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I often see these awards and think - well - who voted that the best pub / club / gay venue - as no one asked me and who voted it the best ???   ... and consider it all a load of bollocks to get you to spend more money in their bar.  Trip Advisor;-  while I say they are tossers and a waste of time - this certificate of excellence is an award because of the amount of positive feedback we have received from those who have stayed here and THAT is wonderful and I am proud and thrilled about that.  Compared to many other venues, we could easily be a 3 or 4 star B&B but I do not buy into the tourist board schemes which - again - are just money spinners for the council - and I do not waste my money with something that has such little meaning. 

66% of visitors attend alone.
22% attend  with a partner / friend
6% come on business




In the paper today ( 16/10/14)  concerning the Mayor of London NOT wanting to ban smoking in parks etc - cancer specialist Lord Ara Darzi claims 8,400 people a year die in London from the effects of smoking while completely ignoring how when a friend of mine died of throat cancer a decade ago, we were told that smoking was the 3rd reason for throat cancer while binge drinking was second and urban living was the biggest cause of throat cancer in the UK and yet this so called cancer specialist chooses to completely ignore this and still ' toe the line' and claim it all to be on smoking.

Nowhere does he state the full and accurate facts and nowhere is booze even mentioned.  This contempt for the truth and contempt for sharing the truth is disgraceful and dishonest.  Maybe Lord Darzi needs to learn the truth or maybe he is just being misled like so many people by a government who hides the truth and shares mistruths and blatant lies.

Where is the health warning on bottles of wine, and it should be the same size as is found on a packet of cigarettes, like 1/3rd the entire size of the carton, and with a picture of a liver diseased with drinking problems... and where is it to be found on cans of beer or bottles of gin ?  It seems that considering the dangers of alcohol are so well known - why is it kept a secret from the public that it is more harmful than smoking and why then,  are the health warnings on packaging so ignored. 




I have been so stressed all summer struggling with a computer that although is only  a year old, has always given me major headaches by crashing all the time, deleting stuff I have written and generally messing up and making work for me so long winded and frustrating, I despair.  Time for a new one - and time for someone who is expert and good to assist and take control if and when something goes wrong and who can put it right and not on a temporary basis,  as I already have more work than I can handle and when I waste hours every day trying to run my business with a screwed computer,  it really stresses me out.  So if you are local and wish to help - paid naturally - please get in touch. 01202-399227



I was awaoken last night with heavy rain falling and it is so cozy - laying all warm and snuggled dowen and hearing the rain outside and being all safe.   There is something about the sound of rain that many like and I am reminded of one of my very first memories - going out with my parents when I was around 3 or 4 - alone and not with my brother and sister, and it was raining and I remember holding my mothers hand and walking in the rain and being so happy.  It is a memory that has always been with me and always comes to me whenever I hear the rain.   Mind you,  if out in it you ned to be dressed accordingly and I dislike getting ewet and cold and even my dog dislikes the rain and the look she gives me sometimes... ha ha ...  is so comical - as she does not like getting wet or even walking in water and I do keep towels in the cart to dry her off with and she is so greatful when we do get back in the dry...  bless her...

Christmas and New Year at Hamilton Hall have just a few vacancies open. BOOK NOW.

Just had a guest here who I do have such a laugh with and it is always great when this happens. He has been coming for some years and he is very protective of me and Hammy Hall and this means a great deal to me.   He even brought me a case of wine for Christmas - which ' every litle helps'  and is returning for our New Year period ( almost fully booked already ) and I just know we will have such a laugh... 
That's the great thing of running a venue like Hammy Hall, you never know who is going to walk through the front door next, and not juist some random anonymous guest, as no one is ever an anonymous guest here - and to chat and share, giggle and get to know - is wonderful and we do get some interesting and some amazing people here... and I truly believe that everyone has a story and everyone is as interesting when you get to know them.
Love it.



