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7 ways to being  a better person


If you have some to add to this, please send them in and we will add yours to the list below. 
Thanks to CF for this one.

1:  However hurried you may be, don’t forget to say thanks to people. Even better, make time to express your gratitude in concrete ways—write a letter, bring them chocolate, or send flowers.  A simple and genmuonely felt 'thank you' means a great deal and makes people feel appreciated and valued.

2. Start your day with something joyful. Instead of murky newspaper headlines, why not turn the pages of a magazine you love? Also nice is to listen to calming music for a while. If you have a garden,  enjoy yur morning coffee watching the birds or looking at the flowers etc.  ( I love checking how things are growing in the spring and watching as my tomato plants and lettuce grow bigger by the day - and I find great joy in watering them and watching the garden grow )  It sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you are calm and happy, you will make others around you smile, too.

3. Try not to vent your stress on people who haven’t caused it. We often unthinkingly let off steam, singeing others with unkind words, just because we’re seething over something inside. Not good.  Sadly,  I have done this at times when I get 4 or 5 abusive phone calls in a row and then an innocent person calls and I might bark at them and this is unfair and hurtful;   I then feel really bad for the rest of the day.

4. If someone says or does something you didn’t like, resist the temptation to pick up the phone and say negative things about that person to a friend or confidante. Just for a while try and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Maybe you’ll realise their reasons, and be able to forgive and forget.

5. Surround yourself with good quality in everything: be it your bedsheets, books or best friends—choose well. If you don’t have sub-standard or toxic influences around you, you will automatically avoid being negative yourself.

6. Break out of a repetitive cycle. Do you find yourself constantly working/lazing/complaining? Snap out of it! Take a break, and do something that refreshes you. You will like yourself more, and so will other people around you!

7. Don’t betray a friend’s trust. If something is told to you in confidence, honour it. A research study said women cannot hold on to a secret for more than 47 hours…( gay men are probably a lot less.....  ha ha ) .




Sometimes in life we can find ourselves reacting to things in a  surprising manner that even shocks ourselves.  A person will say something ,  or you will see or read something and your reaction might not always be as you would expect and this hides an underlying problem that maybe you are not even aware of.  Many find their lives have slowed - almost as if driving on a country lane full of turns and bends where you cannot see the road ahead - and getting back onto the freeway where we can merrily speed along seeing far into the distance - can take some work.

1. What makes you crazy ?  

World politics - Your family - Job - Money shortages - No sex - Lover driving you up the wall.

Often things can get on top of you and make you a crazy thing -  becoming a burdon and when you find yourself so weighed down with all the things that seem to be going against you,  it is easy to get bogged down and stuck.  Recognising that each one of these things - in itself - is sortable - but that together they seem unsortable and all just too much,  slows you down and you can become stuck.

Write a list over a few days of all the things that do not work, or that appear not to work for you, and one by one - and where you can ONE AT A TIME - see what can be done to sort each one out - make some changes and stick with it, giving it time to work and bit by bit change will take hold and you will soon see the difference.  It is no use taking on the whole world at the same time and it is one day at a time, one task at a time.

2. Stuff that’s broken in your life - relationships,  job, car - anything really. 

If you’re not going to fix it, let it go. It’s either worth the time, money, and energy it takes to make it work, or it just isn’t. Free it, and free yourself.

3. Hanging onto an unpleasant past.

We keep things, pictures, music and even friends who are attached to unpleasant memories of someone or something and - not straight away - as we sometimes just need time to heal and we can cope with these things, but if we are stuck and really not progressing, then it can be time to symbolically say goodbye to the past and get rid of the pictures, the music and sadly sometimes even friends,  and start with a clean slate.  Some move house or even cities,  some divorce and others have a symbolic bonfire and burn those old and unpleasant memories releasing them to the universe WITH LOVE and creating a new, fresher beginning. 

4. Stuff that’s expired.

If it's in the past and should be forgotten, then let it stay in the past and allow it to be a part of your past and not part of your tomorrows. Stop writing it onto the pages of your Diary ahead of time, as a constant reminder - and start each morning with a fresh blank page with nothing but positive input.

5. Life sucks.

More importantly, life does not suck, it can be some things in your life that suck, and coming to the realization that something is not working is half way to healing.   If it is a relationship / job etc. then do something about it,   as only you can.  Be brave enough to spend time alone without the relationship and see how much better you may feel - and take a break from work and see if you feel better,    and then see how you feel when it is time to return to work. If it is with a negative mindset you return, then look for a better job or - even easier in many ways - restructure how you see your job and turn your negative thoughts into positive ones,  find reasons to like your job and start afresh.

6. Stuff that used to be a good idea.

Maybe at the time you were filled with good ideas and now you are not., Maybe you have burn-out and maybe you are just fed up.  Take a break.  See a different viewpoint - change your attitude and come from a different angle, and you'd be amazed how different something can seem if you just take the time to adjust your vision.

Look for things that no longer serve you and ways to let go of these things and this will make space for what you truly want in your lives. Start slowly with your list and take your time. Do not beat yourself up if things do not change straight away and do not give up as that's why you have become stuck in the first place. It takes work, do not be afraid to put in the hours and do not beat yourself up,  pat yourself on the shoulder every day and in every instance where you tried, in whatever way, to make change.  It will happen.  It is the law of the universe.





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