Thursday September 03 , 2015


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  1. DOGS current position


1 dog -  £10 a day -     2 days -  £15 -   3 days - £20
2 dogs - £15 per day - 2 days -  £20 -   3 days - £25
( bring your own food and blankets - we have dog bowls etc. )

For longer periods, please ask and we will sort you out a good price.

The main reason we make any charge at all for dogs is because we had to buy a £400 Dysons Vacuum Cleaner to ensure there is as little dog hair on the carpets as we can.  We also double wash bedding in the room where they have been resident - just to make sure it is clean enough for those who may have allergies against dogs.  ( and believe me, we occasionally get them.)
  Any room where a dog has stayed needs extra cleaning.

We welcome dogs here as long as they are house trained and behave themselves. 
We have a Weimerana bitch ( spayed ) who is very good natured with other dogs and and we do tell her that the other dogs are just guests, but you know what  these children are like sometimes, and we ask that you take responsibility for your dog at all times and if there are any accidents, please tell us and we can give you the stuff to clean up with, and any damage caused is to be paid for. 

Leaving your loved dog at home every time you want to go anywhere is a pain and let's face it, we miss them, and we welcome  your pooch - but please - not on the beds, couches or around the meal table.
I only ever put my dog in kennels once and she HATED IT. Never again.

You can even come walkies with me as I take Missy for a walk every day around 1pm ish and can show you some really lovely walks with views that will be enjoyed by dog and owner alike. 


We once had a dog stay here who was really excited to be on his holidays and decided to leave a little gift for us on the carpet when it went to bed in the evening.  When I pointed this out to the owner, he was so relaxed and unconcerned, I was quite taken aback. No apology - no comment in general - and when I got the cleaning stuff etc. and banged on his bedroom door a few moments later - telling the owner to please clean up after his pet, he gave me a look of total astonishment - as if he thought it should have been me cleaning up behind the dog, and as I told him,  'If you make a mess, I'd also be asking you to clean it up'    We expect normal workload from our guests, but if they leave an exceptional mess, then I will speak up and ask them to clear up behind themselves - and the same goes with his dog shit on my carpet.

I was astounded he thought it my job.

He cleaned it up, I showed him where the outside bins were, and he learned an important lesson that night. 

1)  Don't mess with John Bellamy - ha ha ha  
2)  Clean up behind your own dog.

Now I know it can happen and our little loved ones do like to sniff around and 'put their mark down' and own the teritory - it is in their nature and they know no different.  I just ask that you keep an eye open and take responsibility.

If you remember Barbara Woodhouse all those years ago,  who did a TV programme on training animals, she always said that she could train the dog in ten minutes, but that it took a LOT longer to train ther owner.

I love this picture above on the right...





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