I had a lovely conversation with a women from around the corner the other evening as the council has replaced all the street lights with new cost effective lights, and naturally,  the one near Hamilton Hall does not work ( give me strength... ) and it is REALLY dark and quite spooky at nights,  so I have been leaving my outside sign lit up at nights to illuminate the area and make it safer for people, and she stopped me to say what a kind and thoughtful gesture it was for others.  I honestly didn't think anyone had noticed my gesture,  as it came home to me when I let the dog out at night and needed a torch to keep an eye on her, and the automatic thing was that if this was too dark for me, it was for others as well and the immediate thing was to simply switch the outside light on, something I have never done, - or at least - maybe only twice a year. 
It has now been two weeks since reporting it not working to the council and yet nothing has as yet been done to rectify the error in replacing a fully functional working street light, with a more efficient one that does not work at all.



STREISAND ( aaahhh.....  love her..... )

It's official - Barbra Streisand's
Partners has entered the Billboard 200 chart at #1, making her the only recording artist in history to have a number one release in six consecutive decades!

Some might think this a little ' too gay ' but fuck'em.  I have loved Streisand since I was 16 years of age and bought every album, saw every film and TV interview and saw her live in concert 3 times and even went to the Royal Premier of 'Prince of Tides' and sat not 12 feet away from Princess Diana and Streisand... and have been a fan for a long time and I am thrilled that this new CD is so popular, for while it is not Streisand the belter - this is Streisand at 73 years of age and doing damned well.  It has a more mellow feel - probably because of her age and probably because her voice is more mature and lower in key,  and although I didn't think I was going to like the CD - and while I have never heard of half the male singers she is dueting with,  it aint half bad for an old girl... and well worth the money. 

Good on yu Babs... How about another Partners album but this time - as was originally thought - duets with Bette Midler, Byonce and other women singers... Now that would certainly get my attention.


This is the new poster to be found

at the front door when you walk up.

It is viewed by all those walking by and everyone can see that we are PEOPLE MOTIVATED - NOT PROFIT DRIVEN - and I get a great many comments from locals about how we offer so much for free.



I was gob smacked when I noticed today that 5 or 6 DVD's have been taken from our Bookshelf of FOR SALE items and considering I was selling these for someone else, I have now to pay him for something that a guest has stolen.

NOT FOR PROFIT guys - means just that - and someone STOLE FROM US ?

I am gob smacked - stunned and appalled that someone would steal from us, and as the DVD's were only between £5 and £7 each, is hardly a fortune and considering the value we offer here and the service,  to steal is just so low life, so common and so plebeian.


Birthday Boy

Stuart turned 71 this week and we had a roast chicken dinner here at Hammy Hall to celebrate with a Birthday Cake and everything, and then watched X Factor - ( how sad are we... )  Stuart is a regular customer here - coming at least 7 or 8 times a year  and just about everyone knows him by now.  I tease the crap out of him, always taking the piss and saying some funny something about him, to him, and he just laughs, although when I tease him about eating and being fat and this not being good for his health and how he needs to diet, he knows what I am saying to be true and I do keep on at him as he seems not to bother watching his weight and his health problems but complains all the time... so - if you do nothing about loosing weight,  you have no right to complain either.  So Happy Birthday Stuart... 71 years young.




Spirituality and Men (SAM)
is a self-development group run by men for men, aiming to explore the spirit of man through informative dialogue, honest interaction and the silence of meditation.

This group meets on the first Sunday of every month at Global Co-operation House.


For further information, please contact the SAM team:



Thought you might like to see these e mails to and from Hammy Hall.  

It did make me laugh.


To Hamilton Hall :-    ' If I come to see any of your clients in the hotel do I have to pay anything?'

My Answer: :- 'I have no idea what you are talking about … . in plain English please.'

His answer :- 'In plain English: Can I come to your Hotel and have sex with your clients (I expect your clients to pay me) You can not expect me to pay for anything as I am short of money.'

