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Ideal for couples to share the experience

excellent for singles



Hamilton Hall has that experience and has been teaching Tantric Sex Workshops - and many others as well,  longer than any other organisation catering to gay, bi, trans and straight men,  in the UK today, and none have their own retreat hotel in order to keep costs down for you.



and then

( have you got that yet - one workshop weekend is all you need )



Local people wishing to do the training and not stay over - the cost is the same - £200 per person


Hi John: Must thank you for a sensational Tantra Weekend.  I have done several other Tantra workshops in Germany and home here in America and feel I learned more from you, with far less bullshit and padding,  and now I feel I can go on to achieve what I have always been seeking.  You were a great teacher and I loved your fun and laughter.  Great stuff. I shall be telling my friends all about it over here in the States and shall try and come to the UK again and stay at the delightful Hamilton Hall.  Thanks John.

Michael.(New York)

Dear John:  Jeff and I have not stopped talking about the Tantric Weekend since we got home and I hope you know what an amazing experience it was for us both. I know we were rather vocal over the weekend, and kept telling you how great it all was,  but now we are home for a few days we have still not come down to earth.  Last night we ventured trying the breath work you taught us and wow John,  it was even more powerful than we had experienced and we shall most certainly keep practicing,- as you say.
Thankyou John. Absolutely amazing.
Mark ( London )

John. Loved your Tantric weekend. Have never experienced anything so easy before, as others really seem to complicate it and drag it all out.  I have felt cheated in the past so did not return for the follow up course.  You were all inclusive and that was so rewarding in and of itself.  Well done to you John and all the very best.  Jason W. ( Bath )



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