Monday August 31 , 2015





We may offer some more overtly sexual weekends and some sensuous workshop periods and we may be a clothing optional venue,  and we expect our guests to respect others and act in a mature and responsible manner and if you wish to have sexual relatioons with another,  you go to your bedroom,  and that is between consenting adults in private and is none of my business.

Some people ignore the fact that we also offer Breath Work / Meditation / Spiritual & Self Development weekends for mind, body and soul, Dog Walking weekends / Singles events and even Free Meditation Evenings for the locals,   and an assortment of events throughout the year of which sexuality may be discussed and be a part,  just as we all breath and eat and fart, we are all sexual beings and assuming sexuality is not part of our spiritual journey is just plainly naive,  but assuming that all we do here is orgies in the lounge,  orgies in the dining room, orgies anywhere come to that, is just completey incorrect - WE DO NOT.

We offer a clothing optional alternative as a way to free the soul - to open up the mind and allow a different view of reality - to challenge the conditioning you have been brain washed with and to show that nudity is not all about sex, it is about being naked. Period.  For some, this means sex - while for others - it is about having no clothes on. 

Same with swearing.  You will read here how I use the fuck word and worse occasionally and this is meant to show that these are just words and that God doesn't give a damn - people do - and that it is just a word and sometimes,  as a proven fact, swearing and using bad language can releave stress and anxiety and when used in the correct manner and not screamed at someone,  it can be healing.  Abusive swearing is not encouraged yet we hear it on the streets and in fights and is agressive, but remember, these are just words and only have the power that you give them - or allow them to hold.    They in themselves - are just words.



If you walk around naked and with a stiffy and play with it in  front of people, and it is an innapropriate thing to do at that moment, then you are a sexually imature teenager..  If however you get a stiffy and you realise it is innapropriate and ignore it and let it go down and do not 'show it off' to everyone,  then you are a sexually mature adult.  Trouble is - many men are so impressed with their own dick they just love to show it off - even though we all have one.

If a more overtly sexual workshop is fully booked and the meditation workshop gets cancelled because of lack of bookings, - like the recent yoga weekends had to be cancelled because of zero bookings -  then we will do whatever it takes to keep afloat and will offer weekends that attract customers who spend money here and help keep us open during this financial down turn. 

All sexuality should be consensual and only with people above the legal age. Whether you are gay, straight, bi, trans of whatever,  your sex life is your business and private and while we can all have a laugh and chat and joke about sex, and lighten up and stop harbouring all the guilt and fear many of us hold on this subject;-   it does us good to talk openly about sex rather than bottling it all up.   

Abusive sex, rape and sex with minors is always a no no and is more about power and control, fear and bullying,   than it is about sex.
  It is also the main aspect of Biblical teachings - NOT that gay sex was evil and wrong,  but that ANY abusive sex act was wrong.

I always promote SAFE SEX and in educating ourselves as much as possible - on any subject that affects us deeply - and sex does affect us all - and to learn to be sexually responsible.

Naturally people have sex here and damned good for them.  It is a healthy part of who we are - mind, body and soul.  We just ask that you 'go to your room' and have as much fun as you can as life is too short, but please, IN PRIVATE.




If you can suggest a weekend we could host or have some ideas we can play with and come up with something, please e mail me and let's chat.  I am always open to ideas as everything that we do here - so far - has been my suggestion, my idea and my input and it would be very nice - great in  fact - if you came and hosted your workshop, your event and your idea here and gave a little of yourself back to a community in  need of some TLC.

Get invloved. Put something back. Don't find fauilt when you may be mistaken and remember that money is what keeps us open and I do not get paid a wage and we rely heavily on overdraft and the fact that occasionally, I have to go back to my old profession ( sex work )  to help keep this venue open.

Personally,  these days - I have sex about twice a year if I am lucky and have currently not had sex in a very long time and I may have been one of the UK's most sucessful gay sex workers with tens of thousands of clients and paid experiences IN THE PAST - but these days I am in a very different head space and do not have the time or the inclination.  Or maybe I am just not meeting the right people who are brave enough.  Mind you, if Hugh Jackman asked nicely enough, I might oblige.