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I often see these awards and think - well - who voted that the best pub / club / gay venue - as no one asked me and who voted it the best ???   ... and consider it all a load of bollocks to get you to spend more money in their bar.  Trip Advisor;-  while I say they are tossers and a waste of time - this certificate of excellence is an award because of the amount of positive feedback we have received from those who have stayed here and THAT is wonderful and I am proud and thrilled about that.  Compared to many other venues, we could easily be a 3 or 4 star B&B but I do not buy into the tourist board schemes which - again - are just money spinners for the council - and I do not waste my money with something that has such little meaning. 

66% of visitors attend alone.
22% attend  with a partner / friend
6% come on business


I was amazed recently to find an assortment of pillows I have never bought, and my pillows nowhere to be seen.  Same goes for blankets. I have some blankets in the rooms that I have never bought and the ones I did purchase - it seems there are just a couple  left.
So - do people steal them and leave crappy ones in their place - so did they bring a bed pillow in their luggage to swap ???



Thought you might like to see these e mails to and from Hammy Hall.  

It did make me laugh.


To Hamilton Hall :-    ' If I come to see any of your clients in the hotel do I have to pay anything?'

My Answer: :- 'I have no idea what you are talking about … . in plain English please.'

His answer :- 'In plain English: Can I come to your Hotel and have sex with your clients (I expect your clients to pay me) You can not expect me to pay for anything as I am short of money.'

My answer :-  'In plain English - FUCK OFF'




In the height of summer - in Detroit,  they are cutting off peoples water supply because they have not paid their bills ( this being the poorest portion of the community is a bankrupt city )  and then taking peoples children off them because of the health problems and sanitary problems with no water. It seems that the United States knows no end to the amount of abuse it dishes out to its people and I am disgusted at the USA, absolutely disgusted - and every day you hear and read and see more and more information that makes me thankful I no longer live there and more thankful I am not an American citizen.  This country that claims to be the land of the free - this land of those who have and those who do not - dishes up abuse iNnsuch large amounts to the innocent citizens that internal strife is coming to the boil and any time now we are going to see major unrest throughout certain states and the armed forces will go in and the police with their trigger happy fingers and I predict there will be major problems, killings, arrests, internment in the many FEMA camps and civil unrst on a major scale. 

The US government want this. Corporate America want this.  The police and officialdom is being used to stir up so much trouble and hatred by innocent people who just want to live their lives in peace while the authorities bully and push and shove and murder and destroy - and the Land of the Free will be one large concentration camp before long.

I know so many Americans who are jumping ship and moving abroad. So many are sick of corporate control of government and politicians who are paid and bribed and corrupted by big business that they will kill their Grannies and not give a damn.  This country with one of the worst health care systems in the world - the larghest gap between rich and por,  a government that doesn't care a toss about its people and only sees the mighty $ and corporate power and control.  This is the mighty Axis of Evil - this is the bully around the world and this is the country that causes more terrorism and wars than any other country on the planet. 

Shame of you America. I feel desperately  sorry for the people - the mass of those who are proud of America and her accomplishments but who are now shame faced globally for what its government and corporate companies are doing. 





I watched a cringey youtube video about 'X MEN AND THE GAY AGENDA' through the films ' X MEN' (  CLICK HERE AND WATCH IT NOW ) and how the director had sex with young boys and raped them as part of the gay agenda to turn young boys gay, and I have never ever heard anything so absurd. WHAT THE FUCK IS A GAY AGENDA ?  I have been an out gay man for alomst 50 years. I have run various gay organisations, gay business' and even worked for 20 years in the sex industry - involved with thousands of people over the years and not once, never ever - have I ever heard of a hidden gay agenda and it seems it must come from the straights who are convinced we are about to brainwash all young boys and take over the world - or something.

I must point out here that paedophilia is predominately straight - about 90% straight - and not gay at all,  yet the straights do like to scream and holla about gay men screwing young boys and in all my years I have only ever met one man who had been convicted for having a wank with a teenage boy and he as a little odd - as in he was not the sharpest pencil in the box - or to the point, he had special needs mentally himself. 