My answer :-  'In plain English - FUCK OFF'





It is such a shame when someone turns into a vile bitchy queen,  obnoxious and agressive, doesn't listen and repeats the same old crap over and over and over and who will not listen and will not calm down and will not respect others and will not behave - after they have had a few drinks.  Personally I dislike drunks. I dislike their whole demeaneur even if giggly and fun.  I especially dislike it when they are too ' in your face'  and will not take no for an answer and will not leave you alone and back off... and last night I had to have a little talk with someone over their behaviour and again this morning as it is not fun for me and when other guests mention it over breakfast and when I find out how others were disturbed by it, then I know it is time to take action and control the situation before it gets out of hand. 
A lame apology was eventually forthcoming but only after a severe talk from myself,  and we shall see if the good guy returns or the bad guy - as the bad guy will be told to leave if he cannot behave himself.  We all want a pleasant few days and my guests deserve the best that we can offer and when one individual with attitude spoils it for the others,  then this individual obviously has a need, a desperate need, for attention at any cost,  and this is where the therapist side of me kicks in and recognises various signs and where I put my therapist hat on ( so to speak )  - and tell people to behave.  Bit like a strong Mother figure... 

Sadly this individual ' had a go' at several people staying and most left the room every time he came in and he became the talking point of the weekend - with much fun and laughter spoken about him behind his back,  as everyone was gobsmacked at his vile attituide, rude manner and agressivness.  He was not physically threatening,  just one of those gobby vile queens who sees life in a very distorted and disturbing way compared to just about everyone else and this attempt to ruin the weekend for everyone else backfired on him as everyone just walked out and ignored him.

One evening everyone was playing a game in the lounge and slowly everyone left and came up to my apartment where we sat and watched a movie together and chilled, laughed and generally had fun and it was some time later they shared with me that they had come up because they wanted to get away from ' the man'  and while this made me giggle,  I did feel sorry for a man who did not know how to behave to such a degree that he and his lover were abaondoned by just about everyone as they simply didn't like being with them.

I had words twice with the guys partner and told him the full facts and he even said he had wondered why everyone had left the lounge the night before and wondered where everyone had  gone and how they were left alone all evening, and I had to make sure he knew the exact reason, as if he cannot get through to Mr. Vile' then the man will never learn and grow and improve.

So - not being afraid to speak up - I did - and it is doubtful anything will change,  but it is a very long time ago since I met a more vile gay man who everyone grew to dislike intensley.  Booze was part of the story and a fucked up individual was a large part of it as well.

Luckily,  this is very rare at Hammy Hall and I sincerely hope he hears what was said and makes some changes or he will end up a very lonely and sad old man with no friends.


I have  also become very aware this summer how many people assume I only have one e mail or one phone call per day to answer - theirs - and that when they phone I should know who they are, what they are talking about and everything that may have been mentioned in an e mail - one of between 50 - 100 received every day - and was probably answered hours beforehand.
Telling me how to run my business is going to get my goat.  Telling me how you intend doing business with me regardless of how I choose to do business is going to irritate and when I state my case, clear and honest,  they seem to think I am rude for ignoring their input when they have utterly and completely ignored my business accumen and how I actually do business and they have told me how they intend to proceed with absolutely no consideration for me at all,  and I do not stand for it. 

WTF planet are these guys from.

Try making a hotel booking at the Savoy in London - or book a flight on BA and see how quickly the booking is made when you state you do not have a credit card but will pay cash on the day / on arrival, and that yes - you are honest and genuine and yes, you can be trusted - honestly ... and either they consider the world to be an absolute idiot or they assume I am, and naturally, they get told we do not do business this way and the attitude I get in return is often breath taking in its rudeness towards me.

