Saturday August 29 , 2015




If you can find another exclusively men only hotel ( not private members club ) here in the UK that has  bedrooms as spacious and luxurious as ours, with better indoor space to chill and relax in,  and  is comparatively priced to us while offering superior value for money,  is fully insured and up-to-date with all the relevant fire precautions and current legal requirements etc. and is not just a private house with a couple of spare bedrooms they rent out;-   and is as intimate and as friendly as Hamilton Hall, and offering as many free hot and cold refreshments 24/7 as us,   within 60 days of staying with us,  we will refund your stay at Hamilton Hall TWICE OVER  as we are THAT confident in our venue .  We will need you to supply the other veues web address and allow us some time to 'check them out' and if you are proven correct, we will be delighted to re pay your money twice over and make some notes about the other venue - in order to improve ours.

We have never - EVER - had to pay out in this manner as no one has ever claimed another men only venue to be better than ours. We opened in 2000 and have gone from strength to strength.


I frequently watch the TV programme 'Hotel Inspector' ( I think she is fabulous ) and see the absolute dumps there are out there that are charging as much - and often a great deal more - than us,   and I am absolutely shocked that there are so many really dreadful places available for tourists to stay at. Admitedly - most are straight venues,  and the frilly curtains and bed spreads, the chintzy lamp shades and mis matched decor, the worn and stained carpets and dirty showers, the greasy food and lack of any atmosphere - is disheartening.  There are those gay venues with great style and are quite lovely, just as there are also those with dreadful decor, arrogant service, luxury rooms that are basic at best and old bedding, old beds and - just old....

I stayed at a lovely old world pub  guest house a while ago and it was  really not good  - really bad - and was £85 a night for a double room which was actually a single room with a double bed squeezed into it. 

One of the local 'gay friendly' hotels brags that is has loads of pictures of Liza and Judy around the place and this is just soooooo old hat - so 70's and so not what the gay scene is about any more. These people have so got it wrong that this is what is thought of as 'gay friendly' that it really beggars belief.  There is a whole generation of gay men out there who ask - 'Judy - who ?'

I stayed recently ( March 2012) in a 3 star ( straight )  hotel in Arundel, West Sussex and it was poor.  Dreadful bed and bedding Total disaray in the dining room at breakfast and then the food was of very VERY poor quality and badly cooked, all dried up from being on the hot plate for hours even though we still waited 45 minutes for them to plate it up.   The entire venue lacked atmosphere while being a 200 year old building,  probably last decorated some 25 years ago plus and  it was very run down and faded - and was more expensive than Hamilton Hall while offering little comforts and even charging extra for wifi. I slept badly and had dreadful backache even during the night - which stayed with me the whole of the next day.  It was really bad yet boasted 3 star AA rating. 

I know exactly what we have here at

Hamilton Hall


I know what it is worth and what we offer compared to others. I know - I have done my research and believe me,  I have never, ever, stayed at a venue that even comes close to Hamilton Hall, for all it has to offer - for mind, body AND soul.

Life is a beautiful and wonderous thing and we offer a truly lovely place and as far as we can,  we go a lot LOT further than most places you will stay at and - come to that - anywhere I have ever stayed - and there have been quite a few. 

You see, there simply is nowhere like Hamilton Hall.  Period.


Someone contacted me some time ago about another place that calls itself a retreat  for gay men - and it was just a private house with a couple of spare bedrooms.  It looked okay - a bit cluttered and old fashioned as it was a private house.  It had no Business Insurance - No Fire Precautions or Health & Safety Certificates or Fire Doors or Integrated Smoke Detectors or  Heat Sensors -  No Business Property Rates -No PPI or PSI licences,  and nothing that was aimed at your safe keeping.  You have no front door key and were expected to be out all day while they were at work and could not re-enter until after 6pm, although weekends they were more flexible.   It was more or less the same price as we are and yet offered none of the facilities that cost us an absolute fortune to provide for your well being, and this is just a rip off.  Tax free, cash in hand.

Another venue that someone was trying to compare with us was again, a private house owned by two guys as a naturist hotel,  but you were not allowed to be naturist until after dinner - and like above, you had to be out of the house all day as they were at work, and could only return after 6pm.  It only had one bedroom - so you would be the only person there with your two elderly hosts.

Some years ago,  someone said there was a place in France, which turned out to be a hovel with no heating, no idoor plumbing or toilet or shower facilities,  nothing legal like fire doors or anything -  and it was just a derelict barn building. In the years since then, it has had some work done on it, but it is not a  business with all the certificates that make it legal and in a world where everyone is so quick to complain and sue for damages,  it is a naive way of running a pay to stay business. Don't even think to compare us. 


So there really is NOWHERE LIKE HAMILTON HALL and as much as some people do not like it - and as much as a few find fault, - until they are willing to put their money where their mouth is - and a CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF MONEY - and work 15 hours a day - 7 days a week - 12 months a year -  for no wages - offering a host of events, seminars, workshops and retreats as well as B&B and dinners,  and who are willing to prostitute themselves in order to keep the venue in the black,  then I would be grateful that someone is willing and able to do that and be thankful.

But then. I do not take any noltice of those who choose to constantly find fault and choose to spend my time with those who actually WANT to enjoy what we offer and not those few who live with a half empty cup all the time

Life can be beautiful if you know how to view things and Hamilton Hall is a thing of beauty and for over a decade thousands have agreed with that and returned many times. 

This summer - 2013 - on average - 85% of our custom is from return visitors who have all been here many times before.  Speaks for itself. 


Dear John. Thoroughly enjoyed your place and have to write and tell how very much Roger and I enjoyed ourselves.  The casual ' at home' feel was so inviting and the warm and friendly atmosphere we have never found before.  Stayed at a few gay venues and some were nice and many were simply dreadful but yours was a breath of fresh air. We shall certainly make Hamilton Hall our get-away from now on.  Well done John. Keep it up.  Philip and Roger.