What is this gay agenda that the straight world seems to transfixed with that we gay people know absolutely nothing about - and when you say this - all they can say is that we are lying, living in denial,  hiding the truth from the people,   when the truth is - there is no gay agenda any more than there is an agenda by gay men to take over the world and turn all men gay - or for gay men to fly to the moon and make it a gay macca or any other ludicrous ideology created out of warped minds bent on some kind of fear based rhetoric that has - in many ways - been used for centuries to damn and destroy people they fear - and why do they fear gay man - 

It REALLY is about time these scared little boys grew up and turned their attention to the mass murder and mayhem their own governments are  doing in Iraq and Afghanistan and how even America is now getting into bed with their own worst enemy, the one country they claim is the creation of all evils and all terrorism ( no - not America itself although you wouldn't be far wrong ) but Iran.  Let's concentrate on truth here and not the fear based crap that so many like to throw about that is precisely that - CRAP.

Now:  If you know something about a gay agenda that I have been missing for the last 50 years - other than we demand equality and acceptance just like black, asian, aboriginal and Essex people have been demanding for decades ( just joking about those from Essex... )  then PLEASE enlighten me , but be honest, be truthful and above all, be adult and  do not approach your thoughts through your dick or through fear but through rational adult and educated input of honesty.  Anything else is just dangerous and unenlightened.




nuclear family consists of - what - exactly ?

I get tons of phone calls from call centres trying to get me to change my utilities, phones and even home insurance and so many times they make some lame excuse like :-

' Hellow Mr. Bellamy. I spoke to you or maybe your wife some time ago and was asked to call back today.'

The problem with this is that

1)  I would never ask them to call back on some other day as I am really not interested and often irritated at being cold-called in the first place:-

2)  These call centres still have not got their head around what makes a family and seem to assume that every man who answers a phone must have a wife.  This assumption is clearly wrong.

So while we have now obtained equality under the law and we have blessings, civil partnerships and weddings,  it seems that this has not trickled down to the mass of people who write the scripts for these call centre staff who still assume we all have ' a wife.'

Maybe the work ' significant other' is a bit of a mouthful or the simplar term ' partner'  seems to have missed these script writers.

I remember checking into a big grand hotel some decades ago and was asked by the reception if the room was for myself and my wife, and when I said no, my boyfriend, she was very embarrased and blushed bright red and apologised.  I laughed and made light of it and told her not to worry:-    this was Mexico after all - and back in the 1980's,  and it was a lesson for her - and myself - and one we should not need to still be putting up with in these enlightened times of 2014. 
It happened just now on the phone and this is what prompted me to write this - and when I said to the call centre staff that there was no wife so I knew she was telling a fib - as I was a gay man and very very single and very very happy to be so,  she stuttered some apology before the line went dead.

I giggled to myself imagining her telling the other call centre staff and them gigling amongst themselves...



I was also absolutely stunned with what I just saw on the news so I checked it out on various web sites.  

Almost every country has Metarnity Leave for Mothers and often Fathers when a child is born, and Sweden is at the top with the UK second and the list goes down through the various countries until you get to the United States of America which has - NONE.  Not one single day off paid leave for a Mother of Father to give birth.  

I find this disgraceful and while business needs to have strict guidelines and time periods ( say 2 years minimum employment before they can take maternity leave from a firm )  I am always stunned at how backward the USA is in so many aspects of employment.

It also has one of the worst yearly holiday / vacation periods per year for everyone in employment, with the max being 15 days while in the UK is is more like 30 days.  

People who work longer hours - productivity is lower.  Less holidays a year is the same.  You get better productivity from people who have decent holiday periods and if you work your people longer hours - you actually get less from them.

It seems the USA is more backward than we thought.




So tell me - why - exactly - do they pay footballers in the UK so much money when it seems that when we play anyone outside of the UK, they are absolutely useless ?




Handsome Felon's Mug Shot Goes Viral

his is the face of a man who has been arrested in the USA - on felony weapons charges  





I am SO loving this hot weather and how the people have changed into smiling happy people after a long and grey winter.  The garden is looking wonderful,  the town of Bournemouth is full of people enjoying the facilities we offer here, - the beaches are busy and the naked beach is full of laughter and fun.  Bournemouth is the largest holiday resort in the UK and I JUST LOVE IT when it is busy with tourists enjoying exactly what we have here and to be honest - and maybe a little biased - there is nowhere in the UK as lovely..

