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For those who do not understand.

by John Bellamy

The big question we should all be asking
at this credit crunch - war mad - time - is


Police Brutality towards non violent demonstrators



This is not the usual kind of reading you will find on a hotel web site and I ask your indulgence in finding out a little more about what the hell is going on in the world and not close your mind to what you consider you can do nothing about. BECAUSE YOU CAN - IF YOU WANT TO.

  • If your job is at risk -
  • If you are loosing your pension -
  • If your income from savings has plummeted -
  • If you are loosing your home -
  • If you cannot afford the heating bills or to put petrol in your car -
  • If wards are closing in your local hospital and nurses asked to take a reduction in wages
  • If you are struggling during this recession / credit crunch brought on by incompetant thieving bankers and
  • If your life is harder now than it was 5 years ago because of the global down turn
  • Do you resent bankers their multi billion $ bonuses while the rest of us suffer because of their actions
  • The Chairman of RBS gets a £12 million retirement handshake for incompetance.
  • Are you angry - Then read on and find your voice, be your voice and join with others in asking - no - DEMANDING - CHANGE.

Governments do not run the country, big business does.  Corporate power is so powerful that governments bow and scrape to them and what the corporate world says - goes.  A recent show of this is when the banks fuck up and screw us all royally to the wall,  WE THEN BUY THEM OUT OF TROUBLE AND THEY CONTINUE TAKING THEIR MULTI BILLION BONUSES despite the fact that they got us into this mess in the first place;- and what do they say in return - what audacity do they come out with -


What wankers.....

Corporate Banking and Corporate Business is corrupt and mismanaged towards the customer and like a casino - is only working to favour the bank / business and not those using it.
Petrol prices are out of control and not because of  shortages but because Exon Mobil, BP and others are making multi billions in profits:-   so do not tell me there are shortages when what they are doing is screwing the customer while making record profits - and bonuses.
Gas and electricity - their rate hikes are in excess of around 50% increase ( or more ) in the last couple of years ( October 2011 ) and yet governents tell us the rate of inflation is just 2 - 4 % - which beggars belief.

It just makes for the worst and most pathetic comedy of all times.

Car insurance has gone up across the board by 40% in 2011 - and why ? 

Corporate power is bleeding us dry of every penny and at every opportunity they can and it is all profit driven and not people motivated.  They make multi billions in profits and reward themselves with multi million £ and $ bonuses while billions of people suffer BECAUSE of their legal theft.

Did you know that in 2012 / 13 the banks in the USA were given something like $50 billion by the government to pay compensation to all those it had illegally foreclosed on their properties, and




Enough people have had enough of bully boy business and politicians who are impotent to stop this greed and are taking to the streets.  It is the ignorant, the complacent and the silent majority who watch the news and learn nothing - say nothing and do nothing for fear of rocking the boat,   who are the main problem, for as long as you buy into this bullyboy way of doing business, and as long as you say and do nothing, you are allowing these abuses - IN YOUR NAME - to continue - and you must take responsibility for the mess, the chaos and the poverty that  you and others are being thrown into while big business steals billions.  This is the future parents are leaving for their children and this is the world we are creating,  one of total control by corporate power and where the individual does not have a voice, an opinion or an opportunity to foster change.

People are camping out on Wall Street and at St. Pauls here in London and all over the world people are peacefully demonstrating in this manner - saying it is time for a change, time for big business to learn some ethics, some humanity and to stop bleeding us all dry so they can take billions from us in bonuses -

Then what happens:  People take to the streets against a corrupt bully boy corporate power that is sucking the life out of the economy and then the corporate power / government - turns the police on those who are non violently standing up to be counted in opposition, and the police - who are the slaves of big business and who love to weild their batons and be bullies, use their position of power hiding behind the badge and what they claim to be 'the law' - to abuse, to beat, to pepper spray and to arrest hundreds of innocent civilians who are just - legally and non violently - standing up against this kind of corporate / police brutality - and the media  ( corporate controlled and owned ) turns it all around and claims it is the innocent civilians who are in the wrong and the poor police are simply doing their jobs. ( And in the USA there is an attempt to charge the protesters for the police and even the pepper spray used to bully them by the state - see below )

Yes - their job is to keep things as they are - where big business can bribe and steal and pay no tax and get huge tax breaks for the billion $ bonuses and we - 'the little people - the '99%' have to pay taxes that run everything while they - the '1%'  enjoy the fruits of their theft and pay  and do nothing... using the police and their brutality to squash and keep everything as it is.

