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Naturally, we get negative e mails as well and not everyone likes Hamilton Hall - or me come to that - and I cannot - and will not - live my life in accordance with the few who don't like me,  and I concentrate on the vast majority who do accept what we offer here and my personality.  When you put yourself in the public eye - naturally there are going to be those who resent, envy and offer negative input against you and this is part of being in the public eye,  but I do not stand there and allow people to take digs at me without having a voice in return,  and just like everyone reading this,  it makes me laugh as it upsets and saddens me that there really does seem to be people out there who live by double standards and scream their 'attitude' and their 'screwed up view of life' at others - at those who are trying to do something for others with no strings attached and I question what David is doing ( see below ) except offering a questionable attitude.

My promotional e mail sent -

Valentines Weekend
February 17th - 19th 2012
Come and enjoy a romantic weekend away - just the two of you - or maybe with your new shag,  and enjoy a wonderful weekend spoiled with good company - good food and good laughter in order to help create some good memories for you both.  Or even come away on your own and who knows, you might meet the man of your dreams.

David's e mail sent in answer:-

please remove me as I am VERY offended at the content of the mail, "your new s..."
This is NOT the way to email anyone.  I have read your previous mails about helping someone in need and I thought that was so lovely and I have to admit that your photos are adorable of yourself and this is why I am so sad now at the content of your email.
I would have loved to have met you but I would NEVER be anyone's s...
I am so sad at you!
I have no wish to patronise you in any way!

David had previously signed up for our X Rated Section - ( 18 months ago - and has received loads of premotional e mails from me during this time ) - in order  to read about gay sexual things and view naked gay male sex,   and yet finds the word SHAG - so offensive - it seemingly caused him great angst - and so wrote this e mail above.  Personally,   the word HYPOCRIT comes to mind and I really think people like Daviud should grow up. 
I did answer and tell him exactly what I thought of  his e mail and it saddens me when people cannot accept their own double standards and start screaming at others. 
Everyone I showed it to were absolutely open mouthed with disgust and absolute amazement. 
I feel desperately sorry for David and hope he gets over this dreadgfully offensive word - SHAG - and that in a world going slowly mad with wars, famine, global warming, tsumanis & earth quakes killing hundreds of thousands, credit crunch, business' going bust all over the country and millions unemployed,
and the word shag causes him such angst, it beggars belief.  It really is time for David to take stock, grow up  and wake up to mkore important things in life than the word SHAG.

It is absolutely pathetic.



John: I read your e mail from that David about the word shag and I had to laugh.  I was amazed and astonished at his response and I do feel for you. I also run a gay hotel in San Francisco and sometimes we get these dreadful queens who offer such bad attitude and my lover is telling me to sell up and retire as he is really fed up with it.  He finds it hard to cope with. I admire you for putting up with people like David and good for you for replying to him.  I bet I can just imagine what you said and I hope you read the riot act to him.  There really are some damned morons out there John - you just have to keep the faith. 

Bradley B.





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