Bournemouth is known as the night-club capital of the southcoast - putting all other resorts like Brighton in the shade ( straight clubs that is ) and many of them look as if they should be in New York or some other city as they are absolutely superb clubs.  Sandy beaches not stoney - hundreds of restaurants and cafes, all the shops you could ever want and if you come to Boscombe shopping you will find a huge aray of owner run shops that are not all part of multinational chains - which is unusual these days as all high streets are usually the same...  Stunning parks with an amazing aray of tropical plants and palm trees,  theatres, swimming pools, golf cources, casino's, cinemas ( Bournemouth was the fist place in the country to have a twin cinema in one building - back in th '60's )  and we even have our own Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.  Dorset is the most beautiful county for country drives and walks, and in August we have the huge Air Show and even athe worlds largest Steam Fair.

The gay scene has shrunk here recently with two of our bars closing and we now have just 2 bars, 2 clubs and 2 saunas,  and as I always say, there is more to life than jst gay bars, whioch does amaze some people who seem to want to live gay gay gay 24 hours a day - and with maturity, may discover the shallowness of many on the gay scene.  ( or maybe I am just tuning in to an old fart... ha ha ) 

Whatever your thoughts - I absolutely love this area and would never want to return to London to live and having spent years in Mexico, Hawaii, America and many places in Europe,  this is my home and I welcome you here at any time...




Just behind Hamilton Hall, a minutes walk up the road is a small estate of small houses and some low rise flats that last year I noticed part on the garden was being done up and planted out with flowers and veg. I stopped and chatted to the guy doing the work who told me his girlfriend and himself had just moved in and wated to make it more personal for themselves, and I would chat with them over the fence as I walked my dog up to the local park just behind us.  They were a delightful couple and I gave them a hammock I didn't want and they were delighted.  I would wave as I walked past and often chat.  I was also aware that she had cancer and wore a turban to hide the fact that her hair was falling out.  It was never mentioned but it was clear to see.  Over the winter if she saw me from her window walking past, she would wave and smile.

I walked up the other day and realised the garden was returning to what it was before they moved in and I glanced up to see an empty window and my heart instantly sank.  Empty window. Empty flat;- and this indicated a passing, a death,  and it saddened me.

I never really knew either of them that well although she had seen the '3 IN A BED'; programnme and she would mention it and laugh and loved what we offer here at Hamilton Hall,  and I wish I had know them better.  It was the empty windows that got me ... a poignant sign of change taking place,  waiting for new tennants and a new beginning and every time I see the garden I shall think of them.

Not sure what happened to him - as he has presumably moved out and on with his life and I hope he is doing well.   It is hard nursing someone of a terminal illness AFTER they die, as a carer who is emotionally involved often gives up a little of their life for the period and picking it up again can be hard - especially while dealing with the grief at the same time.  It can be lonely and isolating as friends fade away often too scared and nervous of being around the dying for fear of saying and doing the wrong thing,  and picking up those friendships again can be hard.  

Click on the image to go to Cancer Research UK

Life is short. Death comes to us all so fast and whether we live to be 100 or die young,  the days and the years are all too short and when the time comes, I am sure I shall be thinking of all the things I have yet to do and shall not want to go,  and while I do not fear death,  I am enjoying the feel of the sun on my body in the garden this afternoon and the whole concept of LIFE.

I shall remember them with affection.



british gas hasn't a clue:

You have heard my story many times about how British Business Gas threatened to break my knees because of their own fuck up...  and how I would never - ever - do business with them after this.

Hamilton Hall needs a new boiler which is going to be anything up to £10,000 and I thought I would ask British Gas for a quote even though I shall use my own local guy,-  I just need some idea of price - and so far all British Gas have done is push me from pillar to post and offered such an amateurish customer service it absolutely beggars belief why anyone does business with them.

I tell you - It's worse than a joke.  Not a clue. Not a wisp of common sense.  Not a damned clue.  Absolute moronic customer service and brain dead stupidity.  I have told them that unless they get their act together I shall take my HUGE ORDER - as this is a very good order - elsewhere - and each time they are very apologetic and then hand me over - yet again - to a different department who start all the way back at the beginning again asking the same redundant questions and then they get it wrong and pass me on yet again.

