Tuesday October 21 , 2014


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On a person note :-

I am against lies, and political spin. 
I am against misinformation and the manipulation of truth, especially when it only serves big corporate business and government greed for power- at any cost.  I am against murder and the destruction of any
culture or religious ideology and I am against those who are content to allow this to happen as long as they can sit comfortably and watch their telly with their feet up while others suffer.  I am against blind ignorance in a world with an information highway and I am against those who distort and influence information for money, power and control. This is a beautiful planet that can, and does, supply all that we need - yet we go to war to control, dominate and steal to become stronger while leaving others weaker,  and we do it in the name of democracy and freedom and in the past more so than today,  in the name of God.  
If freedom comes at this price,  if freedom is the destruction of others so we can feel 'free' - then it is not freedom, it is corporate control of the masses using the police, armed forces and politicians to do the dirty work in order to keep us under control and under the illusion that we are 'free.'

I do not believe these wars are legal and correct according to the human soul.  A PRE EMPTIVE STRIKE is a declaration of war - an attack, and regardless of how you word it,  a pre emptive strike is an act of agression. 

We all know how there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and how Tony Blair seemed like the last man on the planet to admit this fact - while still declaring it was right to go to war against Sadam Hussein ( while we all know it was about oil )  and if you take the time to see what the west has done to the Arab nations,  their culture & religion,  it is no wonder they hate us.  We have  a lot to answer for and continuing the bullying because they have the oil we need,  is  what this is all about - and we all know this.

We teach our children not to fight in the playground and not to be a bully. We teach them that talking over our problems is what sorts out conflict.  We tell them that agression is bad and yet those in powerful positions to stop it,  to educate and inform,  create a vacuum where it seems the only way forward is through the very thing we say is bad - agression.  And whole communities - tens of thousands of men, women and children,  will die.

We cannot allow this to happen and the truth must prevail. I pray for the soul of mankind, that we will find a way forward in peace and harmony and where these little boys with big guns will learn to behave.

John Bellamy





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