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Dog poop is the number three cause of water pollution! In the U.S., 10 million tons of dog feces pollute our water each year alone. Thankfully, this problem is preventable. Scooping your pet’s poop into earth-friendly bags is a step toward keeping neighborhoods and waterways clean and healthy.

Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Scoop Their Poop - Do any of these sound familiar to you?

The Naturalist
· It blends back into nature.

The Environmentalist
· It’s better than using a plastic bag.

The Absentminded
· I forgot a bag.

The Deviant
· Nobody saw.

The Citizen
. It’s off the walkway.

The Preservationist
· We pick it up once a week / month / year from the yard.

The Anarchist
· Who cares?

The Busy Body
· I didn’t notice. ( Oh really??)

I have to admit that when walking my dog in the woods i do not pick it up.  There are an assortmjent of animals in woods from deer to badgers, foxes and rabbits all pooing away and this is the woods we are talking about here, not a park.  If there are dog bins, then it is obvious they want you to pick it up, so i do, but no bins,  I don't bother.

I have had a couple of run-ins with people when I have offered them a bag  as I always carry spares in my pocket - and they have been quite offensive in return and I read the riot act at them, because councils heavily fine those who leave a mess and it causes trouble for those responsible owners when a small majority spoil it for the rest, and  so I do speak up.  

I agree with their being a dog license and every dog should be legally chipped and the license fee could even be £100 a year - as this would prohibit those irresponsible owners from owning a dog and especially those who have 4 or 5 dogs in town centres which always seems unfair on neighbours and locals.  With the RSPCA stating that over 90% of dogs are locked in the house all day while the owners are at work ( You mean 90% of dog owners have a job ??? I find that figure somewhat at odds with reality these days )  this is cruel and we would not be allowed to leave a child for this length of time unnattended.

Be a responsible dog owner and any mess made while visiting Hamilton Hall is down to the dogs owner. No use blaming the dog, s/he's just doing what comes naturally.





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