Running a small business I work hard at trying to get things right, and then here is this multi billion £ company fucking it up at every turn and it beggars 


I hate to be official on the phone and demand - but when offered a very second rate service and yet you are charged top price,  there comes a time when you do start being a little firmer - some would say rude while I would saw assertive,  and demand a professional and thoroughly competant service, AS THIS IS WHAT I AM PAYING FOR AND WHAT THEY ARE IN BUSINESS TO OFFER - AND YET SAD TO SAY IT SEEMS THAT BRITISH BUSINESS GAS IS AS INCOMPETANT AS THEY EVER WERE AND HAVE NO MANNERS OF APTITUDE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

It is plainly a disgusting abuse of the people who keep them in business.

Disgraceful - absolutely disgraceful.


I have now had another series of phone calls from BBG and they apologised that they did not realise I was a hotel ( even though there is a hint in the address - HAMILTON HALL HOTEL )  and not one member of staff decided to switch their brain on and use their common sense, as - obviously - when they go to work for BBG  they have to have a labotomy in order to be able to offer such a stupid, dumb and incompetant service - as I absolutely cannot believe people really are this stupid on their own without some kind of medical  / surgical interference.  

So amongst many more apologies, I now have another apointment for someone to come and see about the boiler and I shall be surprised if I get anything from them other than more stupid behaviour and as far as their adverts on the telly are concerned, I could certainly write them a whole new advertising campaign which would warn the customer -








Julian Assange's dramatic arrival at the Ecuadorian embassy

The news today is about how Julian Assagne has been holled up in the embassy for 2 years at a cost of around £11,000 a day to tax payers to keep a police presence outside in case he tries to leave.


£70,000 a week from tax payers money.

Remember guys:  This man is only wanted for questioning - THAT IS ALL - to answer questions on trumped up charges of rape.  I do not see the gobvernment paying out millions of £ looking for other people who have not been proven huilty, have no warrants out for their arrest or anything else illegal - he is only wanted FOR QUESTIONING by Sweden... THAT IS ALL,   and we all know it is because America wants to get their hands on him because he has shown the world what a criminal and immoral government it has and they wish to silence him and hide their guilt.

This is absolute madness.  I fully support this man and all wistleblowers who expose government corruption and abuses and this is another government abuse - wasting so much money - OUR MONEY - and over 2 years that is over £7 MILLION - and for what ?

The USA want this man. Period. I do NOT believe the trumped up charhges against this man - it is just an excuse for the US government to bully its way around the globe and shut up anyone who tells the public the evils they are getting up to. 




On November 1 2014 we have a major problem ! The British parliament loses the right to legislate over us in 43 very important areas, the British parliament will have to seek approval from the EU for any laws they wish to pass on those 43 areas. The British Parliament also loses the right of veto over those areas. Those areas are as follows:

1)Administrative cooperation, 2)Asylum, 3)Border Controls, 4)Citizens initiative regulations, 5)Civil Protection, 6)Committee of the regions, 7)Common Defence Policy, 8)Crime prevention incentives, 9)Criminal judicial cooperation, 10)Criminal Law,   11)Culture, 12)Diplomatic judicial cooperation, 13)Economic Social Committee, 14) Emergency International aid, 15)Energy, 16)EU Budget, 17)Eurojust, 18)European Central Bank, 19)European Court of Justice, 20)Europol,  21)Eurozone external representation, 22)Foreign Affairs High Representation Election, 23)Freedom of Movement of Workers, 24)Freedom to Establish a Business, 25)Freedom, Security, Justice, cooperation & evaluation policy, 26)Funding the Common Foreign & Security Policy, 27)General economic interest services, 28)Humanitarian Aid, 29)Immigration, 30)Intellectual property,
31) Organisation of the Council of the EU, 32)Police cooperation, 33)President of the European Council election, 34)Response to natural disaster & terrorism, 35)Rules concerning the Armaments Agency, 36)Self-employment rights, 37)Social Security Unanimity, 38)Space, 39)Sport, 40)Structural & Cohesion Funds, 41)Tourism, 42)Transport, 43)Withdrawal of a member state


After UKIP won a resounding success in the recent elections,  barely a week goes by before the EU is demanding billions more from the UK to pay towards those corrupt countries who have screwed the system within Europe and now expect the UK to cough up more billions to help them out of the shit they put themselves into through fraud and corruption.   IT ABSOLUTELY BEGGARS BELIEF and either the EU commision is having a laugh at us and assume we are absolute assholes, - or they are the assholes with absolutely no idea what is going on in the real world.

