Monday August 31 , 2015

SINGLE & ALONE - A few words from your host

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'You are a friend we haven't met yet .'



I have stayed at loads of gay and gay friendly venues up and down the UK and many in the USA,  and some are very nice places with friendly owners and good service;- while some - quite honestly - have been pretty poor. 

I remember one place finding a dead customer in his room where he had lain for 3 days and no one had even noticed he had not been down for breakfast, and I have met owners and staff who were just not people who enjoyed other peoples company, they couldn't give a damn if I was there or not - and getting a converstaion out of them was like pulling teeth - AND THEY KNEW WHO I WAS - which kinda makes it worse still. If they cannot chat to a fellow hotel owner, what chance does anyone else have ?

Having watched the TV series Hamilton Hall and myself appeared in - '3 IN A BED '  and the follow up series ' 4 IN A BED'  - I am amazed at how many really dreadful bed & breakfast / hotel owners really couldn't give a damn for their customers.  In one episode, a women stated how she hated cooking breakfast and would much rather be in the garden - and considering the complete lack of attention paid to her appearance while appearing on the telly,  you can only imagine how dreadful her attitude would be if staying at her venue.   

If you want anonymous yet efficient service, with a smile and very little in the way of personality and friendship, then I invite you to  stay in a Best Western or a Holiday Inn.  When I personally choose a smaller - gay owned establishment catering to a select market,   then I expect some kind of personal involvement - friendliness and chatter, a more intimate and friendly approach. 

Right from when we open the front door, you will feel welcomed and right away will be offered a cuppa and a biscuit, and a chat before you even get to your room. You are a friend we haven't met yet as this is how I would like to be greeted and treated, and I hope you will come and visit soon.

John Bellamy






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