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Dear John, I had long wanted to stay at Hamilton Hall, but being disabled could not get. Now I have someone I care for, and who cares for me, we have booked to come and stay. I was impressed even more when I saw you both fearured in "Four in a bed", now by sending the "vunerable" Email it illustrates even more your kind and caring nature. As we are 76 & 75 respectively, allthough not living together but having adequate "home comforts" it is nice to find business men who are not in the trade for a quick buck, but have such an underlying care for fellow man. Just had to write to you as such a message on a cold day was so heart warmiing.
BlessPete   February 2012

Dear John. After receiving the e mail you sent out reminding us to look after our elderly neighbours during the snow and cold winter periods, I shall now definately book with you. What kindness. What consideration. Not at all what most businesses are about and I was impressed with your heart. So thoughtful it really brought a tear to my eye that here was a man, and for no reason to himself, was reminding those of us who should know,  about doing the right thing for others.  What an amazing man you are.
( Glasgow )

Hello John
I just want to thank you so much for making my stay at your home so enjoyable last week. I haven't made a mistake, your wonderful place is more like a loving and welcoming home than a hotel. From the moment of arrival you both went out of your way to make me and the other guests so welcome with all the little touches that other hotels do not seem to make, like making a cup of tea for travel weary guests etc. The room that you gave me No.6, (No I am not a number I am a free man. Remember the programme?), was very comfortable and it made a change not to have a TV and/ or tea making facilities in it. I loved it. I also loved the idea of getting up in the morning, not bothering to get dressed, to come down to breakfast in the nude, and being able to stay that way all day if I wanted to. The optional evening meals that you do for residents were excellent and well worth the cost. I would recommend other guests to try them, instead of having burgers from MacDonalds or Kentucky fried Chicken (both yuk).
I certainly will want to come and stay at your hotel again.  Love and Kisses.   David. xxxxxxxxx


One of the best hotels I've stayed in. The hotel is shek and elegant. John and Christain are the best hosts I've ever come across. Rooms are top notch, food is wonderful.Top quality!! Well done!!  Hally

John. I have stayed at scores of gay hotels since the late 1960's - here and in America and Australia, but nothing really hit the mark until I visited your place.  I was astounded at your kindness, your warmth and hospitality.  The value is brilliant and your 'not for profit' aspect I think means you should get a mention in next years Queens Honours list.  I shall most certainly return.  Barry M.

Hamilton Hall has got to be one of the best value places to stay in the UK for men. And ‘best value’ does not mean compromising any of the very high standards the owner, John, maintains. He’s a talented and practical cook, and very interesting company. All the rooms are clean and immaculately maintained; bedrooms and day rooms. I’ve just spent my first weekend there, and have come back feeling totally relaxed, and, remarkably, with some serious physical (walking) problems miraculously better. I’ve no idea why, but they are.  Malcolm

I have stayed at Hamilton Hall on several occasions now and really enjoy it. I've stayed in almost all the rooms and they are very cosy and comfortable as is the entire venue. There is a great breakfast very varied and plenty too. The house is charming and close to the sea. There are many beautiful walks around the area. Overall a great place to stay....and some of you may have seen it on channel 4 Three in a bed series....great show. E Sari.

If you read the website you will be told exactly what to expect for what ever workshop/chill out/ B&B you choose to go for. Take everything you read to be the exact truth and not sales patter. The venue is run not for profit and is completely unique in what it offers as a retreat for gay men. It is the most relaxing place to visit and a great escape from the hastle & bustle of everyday life. Exceedingly good value for money and a real home from home. Been going now for 10 years and cant recommend the place highly enough!! Well done John keep it up!! Ian. Dartford.

This was my second stay, i had previously stayed for the Weekend Massage course. I have to say on both occasions i was made to feel like family and i loved it. If you're coming to stay for a night or to stay for one of the weekend workshops i'm sure you will love it. The quality of the well furnished rooms is second to none, and the food is excellent as well. If you come for one of the workshops, it's nice to see that people are asked to leave attitude and body fascism at the door - it's not welcome and rightfully so.

All meals are eaten together around the one table, and all guest's input to the discussion is welcome. Also the banter between John and his co workers adds up to a real fun environment where the guests are treated like family. Basboi.

Dear John. I arrived nervous and aprehensive. Scared almost. Recently divorced and with 2 children and knowing I was gay all along but knowing nothing and no one, I had no idea which way to turn. Thank God I did turn on my computer and find Hamilton Hall.  I cannot tell you what a God Send it was and to meet you.  Thanks John. Your guidance and support through my time with you, the care and help offered,  has helped formulate where I go from here and I don't know anywhere else I would have got that.  I was really drowning and you threw a lifeline.  Please keep it a men only venue John,  the work you offer those of us who are confused and lost is so valuable and enables people like me to continue on with a smile on my face and my children are happy because Daddy is happy.  Dean G.


Hi John. Had to congratulate you on how you handled the old fart this weekend and his obnoxious rudeness. You were a great deal more tactful than I would have been or that he deserved and  I suppose you must get all types. His need for therapy was beyond what you were willing ti get into and well done on drawing the line in the sand - and the boundaries you set him seemed to work,  and your patience with his was remarkable. Are you always that understanding and calm ?  It just shows what a valuable venue you have there and the good work offered to those of our community that desperately need some kind of help, and you do it so freely and with such passion.  Well done.   Rob.


I read the reviews about Hamilton Hall and the owner and came to the conclusion that there are people who will like this place and people who would not, a bit like Marmite I guess.
Overall, my stay was just a few days, but at no time did I get a bad impression or want to leave. To me, it was just like going to stay with friends and not a typical hotel/B&B experience. This was down to the friendly atmosphere of the owner, staff and fellow guests and everyone was soon bonding. Being naked was optional and a bonus to stay in such an environment, simply because it was good to be able to do this in such a relaxing environment.
All in all, my stay was a good one and I would have no hesitation to return. keep up the good work guys! Daniel.

