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Truly brilliant,  old friend. Proud of what you achieved with the Discrimination thing for Hamilton Hall.  I only read it the other day and was smiling when reading your personal comments as I could see you saying it all,  and it did make me smile.  Good on yu pal,  absolutely.  Dale.

Hi John and bloody well done on remaining a men only place.  I have been reading your web site for some years and may yet get to the UK and shall come stay with you.  I just wish we had someone and somewhere like yours here in the USA - as the compassion and passion I read on your web site and the dedication really moves me.  I know you will get hate mail from other jealous queens and those who arrogantly will put you down and be contemptable and you will always come accross arrogant fucked up people, especially on the gay scene and maybe because you are such an innovator.  I have never come accross anyone quite like you and your opinions are truly worthy and those others who like to find falt are just jealous queens.    I am truly impressed.  Jason J.  ( Michigan USA )

Hi John - and well bloody done my friend, you should be damned proud of yourself for following your heart and spending so many hours trolling through the web sites and standing your ground. ( Against the complaint from a women reporting Ham Hall for discrimination against women )   You are an inspiration to others and maybe now other gay hotels will be able to follow your lead and take from your web site some of the legal things that will / could allow them to remain gay venues and not allow women in.  ( Men only venues - no discrimination against straight men ) You are certainly an innovator and you should be rightly patting yourself on the back tonight - and to be honest,  I am thrilled for you.  Marcus ( Newcastle )

 WOW JOHN, FUCKING WELL DONE.  I m shouting with glee and what you have achieved and as usual, you lead the gay world with your ideas and suggestions and even now,  you lead the way for others to follow.  My God John,  you do make me smile when I read what you get up to and what you are doing.  Does the gay media never think to interview you for their news as with so much crap in their mags,  how come they have missed the golden opportunity with you - a man who gets off his arse and does something that benefits others and unlike like the media which just makes money and pays their wage, you do it all for free.  WELL FUCKING DONE JOHN.  I AM PROUD TO CALL YOU A FRIEND.
Ian ( Dover )

Dear John  Congratulations on your success.  Well deserved.  Thank you for fighting on behalf of all of us.  Just a thought, I hope you will feel able to take the opportunities that will arise to help other B&Bs etc to gain the same status.  This will enhance your mould breaking reputation  You will not lose out by more competitors.  Quite the contrary it is in your and our interests to see the men-only business sector grow.  Kind regards  Peter

I am from Germany and it's not easy to come over, but I will try it. Hopefully and thx for the emails you sent.We will hopefully see us. Take care of you and your nice hot project called hamiltonhall. Thx and Best Regards  Chris

Congratulations old son they fucked with the  wrong  queen there!!!:-)


Hi John
I was very pleased to read the good news about the nasty "lady" not getting her way with the Equal Opportunities Commission - well done!
I hope to visit you sometime later in the summer - if I can afford to - have had some big household bills recently.   Must work out if I can afford the train fare, the room from you, and the cost of putting my cat into a cattery for a few days - plus, of course, some spending money.  Hope all is well in Bournemouth and that you are keeping busy.
By the way I showed your website to a friend who runs a guest house in Blackpool - he knows loads of other such people and is going to ask them to keep an eye open for Kristian.
Regards   John


Fantastic news John.
Lovely to learn that the place will remain the same "male only" place  Wishing you the very best from  R & S  (Presently in France)

 Well done John on the success at Hamiltonhall.
Hope all is well with you guys and it's always pleasure to receive your updates.
Hugs from Spain....
Matt x

I just wanted to stay that although we havent had the pleasure of staying at yours yet, this is truly great news !  Well done for sticking to your guns.
All the best. Nigel

 Congratulaions John - you deserve to celebrate.

