Saturday July 04 , 2015




11am - 5pm


This is a day for those whio wish to see what Hamilton Hall is like, what we do here and to see the venue, have a chat and chill out naturally naked all day with the other guests who may be around.  Enjoy a lunch with us - and all refreshments for just £10.
No need to book, just drop in on the day - take your things off ( compulsory - no vouyeurs ) and relax with the guys.

If the weather is wet or cold then we shall arrange some indoor games
and laughter and make this a good day.

Many ask what we do here () even though this web site does go into incredible detail but some people don't like to read it for themselves they want to ask millions of questions for which I simply do not have the time or inclination to answer - but today is your day to ask away and I will chat away and guide you through what we do here and dispell some of the myths and bullshit - as we do hear what poeople are saying and so often it is so off the mark it goes beyond laughable.

1)  All the food was microwaved readymeals and slopped on a plate.
2) The hotel is really an apartment with a few spare bedrooms.

3) It only has one bathroom that everyone is forced to share and is dark and damp.
4) Everyone staying is fat, smelly and old.
4) You are forced to have sex with everyone else staying.

These are some of the things left in reviews on various web sites and is such rubbish, it beggars belief. So today - come along and find out for yourself.  Don't be shy - 'cos we are not - and you will soon be laughing and having fun in the - hopefully - sunny garden.

We look forward to seeing you soon








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