We all have the right to demonstration against something we do not believe in and when it is legal theft by corporations and politicians and banks OF OUR MONEY - we have a right to demonstrate and to be heard.  The police's actions are shameful and disgusting and yet continue - and as long as we keep the momentum going and as long as youtube continues to be flooded with video clips of police brutality and as long as we ALL spread the word and demand change,  then things will change,  and we must ALL pull together and demand change.


May 2013:  

Time to break up the banks.

You need to know this. Last year, five major U.S. Banks and 49 state attorneys general agreed on a $25 billion settlement to compensate victims of abusive bank practices and foreclosure fraud. But, according to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the banksters are violating the terms of that agreement. The settlement required the banks to pay restitution to victims of illegal foreclosures, modify existing loans to keep people in their homes, and abide by new rules aimed at protecting consumers.

Despite the terms in the settlement agreement, Attorney General Schneiderman said that his office alone has documented 210 violations by Wells Fargo and 129 by Bank of America. And, he says he is prepared to file a lawsuit against the banks if the problems aren't corrected. In addition to the issues reported in New York, the settlement monitor, Joseph Smith, says his office has received nearly 6,000 consumer complaints about bank services.

These violations include not meeting loan processing deadlines, not informing borrowers of missing documents, and not making loan decisions in the 30-day period mandated by the settlement. The allegations are practically the same complaints made against the banks before the settlement agreement, and they indicate that the big banks aren't holding up their end of the bargain. The $25 billion settlement may sound like a huge payout, but only a portion of the fund was meant to repay victims of foreclosure fraud.

So, someone who lost their home in an illegal foreclosure could end up with as little as $500. And now the banksters aren't even living up the deal. This is why no settlement agreement should have been made. The big banks should have been broken up, and held accountable for their illegal practices. If too-big-to-fail means too-big-to-jail, then the big banks are too-big-to-exist. No more fines and settlements over fraud – it's time to break up the banks and it is time to jail those responsible for this current mess, as we all kn ow it is the banks and their irresponsible manner towards OUR MONEY that has caused this down turn in economics, and while we all siuffer - not one of them is...




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We are witnesses to a bankers' coup on country after country in the biggest transfer of wealth and political power from people to a tiny elite in known human history. It began with the Illuminati-engineered collapse of the banking system in September 2008. This banking crisis became a government crisis when Illuminati-controlled governments bailed out the banks and became swamped in catastrophic levels of debt.

In came the Illuminati created-and-controlled IMF and European Central Bank to 'bail out' governments which included the insistence on austerity programmes for the population, selling off state assets to Illuminati corporations at knock-down prices and now increasingly appointing bankers to become unelected political leaders of allegedly 'democratic' countries.

'Coup' is the only word to describe it - 'a sudden appropriation of leadership or power; a takeover'.
The criminal that is Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, oversaw the collapse of European economies and now says that the only way to 'fight' the crisis is for a massive centralised superstate - exactly what the 'European project' was designed to be from the very start. Jean Monnet, the Rothschild frontman and 'Founding Father' of what has become the EU, wrote in a letter to a friend on 30th April, 1952:

'Europe's nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.'

That is precisely what has happened and is still happening.


Marianne Williams speaks out

in support of the 'Occupy Movement'

Watch the video HERE


Scott Walker's
New Policy May Result in Protesters Being Charged

for the Pepper Spray Used Against Them


Faiz Shakir, ThinkProgress: "Under a new policy unveiled late this week by the Walker administration, protesters who apply for permits to protest outside government buildings in Wisconsin may be charged for clean-up costs and the presence of police officers. 'Governor Scott Walker now wants to charge protesters for the time that the police that will monitor them and presumably pepper spray them,' Current TV's Keith Olbermann observed last night."

So the state is going to deny people the right to stand up for themselves and charge them for the police and abuse aimed at them through a government determinded to stamp on anyone who says they do not agree - anyone who says they have had enough and anyone who says its time for change.  The state is going to allow big business to steal trillions from the people and then charge the people who say this is an outrage.
ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. - It may be America - but don't think this won't come to the Uk if enough people stand up against the way the banks are stealing billions from us - the people of the UK and how corporate power is screwing us all to the wall. 






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