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why no women ?


As a gay men who was a sex worker for over 15 years full time, I did not come into contact with women, lesbian or otherwise, and when I moved here to Hamilton Hall my instincts were for it to be a gay mens venue, and when people state that gay men and women have a lot in common, I have to ask - ' WHAT - What do we have in common ?' As there really is nothing we share in common except we are gay - and even these days we have to wear a different label with all this LGBT - and there are a few more labels to add to this that even I do not know these days and the way we put ourselves into a box and give it a label is really quite sad. 

At the Connections Conferences I arranged in London in 1998 amd 1999 - and the Gay Spiritual Group I hosted in London between 1995 and late 1999,  it was always very hard to get lesbians interested and when they moaned that it was always  gay men and very few women, I really had no answer - as what can I do about that - NOTHING ?  I would advertise - I would promote and I would make requests to lesbians, but if they were not interested in coming to an event,  and not attend events where there were / are a lot of gay men, then there is nothing I can do.  If they wish to arrange and plan and promote an event - then I would offer any assistance I could, but in over 11 years here at Hamilton Hall and with it made quite clear that any lesbian group who wanted to rent Hamilton Hall and put on their own event, it would be my pleasure to offer a very good price - yet not one group or individual has ever asked.  We have been rented by scores of different organisations from Gay Men Fighting Aids - Metropolitan Community Church Brighton - The Rainbow Foundation and loads of others,  and many straight groups using us to host a spiritual training of some kind - once  Yoga for Pregnant Women - yet not once by a lesbian group.

My energies are for gay / bi men. I understand the energies we share. I work within these energies and comprehend our shared spiritual goals and thoughts. I do not work with the energies within women. No apology,  I just do not.

We have to do what we have to do. My work is with men. It is the feminine within the male that is so powerful and in need of expression in a male dominated world where male testosterone is out of balance within many men and they need to touch on the feminine within.  Women, even lesbians, are already there with that one and the imbalance created by men - needs addressng - hence my understanding of the male and not the female.

It is not meant as a slite against women. It is not meant to be offensive.  It just is.
If you take offense,  ask yourself why - and what are you going to offer the lesbians - from a womens point of view and not rely on gay men to do it for you ?  Lesbians are just as powerful, just as 'out' and share just as much power as gay men - and only a lesbian can create the world a lesbian wishes to live in,  not a gay man.

I congratulate and celebrate the passion and the power shared with those with AIDS by lesbians, who have rallied to be carers, helpers, and supporters over the years and for this, gay men owe an enormous thanks.






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