Dear John. Had to write and say a very big TAR DEARY for such a superb venue. You told me of your dream a decade ago for such a venue and how lucky you are to have been able to see that dream come into reality and I admire the work and dedication you have put into creating it.  You offer so much more than anywhere I have stayed before.  Bournemouth is now the place for me whenever I want to relaxx and be with friends, even when travelling alone. Well done to you John. Hamilton Hall is an absolute delight.  Love Richard M.


I have to take my hat off to you John.  That rude asshole who patronised you at the dinner table was just a thoroughly messed up excuse foir a human being and I was amazed how well you tried to sort him out without just telling him to sling his hook. Personally, he would have been out on his ear after what he said.  How do you pout up with those rude jealous queens ?  Richard.



 John. What can I say.  If you remember, I was the customer who knew you before you moved to Bournemouth and remember you speaking of your dream to open such a venue, and after a long decade, I visited and was stunned at what you have achieved and continue to achieve for the gay community.  It's s shame more gay businesses are not run with a similar ethos to yours - and I congratulate you.  I loved your dog Missy as well.  Good for you John, you have worked hard and deserve to do well.  Robert .



We were most unhappy with you not allowing us to use the kitchen to cook the steak and onions we had bought in advance.  We will not return. P & B
( John's comment ) - It was 11pm. The hotel would have stunk of cooking and - er - what hotel lets a customer into their kitchen to use its facilities when we offer dinners - at the end of the day we are a business and if we let everyone  cook their own food, how long do you think we'd last - and when P & B left, they stole £25 worth of stuff from us .  There are bokundaries that some people cross and do not understand when what they do is grossly offensive.  The other guests staying were gob smacked at this couples audacity. 



Hi Joihn:  Just saw you in 3 IN A BED on the internet and well done to you.  Places like yours are so needed. My brother was martried but came out as gay and he really struggled through a number of years unhappiness not knowing what to do or where to go.  I wish I'd known about your venue back then, as it would have made his journey so much easier and more comfortable for everyone concerned.  He was a mess. Luckily he met someone and they have been together fr 8 years now and really happy.  Keep up the good work John, I was so full of laughter with you on the programme and shouting rude words I didn't even know I knew at that other prickish hompophobe from the stones.  You truly shone and should be proud of yoursef.  Julia V. ( Somerset )



John: Having seen the programme 3 IN A BED we were deligthted to be given Room 3 when we came to stay recently, and as this was shown in the programme, we were thrilled.  It certainly was a delightful room and the whole experience at your lovely venue was a welcome change from other venues we have stayed at and loathed. From the moment you opened the door,  the warm and friendliness oozed and it was exactly what we needed.  Raulph lost his Father recently and was in need of some TLC and you certainly came through. Top marks John.  Mark & Raulph. ( London )


 Jeff and me really loved your place John. It was better than like home from home and better than what we were expecting, even after seeing the web site. The evening meals was a wonderful way of sharing with others and so glad no TV in the room. What a brilliant idea to bring people together the way you do, and we thoroughly enjoyed your chatter, really helped break the ice when we arrived.  What a warm welcome John, the cuppa was so welcomed and your dog - we wanted to steal her. Well done.  Stewart.


Well chilled we is. Loved your place.  So brave you are, a step ahead of others mate. We'll tell others for sure. TJ ( Kensington )



After seeing you on '3 In A Bed' last April,  we had to come and see for ourselves and your Hamilton Hall and all you stand for outsurpassed our expectations hughely. Absolutely well done John.  Keep up the very hard work,  it certainly was appreciated by us both. M & M.



Thank you soooooo much for your hospitality last weekend! I really enjoyed my stay at Hamilton Hall and in Bournemouth! My drive back to Luxembourg went well, no traffic at all! Kisses and hugs Marc


Thanks John. the X rated event I attended in November was great fun and I laughed all the drive home remembering.  Very brave of you to offer such events and good on you John. I have nothing but admiration for what you are offering. Thanks to Ian for his help, he was such a laugh and really helped the weekend go with a swing.  He was a good staff member. R.

I stayed at Hamiltonm Hall  a while back, alone, and hated it. It felt claustrophobic, cliquey and intense and I felt that the place was very much run around the personality of the owner and less around providing for the guest's comfort. If you like the owner and vice versa great but is that what one expects from a B&B? I imagine I will get a snooty management response claiming I never stayed here or some such nonsense but nevermind!  Chris Patcham - Brighton

I suggest Chris missed the point in  Hamilton Hall completely. If all he wants is anonymous and sterile, then I suggest he goes to a Premier Inn or a Best Western and then he will get what he seems to want. Ham Hall IS ALL ABOUT PERSONALITY  - not just mine,  but all of you sharing and coming together and being friendly and if this scared or intimidated Chris, then I feel desperately sorry for him as he completelky missed out on a wonderful stay in VERY comfortable surroundings, despite his rather negative comments.


John:  How do you cope with all the fucking queens who have attitude. I also run a gay mens venue here in the States and it is driving my partner crazy.  He is insisting I either sell up and we move away from dealing with the gay community or he is off - as he cannot take it any more.  So I am selling.  On the whole we meet a lot of wonderful people but it is the few who spoil it for the rest and after a few years, it is exasperating.  How do you do it after so many years.  Bradley.


 I am full of admniration for what you do John. Truly remarkable. And at your age ( ha ha )  You offer so much and go way beyond what I have ever found before and your web site - spells it all out - and I read it often and keep up to date with your blog. Top marks mate.  Clive ( Boston Massachusetts )






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