I appreciate a lot of married men are worried about being found out and wish to remain anonymous;-   but I also am considerate of my customers safety and security in the building and I need confirmed bookings from everyone to add to that security and protection.  Last evening a customer opened the front door to a complete stranger who was ringing the front door bell and who hadn't considered the ramification of what he was doing - especially as I was on my way down to answer the door -  and how this complete stranger could have been anyone;-   a queer basher - the vice squad, an abusive homophobe -  or a vouyeur who just wants to come in and see some naked men - and it could have been anyone - and while we have never - ever - had any problems like this - the customer who opened the front door didn't know this and not only that, when opening the door my dog went out and he had absolutely no control over trying to get my dog back in.  I gently told him not to do this again and he was completely taken-aback at why I was teklling him off  and I had to point out some of the above facts to him and bring him into awareness of his stupidity in someone elses venue.

If I come to your home and you are busy somewhere, I am not about to answer your phone if it rings unless you tell me to - or answer your front door to a complete stranger without your permission and I MOST CERTAINLY would not invade your privacy and allow strangers I do not know into your home even if they do say they are your friends, as I don't know them.

The mind boggles - it really does.





I watched a cringey youtube video about 'X MEN AND THE GAY AGENDA' through the films ' X MEN' (  CLICK HERE AND WATCH IT NOW ) and how the director had sex with young boys and raped them as part of the gay agenda to turn young boys gay, and I have never ever heard anything so absurd. WHAT THE FUCK IS A GAY AGENDA ?  I have been an out gay man for alomst 50 years. I have run various gay organisations, gay business' and even worked for 20 years in the sex industry - involved with thousands of people over the years and not once, never ever - have I ever heard of a hidden gay agenda and it seems it must come from the straights who are convinced we are about to brainwash all young boys and take over the world - or something.

I must point out here that paedophilia is predominately straight - about 90% straight - and not gay at all,  yet the straights do like to scream and holla about gay men screwing young boys and in all my years I have only ever met one man who had been convicted for having a wank with a teenage boy and he as a little odd - as in he was not the sharpest pencil in the box - or to the point, he had special needs mentally himself. 

What is this gay agenda that the straight world seems to transfixed with that we gay people know absolutely nothing about - and when you say this - all they can say is that we are lying, living in denial,  hiding the truth from the people,   when the truth is - there is no gay agenda any more than there is an agenda by gay men to take over the world and turn all men gay - or for gay men to fly to the moon and make it a gay macca or any other ludicrous ideology created out of warped minds bent on some kind of fear based rhetoric that has - in many ways - been used for centuries to damn and destroy people they fear - and why do they fear gay man - 

It REALLY is about time these scared little boys grew up and turned their attention to the mass murder and mayhem their own governments are  doing in Iraq and Afghanistan and how even America is now getting into bed with their own worst enemy, the one country they claim is the creation of all evils and all terrorism ( no - not America itself although you wouldn't be far wrong ) but Iran.  Let's concentrate on truth here and not the fear based crap that so many like to throw about that is precisely that - CRAP.

Now:  If you know something about a gay agenda that I have been missing for the last 50 years - other than we demand equality and acceptance just like black, asian, aboriginal and Essex people have been demanding for decades ( just joking about those from Essex... )  then PLEASE enlighten me , but be honest, be truthful and above all, be adult and  do not approach your thoughts through your dick or through fear but through rational adult and educated input of honesty.  Anything else is just dangerous and unenlightened.




Now that the summer is over we are allowed with the dog on the beach again and she just loves it... hates the water --- but loves the sand and running around.
Any day you fancy a glorious walk with me and my dog, usually around 1pm,  just pop on by and you are very welcome to join us and we can chat and share a laugh while we take in some beautiful scenery somewhere, not necissarily the ebach, as Bournemouth has tons of stunning places to walk a dog.






How in the world can the NFL be considered a nonprofit organization that doesn't have to pay taxes?

As CNN recently reported, the National Football League is a $10 billion a year industry, and it's head makes $44 million a year. Even still, the IRS treats the NFL like a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Tell your U.S. Senators to eliminate the NFL’s ridiculous tax-exempt status and make them pay their fair share.

It turns out that defending domestic abusers and refusing to change an unquestionably racist team name is not acceptable in the 21st century. And now a movement is building to correct another ridiculous injustice perpetuated by the National Football League.

