if you look leaner, you look more attractive. Yes it’s a shallow world we live in, but if you’re looking to attract someone form the get-go, it’s important to carry yourself well. This means watching your posture whether you’re walking across a room or sitting at the bar. Avoid hunching over or hiding your height if you’re tall. There’s nothing more attractive than confidence and walking and siting up straight enhance a confident persona.

  7. Take the lead. Go take the lead if a guy is sending signals he’s into you. If you’re walking through a crowd, take the lead and hold his hand or shoulder as you make your way through the masses. You don’t have to interlock fingers with your hand holding, simply holding his wrist will show you’re interested and aren’t afraid to take action. Guys love feeling liked and getting a major sign you’re interested before they go in for the kill and ask you out.

  8. Don’t be afraid to dance. This one’s not for everybody, but if you’re the first to get up and dance, it shows you’re confident and always ready to have fun. This is important in making yourself well-liked and attractive to potential dates. If you’re out and music is playing and someone else starts dancing, if you're one of the first to join in, it shows you have a carefree attitude. This is attractive to most people, even if they aren’t the type who love the spotlight.





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