When a country shows quite clearly that it wants out of Europe - or at least some radical changes made - and they then completely ignore this and slam a huge extra charge against us - either they are just fucking morons or this is deliberate - and whatever it may be -   I am now questioning the EU and how it is run and the corruption and blatant fraud and question why we are paying so many billions into this boys club that sees fit to throw this kind of abuse at the UK.




Love spending the day in  the garden - siting geting the sun - and with this spectacular weather lately, I get as much as I can, which is not a lot as I have work to do, but this morning look what I found at the bottom of the garden growing in the bushes..... and I have to say it was a surprise to me as I thought it was going to be a Sun Flower yet this weedy thing grew up instead.

To hell with tomatoes and lettuce - I think I know what I want to grow every year from now on... 

Now, I am not sure what I should do with this example of flowemanhood - maybe pick it and put it in a vase of water and take it to my bedroom and see how it can brighten my evenings...  or set it free to grow and roam where it wants - or keep it prisoner for my enjoyment only.

WTF am I going on about ?  Too much sun perhaps ?  Whatever;-   He is quite a catch.  Just wish he really was in my garden...

Ah well, time to get naked and get some sun.  It is so nice now the summer is here and that long wet - but mild - winter is over. Pray for long hot sunny days and warm evenings where we keep windpows open all the time and enjoy the fresh sea breeze through the house and enjoy the smells of the ocean, flowers and summer.

That leaf he is holding is not that big though.....




Drag Queen Panti Bliss's

viral homophobia speech

6 February 2014 Last updated at 22:03 GMT

An impassioned speech by an Irish drag queen about what constitutes homophobia has been viewed more than 300,000 times on YouTube, prompting thousands of comments.

Panti Bliss was already an icon of Ireland's gay scene, but her profile has just rocketed. In a speech at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin at the weekend, Panti spoke of the "oppression" she feels as a gay person living in Ireland - including her own sense of internalised oppression.

Filmed by Conor Horgan





an amazing lyric and video about gay love



The world only beats a path to your door when you're in the bathroom.

This amazing video of 4 black swans surfing the tide 



When I'm finally holding all the right cards, everyone wants to play chess.


It was a whole lot easier to get older than it was to get wiser.






This is so sweet, a dog who discovers he doesn't have to swim





Dear John

Geoff and I visisted Hamilton Hall many times over the years and you will remember how we hated leaving at the end of the various periods with you,  and always looked forward to the next visit.  Geoff died recently as he had been ill for some time  and knew for the last few years that he was terminal and while we kept this to ourselves,  we were determined to make his last year or so memorable.  

He loved his stays with you and the way you made us laugh.  He loved the dinners around the table together and how you kept the conversation going. He always laughed and smiled when we spoke of you at home and when something happened that reminded us of you, he would say  ' Oh that's a John Bellamy that is ...'  

Geoff was 66 years of age and I will miss him dearly and know,  that at the moment, I cannot return to Hamilton Hall as it has too many memories for me.  One day in a year or so I shall see you again but the memories are still too close and I need some space to find my journey alone and without Geoff ( we were together for 18 years )  and see where my future takes me.

I thank you John for what you have given so freely - the love and support for so many people through Hamilton Hall and know that a lot of happy memories that died with Geoff are now joined with a higher power - and that one day I shall also be re joining Geoff on that journey, but before then I wanted to say thank you for everything.  




Tony Bray died just before Christmas, and I shall miss him.  He was a good and dear friend who visited and loved Hamilton Hall and would sit in the Conservatory meeting and greeting people as they came and went and everyone loved his peaceful and charming manner.  He was 79 years of age and a real sweetheart.    He will be missed, dearly missed.








Take a look HERE






Every penny raised goes to help the many people we help with food, company, a week or  weekend away, counseling, and even sometimes helping with clothes. In one case we bought a homeless student a bike to get to college on,  and in another , a guitar and lessons to play for a local lad whose life was aimless and he was stoned on drugs all day and all night and we are today, guiding him into making  a life for himself - get his act together - and have some order in his empty life.  We do what we do for absolutely no reason other than 

This web site makes some useful suggestions to HOW TO COPE WITH HOMOPHOBIC FAMILIES









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