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) just introduced a bill that would eliminate the NFL’s ridiculous tax-exempt status—in response to its refusal to address the name of the Washington Redskins. The bill has the support of tribal leaders and thousands of Americans who are tired of paying more taxes so that the NFL can continue to be classified as a non-profit.

Will you join us in supporting this bill, and finally revoke the NFL's tax-exemption?

John's comment:  It seems that where ever you go  corporations and big business like IKEA,   are screwing the system and paying no tax while we - the little people,  do all the financial paying into the tax coffers whereas these big guns should be making their contribution as well.  Disgraceful the government allows this.








Julian Assange's dramatic arrival at the Ecuadorian embassy

The news today is about how Julian Assagne has been holled up in the embassy for 2 years at a cost of around £11,000 a day to tax payers to keep a police presence outside in case he tries to leave.


£70,000 a week from tax payers money.

Remember guys:  This man is only wanted for questioning - THAT IS ALL - to answer questions on trumped up charges of rape.  I do not see the government paying out millions of £ looking for other people who have not been proven guilty, have no warrants out for their arrest or anything else illegal - he is only wanted FOR QUESTIONING by Sweden... THAT IS ALL,   and we all know it is because America wants to get their hands on him because he has shown the world what a criminal and immoral government it has and they wish to silence him and hide their guilt.

This is absolute madness.  I fully support this man and all wistleblowers who expose government corruption and abuses and this is another government abuse - wasting so much money - OUR MONEY - and over 2 years that is over £7 MILLION - and for what ?

The USA want this man. Period. I do NOT believe the trumped up charhges against this man - it is just an excuse for the US government to bully its way around the globe and shut up anyone who tells the public the evils they are getting up to. 




On November 1 2014 we have a major problem ! The British parliament loses the right to legislate over us in 43 very important areas, the British parliament will have to seek approval from the EU for any laws they wish to pass on those 43 areas. The British Parliament also loses the right of veto over those areas. Those areas are as follows:

1)Administrative cooperation, 2)Asylum, 3)Border Controls, 4)Citizens initiative regulations, 5)Civil Protection, 6)Committee of the regions, 7)Common Defence Policy, 8)Crime prevention incentives, 9)Criminal judicial cooperation, 10)Criminal Law,   11)Culture, 12)Diplomatic judicial cooperation, 13)Economic Social Committee, 14) Emergency International aid, 15)Energy, 16)EU Budget, 17)Eurojust, 18)European Central Bank, 19)European Court of Justice, 20)Europol,  21)Eurozone external representation, 22)Foreign Affairs High Representation Election, 23)Freedom of Movement of Workers, 24)Freedom to Establish a Business, 25)Freedom, Security, Justice, cooperation & evaluation policy, 26)Funding the Common Foreign & Security Policy, 27)General economic interest services, 28)Humanitarian Aid, 29)Immigration, 30)Intellectual property,
31) Organisation of the Council of the EU, 32)Police cooperation, 33)President of the European Council election, 34)Response to natural disaster & terrorism, 35)Rules concerning the Armaments Agency, 36)Self-employment rights, 37)Social Security Unanimity, 38)Space, 39)Sport, 40)Structural & Cohesion Funds, 41)Tourism, 42)Transport, 43)Withdrawal of a member state


After UKIP won a resounding success in the recent elections,  barely a week goes by before the EU is demanding billions more from the UK to pay towards those corrupt countries who have screwed the system within Europe and now expect the UK to cough up more billions to help them out of the shit they put themselves into through fraud and corruption.   IT ABSOLUTELY BEGGARS BELIEF and either the EU commision is having a laugh at us and assume we are absolute assholes, - or they are the assholes with absolutely no idea what is going on in the real world.

When a country shows quite clearly that it wants out of Europe - or at least some radical changes made - and they then completely ignore this and slam a huge extra charge against us - either they are just fucking morons or this is deliberate - and whatever it may be -   I am now questioning the EU and how it is run and the corruption and blatant fraud and question why we are paying so many billions into this boys club that sees fit to throw this kind of abuse at the UK.