John (From Toronto)

Thats great news Congratulations. I am sure you have put in alot of work to make this happen. So thanks for keeping it Men Only xx

John -

Many. many, many congratulations. What a result!  You must spent hours, no, days, no, weeks, or even months, sifting through all the legalese crap to get this reult. I totally repsect you for it.
It's headline news, and I sincerely hope that you're going to extract every ounce of publicity from it. But... please do me a favour. I still haven't made it to HH, but really want to. And before you put your prices through the roof thanks to the amazing pubicity you deserve to get from this.
Kind regards Nick

 Hello John
Great news. About time interferring busy-bodies received a slap in the face. It certainly is time to celebrate. I only wish I lived nearer and that I was not tied so much to where I am at present. I do like receiving the information about Hamiltion Hall. Keep up the good work Bryan

 Well done John.  I bet there are a lot of pissed off queens out there who so envy you and what you have achieved.  You certainly lead by examply John. i remember you from the escort days and how you led the way then and showed all the others how it should be done. Now with your Ham Hall you do the same, you are showing others how a gay hotel should be run. Well done John.  You certainly deserve a pat on the back.  Richard ( London )

 God John, that's just awesome.  Well done to you. Those other British gay guys had better realize how good it is to have you fighting in your corner for the rest of the gay community. Bet you get a lot of flack from some of those bitter queens tho. bet you get a lot of resentment.  You are truly someone to be admired, respected and looked up to. Darren ( Palo Alto California )

 CONGRATULATIONS!! awww that's just awesome news. I bet you are all thrilled/relieved. It was huge effort well spent I'd say. It's nice to know that "sometimes" the powers that be aren't all vacant shells. HUZZAH 4 u. Hugs. Kester x

Well done John. I do so hope this is the time when the gay media starts to give you and your HH the attention you so deserve. You are so damned ground breaking and i think you probably scare people and they envy and resent your tenacity and passion.  I so admire you John you have no idea.  Your web site is my Home Page on my office computer and a picture of your huge cock - taken from the site - is the Home Page on my private lap top.  LOL.  Thought you'd get a kick out of that.  Well done again, I am totally thrilled for you.  Malcolm ( Durban - South Africa )

Hello John.
Just read you re- men only. I am so pleased it seems to be sorted, we have never been down to you, got close to it once but my mate had a panic attack ( nothing to do with you lol ), and I had to cancel, you might remember it was a Christmas a few years ago.

John:   You mention the Gay camping in Norfolk I presume you mean Abbots farm, we have been a couple of times we have a trailer tent so not exactly roughing it. It was our first go at being nudists but it was a hot day when we arrived and so it was soon clothes off time and I must say it was very liberating lol, had a great time.

While we were there Ron, the farmer said from the following year he had to accept women as well on the site because of the Human Rights thing, how it went in his case I don't know we haven't been lately. To be honest I don't see what all the fuss is about if the men attending want it to be male only then why not if we are forced to be with women what's happened to our human rights, bloody EU has a lot to answer for, since they have ruled us, ENGLISH another thing as a 71yr old ENGLISHMAN is a big thing with me, and I am not racist at all but the English are not allowed to exist as Engishmen anymore it makes us racist
Anyway that's my rant, and I hope your friends enjoy Abbots farm and don't mind the 2 milking sessions a day lol it is a working dairy farm.All the best.
D.   xxx


 John: As  an old man of 76, I so admire your journey which I keep abreast of as best I can through the web site.If I was 40 years younger I would be there helping out.Wonderful you.Wonderful place.Wonderful energy. Ralph.

 My dear John,   I have a friend who is a woman and has been to Hamiton Hall with her sister many years ago and she is still talking about the amazing weekend and how wonderful it was of you to put her onto the right path of her way. So you have something wonderful to give not only to man but to humanity.
I also do understand the need for a man only venue and I'm full for it. I just liked to point out that you made this woman very loved and happy still to this day.Lots of love and lots of good business  R.

Very pleased to hear about your hundred emails. You deserve it. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply to mine - you must have your time cut out.

And I know what you mean about the gay media. Too often a load of wankers. But you should send the press release to the straight press too. The Guardian seems a likely candidate! And, for a good wind up (and hopefully a lot of publicity), how about the soft porn boys' mags (Loaded, etc), and the women's press.

Whatever you do, John, you're doing a great job. Keep it up (in every sense!).

Kind regards




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