Love spending the day in  the garden - siting geting the sun - and with this spectacular weather lately, I get as much as I can, which is not a lot as I have work to do, but this morning look what I found at the bottom of the garden growing in the bushes..... and I have to say it was a surprise to me as I thought it was going to be a Sun Flower yet this weedy thing grew up instead.

To hell with tomatoes and lettuce - I think I know what I want to grow every year from now on... 

Now, I am not sure what I should do with this example of flowemanhood - maybe pick it and put it in a vase of water and take it to my bedroom and see how it can brighten my evenings...  or set it free to grow and roam where it wants - or keep it prisoner for my enjoyment only.

WTF am I going on about ?  Too much sun perhaps ?  Whatever;-   He is quite a catch.  Just wish he really was in my garden...

Ah well, time to get naked and get some sun.  It is so nice now the summer is here and that long wet - but mild - winter is over. Pray for long hot sunny days and warm evenings where we keep windpows open all the time and enjoy the fresh sea breeze through the house and enjoy the smells of the ocean, flowers and summer.

That leaf he is holding is not that big though.....




Drag Queen Panti Bliss's

viral homophobia speech

6 February 2014 Last updated at 22:03 GMT

An impassioned speech by an Irish drag queen about what constitutes homophobia has been viewed more than 300,000 times on YouTube, prompting thousands of comments.

Panti Bliss was already an icon of Ireland's gay scene, but her profile has just rocketed. In a speech at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin at the weekend, Panti spoke of the "oppression" she feels as a gay person living in Ireland - including her own sense of internalised oppression.

Filmed by Conor Horgan





an amazing lyric and video about gay love



The world only beats a path to your door when you're in the bathroom.

This amazing video of 4 black swans surfing the tide 



When I'm finally holding all the right cards, everyone wants to play chess.


It was a whole lot easier to get older than it was to get wiser.






This is so sweet, a dog who discovers he doesn't have to swim





Dear John

Geoff and I visisted Hamilton Hall many times over the years and you will remember how we hated leaving at the end of the various periods with you,  and always looked forward to the next visit.  Geoff died recently as he had been ill for some time  and knew for the last few years that he was terminal and while we kept this to ourselves,  we were determined to make his last year or so memorable.  

He loved his stays with you and the way you made us laugh.  He loved the dinners around the table together and how you kept the conversation going. He always laughed and smiled when we spoke of you at home and when something happened that reminded us of you, he would say  ' Oh that's a John Bellamy that is ...'  

Geoff was 66 years of age and I will miss him dearly and know,  that at the moment, I cannot return to Hamilton Hall as it has too many memories for me.  One day in a year or so I shall see you again but the memories are still too close and I need some space to find my journey alone and without Geoff ( we were together for 18 years )  and see where my future takes me.

I thank you John for what you have given so freely - the love and support for so many people through Hamilton Hall and know that a lot of happy memories that died with Geoff are now joined with a higher power - and that one day I shall also be re joining Geoff on that journey, but before then I wanted to say thank you for everything.  




Tony Bray died just before Christmas, and I shall miss him.  He was a good and dear friend who visited and loved Hamilton Hall and would sit in the Conservatory meeting and greeting people as they came and went and everyone loved his peaceful and charming manner.  He was 79 years of age and a real sweetheart.    He will be missed, dearly missed.








Take a look HERE






Every penny raised goes to help the many people we help with food, company, a week or  weekend away, counseling, and even sometimes helping with clothes. In one case we bought a homeless student a bike to get to college on,  and in another , a guitar and lessons to play for a local lad whose life was aimless and he was stoned on drugs all day and all night and we are today, guiding him into making  a life for himself - get his act together - and have some order in his empty life.  We do what we do for absolutely no reason other than 

This web site makes some useful suggestions to HOW TO COPE WITH HOMOPHOBIC FAMILIES